Why Is Adam Lambert Suddenly an Unimpressive Singer?

On today’s Oprah, Adam Lambert performs “If I Had You,” the latest single being pushed from his record For Your Entertainment. And like most of the music in the album, whether performed live or recorded in a sound studio, we’re sort of … eh.

As an American Idol contestant, Lambert generated headlines and blog love because he was breaking down, or at least brushing up against the barriers that the program created for its singers. Like Carrie Underwood, Lambert delivered; unlike Carrie, he did so while cultivating a multi-dimensional character.

Handed the task of covering pop hits on the show, Lambert was free to update classics, and at liberty to spin the latest Top 40 numbers into his own style. But given his independence and the ability to record and perform his own songs, nothing we’ve seen so far has given us the “Wow, OMFG” factor.

We even dismissed Lambert’s American Music Awards performance as a forgettable musical number. Were it not for the kiss and the crotch thrust, it would’ve been forgotten about in a day’s time. Since the AMAs, he’s done the regular television performance circuit, and what’s most notable about this string of album promo stops is that none of them have been notable.

No, not every Lambert performance will attract the attention of his AMA saga. And they shouldn’t. But whether it’s the music or the ensemble or Lambert’s live presence, we’re just not being wowed like we were as Idol fanboys.

Which isn’t to say Lambert has lost his magic. Maybe we’re just over-expectant fans.

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  • The Milkman

    Because now he’s being compared to established singers with real singing ability and interpretive skill, instead of the decidedly more modest standards used by AI.

  • NAP79

    Lambert’s celebrity will dwindle as quickly as his ability to sing or perform. He’s a gimmick, not a talented artist who will stand the test of time, or a few years for that matter. And the sooner the better.

  • staciegirlie

    @The Author of this Article. Why do I hear Mr. Potato Head’s voice (Toy Story) in my head everytime I read one of your articles? You know, the sarcastic whiny, sulky voice?

    God. Why do you think he can’t let loose on the network?

    His performance at Gridlock was out of this world. Yep, he does look a little neutered here on this clip, but you know why. Don’t act surprised.

  • sebastien

    It looks like boy George and I give him 10 years before he gets as fat as a pig…

  • Jeff

    No wonder Adam doesn’t court the gay community. They are his worst critics.

  • edgyguy1426

    Well everyone has to break thru somewhere I guess. As far as ability to sing, I think he has enormous vocal power AND control and doesn’t have to be auto-tuned to death. Some performers are afraid to do live shows now because they’re forced to actually carry a tune and not rely on the recording engineers to do it for them. I can understand though his voice or chice of material isn’t for everybody, but I think he’s got the ability thing in spades.

  • scott ny'er

    @sebastien: I think it took Boy George 20 years to get fat as a pick. So there.

  • fluffybunnyz

    It’s truly sad to see the GLBTQ community eat its own young like this. If you hate Adam so much, why cover him or comment on him at all? I can see if someone listened to his music and said “not to my taste,” but to nag all over him, calling him washed-up, not exciting, or other unearned scorn? He’s either “Too Gay” and has ruined the Gay community or he’s “Not Gay Enough/Boring” and he’ll fade out like yesterday’s July 4th sparkler. There’s no pleasing you guys at all.

    On the other hand, negative articles (and comments) written about him like this article, means he’s still doing the outstanding job of getting people’s attention. Love him or hate him, you can’t ignore him and you’re compelled to write about him.

    Congratulations. You got your money hits for the day. Hope you enjoy your pieces of silver!

  • James

    I don’t feel like writing a lot, but,

    1. Completely disagree.
    2. This song isn’t his new single, it’s still “Whataya Want From Me” which is actually doing quite well.

  • scott ny'er

    Why is it taking you so long to realize he’s not all that? Yes, many of his performances were good. But I just could not get into the screeching voice of his. I liked his 1st single. The second one is meh as is a lot of the songs on his cd.

  • romeo

    Adam hasn’t lost his luster. He just needs some better material to get him over the top. True, he had the luxury on AI of being able to update tried and true standards. He needs to create one of those standards himself, which means he should be out beating the bushes for innovative songwriters, and, from what I’ve heard, he’s been trying to do that. His voice is unique, and he’s got the guts. His career is assured.

    This is a lousy time for the music business generally, and a large part of the problem is a dearth of good composition these days.

  • SamM

    Hey, I liked this performance. I don’t know what you expected of the guy that he hasn’t delivered upon live. Did you even see SYTYCD? The vids for What Do You Want for Me and FYE?

