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Why Hasn’t That Gay Marriage Bill Even Hit New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch’s Desk?

On Wednesday, New Hampshire’s House wrapped things up, put a bow around the same-sex marriage bill, and sent it to Gov. John Lynch. Or did they? Nashua Telegraph: “The Senate-crafted compromise (HB 436) only got to Secretary of State Bill Gardner late Friday afternoon, while the second bill (HB 310) that fixes mistakes made in the first wasn’t there yet. At a minimum, what must follow are signatures from the Senate president, House speaker and key members on the House and Senate Enrolled Bills committee. Then and only then could it go to Lynch’s office after which Lynch would have five days after that to decide whether to sign, veto or let it become law without his signature.”

In the meantime, why don’t we watch the National Organization for Marriage’s new New Hampshire ad? Laugh along as they point fingers as other people from out-of-state who donated money to take sides.