Why Haven’t Georgetown’s 2 Gay Bashing Victims Reported What Happened to the Cops?


At Georgetown University’s Washington D.C. campus on Friday, some 50 students rallied in support of a female student who, while walking onto campus wearing a gay rights tee last Tuesday, faced off against two twentysomething men who shouted slurs at her before grabbing her book bag and hitting her with it. Last night, there was a crowd of 100 for another rally, this time in support of a male student who was verbally and physically assaulted by a man off-campus. So how come neither student has reported what happened to the D.C. police?

No report = no investigation. That’s a pretty dismal scenario.

While Georgetown says it’s offering counseling to the victims, and has issued public safety alerts (and issued public statements condemning the attacks), there will be no actual ramifications without the involvement of police.

So it’s unclear why neither student has gone to the cops to file an official police report. (Both cases have been “referred” to D.C. police, but the Washington Post reports “officers are working with gay groups on campus in hopes of encouraging them to do so,” according to a police spokeswoman.

We won’t put ourselves in the positions of the victims (survivors?), who might both be suffering trauma from what happened, but we can imagine the frustration from campus officials and gay groups who want to see justice served — but have to sit on their hands as the clock ticks by until an investigation can even be launched.

Is there any guarantee that filing a police report will lead to a successful investigation? No. But there is a guarantee that not filing one will mean the attackers go unpunished.

(Pictured: Attendees of last night’s vigil, not the victims, via)