    Your opinion of his album is just that. Your opinion. But it’s not one shared by most music critics or many fans. Metacritic gives him a 71. That’s pretty amazing. Considering the idol winner only gets a 52.

    As for some of the comments…jealous of Lambert much?

  • susan edmunds

    I think his stuff is great, however, in the spirit of collaboration and getting a record out fast, I think he allowed his music to be over produced. He is best without backup singers and overproduced instrumentals which he doesn’t need.

  • M

    I can’t believe the episode hasn’t even aired and you guys already have a negative post up. This isn’t his single this is just an extra song he did for her website only.

    For the actual show he performed his single Whataya want from me. Couldn’t you guys have waited for it to air then post the interview and the actual performance he did for the show.

  • romeo

    @fluffybunnyz #8: This is not a negative article, it’s a perfectly legitimate “what’s going on, Adam?” article. And you are exactly the kind of fan that is keeping Adam down with your hostility and hysteria. I don’t even think you read the article here. If anything wrecks Adam’s career, it’s going to be crazy bitches like you running your stupid mouths all over the net making him look bad. Deal with it.

  • scott ny'er

    ok. i just viewed the clip.

    i actually thought that was pretty good and liked it. I thought the band NOT being on the stage was weird and that he might feed off of their energy more if they were with him. But, otherwise, I liked it and thought he sounded fine.

  • goldberry

    Adam’s vocals of IIHY were spot on. Can’t wait to hear WWFM on the show later. His star is rising, there’s no doubt about it.

  • Lukas P.

    I’m opening myself up to a barrage of hatemail here, but I think Adam is more talented as performer than as a vocalist. He’s got the looks, the moves and the charm, plus he works the voice he has like a pro, so I want to be a huge fan, but the actual voice itself and the song choices he makes don’t round out the whole package for me — yet. If you disagree with me, I won’t try to convert you to my way of thinking; I’m hopeful
    that he gets better and better.

    I’m glad he broke through the “lace ceiling” and has been publicly open about his sexuality once Idol realized it was a “plus” more than a minus. He’s still doing whatever any youngish artist does: trying new things and seeing what works best for him. I have no doubt that he will have a long career and suspect we me see him doing some acting on TV or movies. Broadway too?

  • scott ny'er

    Ugh. I’ve got this stupid song in my head now. That’s how catchy the song was and how good his performance was. I can’t believe I’m complimenting him.

    time for some David Cook to get this song out of my head.

  • Denise

    Because he is AWSOME!!!! Always has been!!!! Always will be!!!!

  • Lea

    Just go fuck yourselves Queerty, WTF is your problem?? Why do you hate Adam so much and what is it that you wanted of him?? Never ever have you written something nice, why the fuck are you constantly writing negative things about Adam??

  • Marcus

    Just a wild guess, but maybe it’s because that kind of eurobeat-y dance pop is hard for anyone to sing live? I sing in clubs for a living and I avoid that kind of shit because it sounds awful 99% of the time, no matter how good your backing track is.

    Watch the performance of his single from Oprah, it’ll actually be on the show. It was very impressive from the live audience, a hundred times better than this crap.

    They need to choose these live songs better. A track like Music Again or Sleepwalker would have been better than this.

  • AlwaysGay

    Adam was great. He sounded very close to the recorded song.

    Most gay people will always move the bar so no gay person can reach it. You’re never good enough in most gay people’s mind. But when it comes to heterosexuals it’s a different story. You can be vastly inadequate at what you do and so long as you say you like gay people you will be loyally supported by these gay people. So you won’t see any stories about poor live performances by Lady Gaga or Madonna or tasteless jokes by Kathy Griffin.

  • Marcus

    Oh, and as others have pointed out, this is not the current single. Whataya Want From Me is still the single, this was an internet-only performance to go along with his performance of WWFM on Oprah’s actual televised show.

  • islasands

    The expectations laid on Adam Lambert, from all quarters (including the gay community) have been outrageously burdensome – demanding the kind of “product” associated with artists who have already made their mark in the industry. In many ways he’s been denied the ‘process’ of being young, talented and raw – a stripling in the music industry.

    His debut album, produced over a 3 month period, fulfilled his promise that it will not be genre specific, yet has made enough impact to attract a further 200,000 or so fans (who are not idol related) to his existing passionate, loyal and intense fanbase (over 400,000 fans on Facebook and over 300,000 followers on twitter). Nor has his polarizing effect, as a transformative pop rock singer, lessened in any way. If was way too OTT with his For Your Entertainment video, now he is playing it too safe with Whattya Want From Me. It’s apples and oranges folks. If you don’t like Lambert’s music, go elsewhere.

