Why “Hollywood Game Night” Is Awful In 8 Easy-To-Understand Screenshots

Jane Lynch and Sean Hayes, host and producer respectively of NBC’s Hollywood Game Night that premiered last night, we hope your own gay and glamorous Hollywood game nights at home aren’t co-opted by a wholly-owned subsidiary of PepsiCo., Inc like this show was for the first 10 excruciating minutes. It looked good and we love the idea of drafting studio stars (NBC’s) for game show duty, but the final product was so processed and canned it should have been another answer in “Crunch Time,” your product placement game that featured Frito Lay snacks as the answers. The only moment of authenticity came when Martin Short accused Kristin Bell of being fed the answer “Tostito’s Scoops.” But by then it was too late.

The “regular people” contestants guess what Cheetos are. Kevin got it right.

1 cheetos 2

How I Met Your Mother’s Alyson Hannigan knows Fritos better than Hawaii 5-0’s Daniel Dae Kim.

2 fritos

Friends Lisa Kudrow and Matthew Perry are asked to identify Funyuns. As usual, and appropriately, Perry doesn’t give a shit.

3 funyuns 2

Martin Short is appalled, and suspicious, that Kristin Bell would know what Tostitos Scoops are.

4 tostito scoops 4

Regular person Amy is psyched about Sun Chips.

5 sun chips

Cracker Jack gets a plug from Daniel Dae Kim.

6 cracker jack 3

No one knows what these are, but they tell us anyway.

7 combos

Jane Lynch can’t believe Martin Short didn’t answer Doritos in time.

8 doritos