Why Have Only 10% Of Troops Submitted a DADT Survey?

In the 20 days since the Pentagon sent out DADT surveys to 200,000 active duty and 200,000 reserve troops, just 40,000 questionnaires — or 10 percent — have been completed. Why such unimpressive stats?

Despite earlier concerns about difficulty accessing the survey, now even civilians have managed to figure it out, so it can’t be an accessibility problem. So maybe it’s because research firm Westat is asking for 32 pages (and 100+ questions) worth of responses, and troops already have a enough paperwork to deal with.

Or maybe a sizable number of personnel realize how ridiculous the survey is — and how offensive in nature. Or they already reviewed the Army’s comic book about DADT and decided that’s enough material they need to review.

Or maybe they went through the entire thing, realized there was no place to talk about how great it will be to have troops serve openly, and sent the thing to their spam folder.

There are another 20 days to fill these things out. Let’s see if we can get any servicemembers to ask for theirs back.