    People who are into music are happy to let Lambert grow into his own artistic shoes, not the ones every man and his dog wants him to wear.

    With Lambert, however, there is always going to be a range of detractors, gay or straight, who don’t care about his music and never will. They have other reasons for disliking him.

  • monimaria

    Adam is the same unique and outstanding talent. He is just trying new things, he’s looking for feed back from fans and critics, he learns from mistakes he improves, he creates.

    He does what any new artist must do to prove and improve his credibility and he does it good.

    Another important thing: on Idol he was singing very well and known and loved classic songs that he choose among thousand and thousand. This time he is promoting new/original songs written for him “on the spot” (because to make an album in 3 months is very, very fast). This is a difficult task, especially in conditions of fierce concurrency, recession and internet illegal downloading.

    Writer! You are not the first or the last hater. You just want to undermine Adam’s status and credibility. This is not fare because you cannot produce clear prove.

    Adam will succeed and will be with us many for years to come THANK GOD!


  • Paulie

    Adam’s music is no worse than the crap currently burning up the charts. I don’t know why he’s being picked on more than these other artists, especially by a gay website.

  • fluffybunnyz

    @romeo: I should’ve pinpointed my comment specifically to the commenters who are saying that Adam will “get fat like Boy George and disappear” and such. Those negative comments are just hateful and tend to bring out the “crazy” in me, and since the comments were posted on a Gay blog, I assume that they’re coming from other Gay readers. It’s especially infuriating to see those kinds of hateful comments coming from Adam’s own community, and it makes me sad & furious. I won’t be ashamed of or back down defending against haters and stupid comments like that. Of course, it’s possible that the “hate” comments are coming from other random posters/trolls (possibly not from the Gay community) to attract fans/defenders and start trouble.

    And as for your name-calling on me, “Whatever.” You don’t know me, and neither do I know you, so I won’t respond in kind. I really don’t think my one comment will “ruin” his career. I HAVE read the article, thank you, and I’ll concede that the article itself isn’t “negative/bashing” per se, but critical and a little premature. With the recently-released beautiful video of Whataya Want From Me and the body of work that Adam has put out so far, I vehemently disagree that he’s lost (or losing) his edge in his performances in any way.

    The Oprah spot hasn’t aired on the West Coast yet, and I’m not sure when it airs on the East Coast, but from watching the clips on her website, I disagree with the opinion that Adam’s performance was lackluster. It may be a little conservative (for Adam), but considering Oprah’s audience and viewer demographic, he was perfectly dressed and performed appropriately for the venue. Get him on MTV, VH1, or another more open venue, and watch him change again. He’s a multifaceted performer; he tailors his performance to the venue and song. Give him time and he will surprise you!

  • Janna

    Please, queerty. You were just looking for any excuse to slam him down, even tiny bit. Nothing nice to say about this artist from you, ever.

    His singing was perfect for that song. Your comment left me feeling like: oo scandal / not enough scandal/ too middle ground. He can do nothing to please queerty obviously LOL.

    And snippet from Adam + Oprah interview left me waiting for me: ir will be interesting.

    As for singing? He is among top vocalists in the world. Like his type of music or not. I enjoy his album and singing – a lot.

  • Jim02


    or are you just little people..12 maybe 13..surely can’t be adults..

    Lambert is here for the long haul, you want to see dwindle..let me spell out this dork KRIS ALLEN, there is the most boring piece of whatever that came out of Idol.

    a word to the writer if thats what you want to call them of this ridiculous are a MINORITY…won’t be back to visit this lame site..

  • Jim02

    @terrwill: How old are you? go do your homework now and leave your hate at the door…you are the faggot

  • terrwill

    @Jim02: Silly boy, Did you bother to read my entire post?????

  • romeo

    Why do I get the feeling that someone has absconded with “Terrwill”‘s ID. Terrwill, is that you?

    @Fluffybunnyz: Most of us are on this site are fans of Adam’s. Thread after thread has demonstrated that. And yet this possessive coterie of some of his female fans perpetuate this myth that gay people hate him. Maybe to keep him all for themselves in the hope of…, well, you know? Pisses us off when you fangirls come in here gaybashing. We don’t eat our young, far from it. You have no idea how offensive that stuff is. Adam is gay. YOu think he likes seeing stuff like that from the girls, and worse? Sorry I called you a crazy bitch, but we’ve had plenty who are in here. And I totally do think a lot of this fan hysteria and bullying from the fangirls brings Adam down in other people’s eyes. He’s got to sell more records than what the fangirls at sites like AO can afford to buy, obviously. Why don’t you learn to share him? Might do him some good.

  • terrwill

    @romeo: Read the whole post Rom!…………

  • belle

    Totally disagree. I believed then and still do that Lambert has the most amazing voice–almost perfect— of anyone we’ve heard in years. I do agree that he has some growth to be made in the area of song-writing and finding songwriters with the skill to maximize his huge potential. He sings and performs for his new album perfectly. In my opinion, it is overproduced and some of the songs could be sung well by singers not at his level. However, with all I have received so far from Lambert, I am certainly willing to be patient for even better releases later. I do still enjoy him now, and I still do anticipate even greater things in the future.

  • belle

    Rude. You have no class. Work on yourself. You don’t even have time to worry about someone as beautiful as Lambert when YOU need so much work!

  • Frenchy

    I just love Adam Lambert. He has impressed me from the first day he auditioned on Idol. Alot of the comments on here are ridiculous when it comes to criticizing him. He has an unbelievable voice and you must watch other songs he has performed especially the slower ballads since it is hard to judge someones voice when they are singing a fast song.

  • JB

    Whatever happened to MIKA? I think he’s a far more globally influential and powerful voice for music and LGBT than this two-bit hack will ever be.

  • fluffybunnyz

    @romeo: Thank you for the apology; I accept.

    There are a small (but vocal) number of fans who take it WAAAAAAY too far, and frankly embarrass the rest of us Adam Fans (I don’t normally call myself a “Glambert”). I’m passionate where he’s concerned, and won’t make excuses for that. However, you certainly won’t catch me stalking him at a night club, trying to insinuate myself into his personal space, or scheming to “turn” him. Some of these women are delusional and SCARY!! By Adam’s own admission, he doesn’t take too much of the fan stuff seriously. Some of it’s hilarious (if second-hand embarrassing), and ultimately harmless, but a number of encounters he’s had make me cringe with embarrassment and worry about legitimate female stalkers. I suppose it comes with the territory of sudden fame, but . . .

    As for the “myth” that the Gay community is against Adam? Read Aaron Hicklin’s editorial letter from the Out 100 magazine issue, or reference the abysmal GLAAD response to ABC’s cancellation of Adam’s appearances on some of their shows during the initial days of the AMA kerfuffle. I’ve also heard other Gay & Lesbian acquaintances of mine who’ve said that Adam’s set back the GLBT community several years with his “antics.” Those types of comments are offensive to me and make my blood boil when I hear that. Forgive me if it looks like (to me) that the Gay community would rather see Adam fail than support him in his career and what he’s achieving just by being himself.

    I can only speak for myself, as a fan. In my own exuberance I may feel like Adam is “mine”, but in reality I don’t believe I “own” Adam in any way. Far from it; he belongs to himself, and his performance art is his own, generously shared with the world. I also don’t go out of my way to Gay blogs and websites to comment on issues I have no idea about, but when I read this article (from Google), I felt moved to comment. No more or less than that. (I normally post on; the commenters there are truly scary!)

  • gaybert

    he is unimpressive because he is gay.
    gays hope he could be what they are not in public – respected and loved unequivocally.
    fangirls see him just as another guy, male celeb, a new artiste,
    so maybe fangirls are less demanding of him and when he has so much criticism lobbed at him from all directions, fangirls do as fangirls does, they get protective. i don’t think adam’s fangirls or boys for that matter are more protective than other fans, they just have more occasions to be protective at.

  • Linda

    Wow! That’s all I can say.

  • Dogwalker

    WTH?! Is there no pleasing you guys? Adam Lambert is a fantastic singer and entertainer! His vocals are crazy and his stage presence is out of this world, not to mention the style icon he is. Good Lord is there nothing crazier than being trashed and eaten by your own? I mean no wonder why Adam doesn’t want to be the Poster Boy for Gay Rights. Youse guys should be applauding his fight to the top and celebrating his courage instead because it isn’t your success you decide to try to belittle his accomplishments and rip him to shreds. Why must you try to pull him down? Jealous much? Your bitterness and name calling is sad. You wouldn’t know greatness if it slapped you upside your square head. Open your eyes and purge out your evil! Adam Lambert is a beautiful gift everyone should be happy to open. He hasn’t lost anything. I can’t believe the incorrect and trashy article you wrote about this artist! I’ll have you know it reflects worse on you than on him. For Pete’s sake this is as bad as hearing folks argue on whether or not Adam Lambert is too gay for American Idol and then Not Gay Enough for the Gay community. I’m just appalled at your lack of ability to see the talent and success this young man has. His future is his for the making and I truly think you are such a sad, sad excuse for a person trying to hinder someones path with such written garbage.

  • Marilyn Smith

    You obviously didn’t see him on New Year’s Eve Gridlock!! Super dynamic and incredibly talented. Be patient, it’ll be worth it!!!

  • AlanInSLCutah

    42 comments other than mine… I’d say he’s relevant and will be around for quite a while.

  • AlanInSLCutah

    oops, make that 43

  • @Romeo

    I can’t believe you just said that to is it Fluffybunny.

    We fan girls try not to bully however, we can see the discrimination Adam is receiving. Did you hear about the award Adam won on Open House Party? Well, obviously everyone was expecting Beiber the Beaver to win and when he didn’t, Open House Party disqualified Adam’s win. They said that “Too many” of Adam’s fans called in and/or twittered. Isn’t that the point? Whoever has the most fans to call in?

    But you guys just BUY right into the homophobic crap that people are dishing out.

    Did you know that in the UK, RCA reports that Adam has 700,000 in Album sales? While in the good ole, prejudice US of A, we’re being told that Adam has only sold 450,000?

    I can’t even get my radio station to play Adam’s WWFM when i request it. They played it only once. But yet, they play Kings of Leon’s Sex On Fire. (That song and video makes me want to regurgitate)

    When Adam’s FYE video made VH1’s Top 20 countdown at 16, it mysteriously got yanked off the list where you can vote for it the following week.

    Instead of you guys trying to help organize a lawsuit against the radio stations for discrimination, you help spread the brainwashing the homophobes want everyone to believe: That Adam is not talented. That’s a Damn lie.

    Adam is still #2 most technically skilled rock singer of all time as determined by the DDD.

    And then you guys have the nerve to compare him to some drag singers at the local pub? I thinks not.

  • aim

    For goodness sake! You call yourself a fan?! Adam needs every bit of support, and this is what you choose to write about him on a show that has not even aired yet?!Yours are the actions of an opportunist and nothing more. No wonder Adam wants nothing to do with the likes of people like you. YOU DO EAT YOUR YOUNG!!! YOU ARE DISGUSTING!!! GET USE TO IT… ADAM IS THE NEW KING OF MUSIC!!! I am so glad most people don’t agree with your point of view. He is amazing… he is extraordinary… his first offering is more than spectacular and will lead him laughing all the way to the bank and super stardom. HOW ABOUT YOU?!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Adam Lambert is consistently fabulous with every song on ‘For Your Entertainment’ a potential #1 Hit, which I haven’t seen since Lady Gaga or early Rihanna. I don’t get your homophobia, anti-Broadway, anti-Glam Rock hysteria. I think that many people here are just poor and vitriolic on this site, churning out bitter reviews of anything that is Gay and Different because of their own internalized homophobia. He is the kindest, most honest person on being gay, and rocks to the beat of his own drum – yet “we” attack him worse than a religious homophobe who wants to see us piled up in mass graves. I really think some people here have another agenda, the same people who hate Lady Gaga, Ellen Degeneres or Wanda Sykes. The worst Gay Bullies are often Gays themselves so look in the mirror before it cracks, Evil Queens including the snarky teeth-grinding Queerty who lie in their mother’s basement in Connecticut. I can’t get yet another great Adam Lambert tune out of my head!!!

  • What?

    There seems to be some idiotic belief that just because he’s gay and we’re gay that we all as a group have to like his sound and support him.

    I don’t even watch American Idol, I listened to him because of the hype. He sounded awful then. He’s even worse now because he’s just a gimmicky stereotype.

    If he had any faith in his own abilities he wouldn’t be prancing around on stage wearing more makeup than a drag queen and smearing the fact that he’s gay all over his so called music.

    What does our sexuality have to do with music? If it was a video that’s fine, but every interview, every performance, everything he does is about being gay.

    He himself could put an end to all of that, others have, but he chooses not to because it’s his gimmick.

    I can’t wait till he disappears.

    I’m looking at him right now and he looks like a freaking drag queen. Yeah that’ll last. It’s funny because this moron was also on Chelsea Lately and made a comment at her out the side of his mouth about stereotypes and here he is being one. Whatever.

  • Joy Glambert

    I am just flabbergasted how you could even say such things about Adam. How dare you say he is unimpressive. He is the most amazing new singer/artist we have seen in the pop/rock genre in years. He is purposely toning down his style right now to keep the attack dogs at bay-such as yourself. His performance at the Gridlock was amazing and I know he will be mind blowing when he can do what he wants at his own concert- free to be himself in all his glory.

    whether you get it or not, Adam Lambert is here to stay rocking our world each and every day…

  • Carrie

    To the writer of the article:

    Is there an award that we haven’t heard about for ridiculous and badly written articles and, if so, is that what you have written this for?

    If you’re going to criticise, at least get your facts right. Your article is inaccurate and incorrect from the very first sentence and if you were a fan of Adam Lambert as you claim to be at the end (the oldest trick in the book and still the most transparent – pretending to be a fan to try to make your criticisms considered, reasoned, rational and justified) you would know that If I Had You is not the current single or new single or anything of the sort. The other song that Adam performed on the show is. I could go on and pick your article to shreds but I have some paint to watch dry.

    Anyway, good luck with the bad journalism and reporting award. I think you’re in with a real chance.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Adam Lambert can be compared to Ziggy Stardust. The Gay Nazis on this site are bitter about their own failures, constantly fishing for shortcuts to Fame even if it’s the front page of the New York Post (by any means necessary!) He will fill Madison Square Garden while “what?” and other gay homophobes will slink through their unfulfilled bitter, drunken lives!

  • Robert Laine

    Wow what an ignorant bash job on one of the most promising talented singers to grace the airwaves in years. And from a gay website- what catty tone deaf beatches you are! Qwerty the uncle tom of gay websites- as a gay man I will never come to this website again…you re giving gays a bad name! Thank god we have someone like Adam to an ambassador to show the world what civil gay people act like!

  • Francine

    Adam Lambert unimpressive? When? I’m not exactly a fan as such but the guy is up there with the best of them whether singing A Whiter Shade of Pale or The Wheels On The Bus. Great voice and I would hardly call the performance on here unimpressive, particularly when you consider with what passes for singers these days.

  • Robert Laine


    Noone ever said if you are gay you have to like Adam Lambert, you can be gay and tone deaf too, which you obviously are. And Adam isn’t the one making everything about being gay, it is the press you uncle tom!

  • Nat

    It would be worth getting riled over this article if it wasn’t so ridiculous that it’s actually funny.

    Sadly I know who wrote this piece and they are as much an Adam Lambert fan as my gran is a 110 metres hurdles runner.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    BTW – He sang “What Do You Want From Me?” his current hit so you have been punk’d Queerty and to What? – it’s time to go home to your SRO from the drug program that you are using the free computers at….

  • Matt

    I like a lot of artists and celebrities, and I don’t really mind if their style or personality doesn’t appeal to people, but you can’t honestly insult Adam Lambert as a singer. His music isn’t the kind of music I usually listen to, but I can’t deny that he has a powerful voice and an amazing range.

  • Tatyana

    I just want to disagree with this article. You can like or do not like some of his new songs but the main point is he is here to stay! He is the best thing that happened in these days in pop culture.

  • WTF?

    Think you were listening to a different Adam to me. This song is current, catchy, fun and performed perfectly. I’m with Isla Sands comment, that rings true to me.

  • aim

    What?, said:

    “If he had any faith in his own abilities he wouldn’t be prancing around on stage wearing more makeup than a drag queen and smearing the fact that he’s gay all over his so called music.”

    And there You have it! This is the mentality that tares the gay community apart. If you like the opposite sex you’re not gay enough… If you wear some make up you’re too gay…

    Here is noble idea! How about we celebrate people for who they are, and how they want to be in this world, as long as they’re not hurting anybody! Makes sense?

  • CyD

    Adam is amazing. I love his version of Soaked and his Pick U Up.

  • WTF?

    To What: I would like to see how you would perform or present yourself if you were in Adam’s position. Adam has ALWAYS worn make-up and in his pre-idol days wore far more “theatrical” wardrobe in his Zodiac performances. This, for Adam, is considerably toned down. Just how would you handle this situation: on the one hand trying to make a living in a harshly-homophobic society but also with the homosexual community trying to pull his strings and criticising his every move. Surely the point of gay civil rights is for the right to be just exactly how you are – this is how Adam has always performed. He loves dress up and glam! Do you prefer he looked a bit more like the character from Will and Grace, just like the rest of the homophobic society would like him to be? An asexual stereotype of that kind? What? How would you have Adam be when this is how he wants to be? Nobody is saying you have to like his music, but you don’t have to like Madonnas or Gagas either – and they get to do all kinds of crazy. You are seeing a gay person instead of a fine, theatrical performer.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Is What? really TerrWill? Same drunk overweight drag queen who hates someone more GLAM!

  • sam

    interesting that queerty finds the album unimpressive, when previously it had applauded it…..

    and most music critics that it was fairly awesome too.


  • terrwill

    @dontblamemeivotedforhillary: Please be so kind as to read the entire post……….amazing how many people whip out the keyboard and start pushin down the keys w/o graspin the context of a post…………..

  • aim

    @terrwill: SHOVE IT!!!

  • SajiNoKami

    Adam’s vocals spot on.
    Energy lacking, why, 1 reason:
    no dancing around stage, being a wild child,
    until closer to the end
    i keep thinking Elvis.
    He also performed Fever and FYI as a warm up.
    People there said, they were all going nuts dancing
    Everyone toned themselves down for the camera.

  • terrwill

    @aim: So nice to have such polite posters on these threads!

  • Hmmmm

    I think you should read ALL of @TERRWILL’s post (No.27).

    I don’t believe he is hating on Adam. At least that’s my take.

  • @What

    Speaking of Chelsea Lately, Obviously you don’t get sarcasm, which was something Adam was being.

    As for the makeup he wears? Stop listening to soo much Michael Buble and get with the program that Adam is a REAL ROCKSTAR. You know, someone who is prone to wearing eyeliner, eyeshadow, nailpolish.

    See ie the Cure, Nine Inch Nails.

    Boy, you really need to brush up on the culture. (Noooo, not the latest cabaret or white wine)

  • Sherry

    I disagree with the article. But we all have our own opinions. Some says that he’s a gimmick some says he’s talented enough to be the next Elvis. I personally say fuck everyone else and think about what I like, because when it comes down to it, I’m going to buy what I like and I like his music. Is it “impressive” on the other hand, is another topic entirely. I don’t believe someone needs to be impressive for me to like them.

  • Sam

    Adam Lambert is about as unimpressive a singer as Usain Bolt is an unimpressive runner.

  • terrwill


    >>>I was making what is known as a sarcastic comment as to the members of the Gay community who feel the need to hate on Adam. It is pretty obvious in this passage in my post after my “hating on Adam”:

    …………..Oh thit, I got carried away seein all the hate being spewed towards Adam in these threads……. I forgot that this is a Gay site and maybe even if we don’t like Adam’s style we might want to give him some support and kudos for having the balls to say FU to those who would rather he like 99% of celebrities continue to appear in photos with beards while not having any facial hair. Check out his interview on FUSE which was pretty well publicized in the banner ads here on Queerts. He is intelligent, engaging and feels that if people have a problem with his being an out Gay performer that it is THEIR problem. It’s kinda pathetic that the BOQB always tends to eat our own on these threads…………….

    >>>>>I was trying to make a point that we here on Queerts tend to eat our own. If you don’t care for Adam’s music fine. Don’t feel the need to bash the shit out of him. Tens of thousands of other younger Gays watch Idol and saw that someone who felt no fuckin need to hide who he was could move thru the process and actually be more successful than the church goin’ boy who won the show. And what else was positive was that he actually developed a genuine friendship with Kris and his wife. Kris was accepting of Adam and the three of them hung out. Despite the rightwing lunatics who tried to stir up shit that there was a feud between the two of them, once they saw that they were friends. We battle the frightwing nutbag lunatics on a daily basis, why the fuck do fellow Gays need to spew poo on each other???????????????

  • @What

    Another thing. No one is saying you have to like Adam. However, its the way you say it. I’m sure you don’t go and comment on every singer you dislike. So I’m sure you understand why it’s so crucial that you don’t trash Adam.

    Adam has the right to be a wild, outlandish, rockstar. Take a night off from your cello lessons.

  • Lukas P.

    Namecalling is all we have when we run out of manners and logic.

    If you like Adam Lambert’s music and performances, attend his shows, listen to and buy his music. No one is — or should be — trying to stop you. If you don’t care for it, listen to someone else. Simple, huh?

    I’d say more, but I have some Cassandra Wilson and Jeff Buckley to attend to.

  • Coco Cabrera

    YOU, gay people, are his worst critics, but women simply love him, and everything he decide to do.

  • Hmmmm


    Some people may not be familiar with Usain Bolt. I read your post as you stating that Adam is as impressive a singer/artist as Usain Bolt is an Olympic gold-winning runner/athlete.

  • WtF!

    @Terrwill: shit man what can of posting is that? yeah, you’re trying to be sarcastic, but it’s a very confusing posting and it does come across! man, are you on OUR side?

  • DaisySanchez

    Why do gay guys give a pass to an old hag like Madonna, who is a vile person (I work in the music industry, and I know for a fact), who’s now distorted her face with plastic surgery? When I hear men worship her it makes me sad. And yet you criticize a young gay man who is out and proud? YOU are your own worst enemies, not straight people.

  • Bianca

    CHRIST!!! It didn’t take long to try and bite his head off again, did it?

    What is it with these Sadistic-masochistic tendencies of so many gays who try to beat down a brother??? How can it be that Adam has more support from straights and esp women who don’t chriticize his weight, his skin, his clothes, his makeup his conduct and whatnot?

    You all remember this next time when it seems to you that he’s “catering to his fraus”! At least we women really do support him.

  • Jeff

    TERRWILL? WHAT THE…? How could you write that about Adam, u dirty old troll. Stay outta my face now.

  • Sam

    Hopefully he makes enough money for a good dermabrasion. His skin is just nasty. As for the voice- 5 years he’ll be in Vegas in a Queen tribute show.

  • AnnieWT

    It’s obvious you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! Adam’s sales just jumped up 200% on just today! Impressed now?

  • Bianca


    “And yet this possessive coterie of some of his female fans perpetuate this myth that gay people hate him. Maybe to keep him all for themselves in the hope of…, well, you know? Pisses us off when you fangirls come in here gaybashing”

    Now THAT”S not fair! Romeo, if you think it’s a “myth”, you should “get out more” (in the sense of reading other gay sites/forums). True, this is far from being the most negative site about him (especially the reactions) but I guess I get pissed off reading the bashing at other sites.
    And btw, he’s not blind or deaf and he can read too. He actually commented on the fact that he gets bashed a lot by some gays. It hurts him.

    Just because I’m a woman fan and he’s gay, doesn’t mean I’m “monopolizing” him “in the hope that…”.

    Yeah, I want him to be a sensational success because I think he’s very deserving as an artist and person.

  • Sam

    @AnnieWT: No.

  • Dan Cullinane

    i can’t actually believe i’m writing a response to an adam lambert story, but its just this: i agree that his music is so-so average mainstream pop, but so what? there are lots and lots of people who like so-so average mainstream pop. just because i don’t happen to be one of them, and i don’t see him as an amazing breakthrough talent, i can’t deny that there is something kind of amazing and breakthrough going on here. when was the last time you saw an openly gay performer singing on oprah? that’s oprah. as in the oprah that is the biggest show in the world or close to. never? i think thats the answer. never. so there he is, doing his little dance and singing his poppy little song, and you don’t have to love it to love the fact that he, i don’t know…that he IS. that he’s doing it. that a gay performer at the beginning of his career, who makes no bones about being gay is making it big-time on the grand scale. don’t we kind of have to love that? isn’t it kind of what we’ve all been hoping for? so don’t love the music. i know i don’t, but i sure as hell do love the moment.

  • Hmmmm

    @Sam No.86,

    Are you the same Sam as @Sam No.73? If you’re not,that was totally uncalled for! @Sam No.73,I read your post as being positive?! Oh,I’m so confused!!

    Just for the record,I’m an Adam fan all the way,so be careful….I bite back!!

  • jm

    Honestly, seeing some of the comments here make me sad.

    He is an openly gay singer making his way on the charts. His being open and comfortable with himself is an example for younger gay people to be more comfortable with themselves.

    People attack him on articles and youtube and call him derogatory homophobic names. But there are just as many and even more people defending him. I hear so many comments made by younger kids who say ‘Being gay is okay. He’s cool.’

    He has thousands of fans, who are devoted and stand by him. A majority of them are straight!

    You don’t have to like his music/voice. But at least be aware of what he symbolizes. When other gay people make such mean spirited comments towards him, do you know how badly that reflects on the gay community? The straight community appreciates him more than the gay community does.

  • Hmmmm

    You know @Dan. The difference between your post and that of some of the non-Adam fan meanies,is that you actually formed and executed an actual opinion. He’s not for you and that’s OK. No scathing nasty personal attacks. Just honest sentiment about the man and his music. I personally think he IS terrific. It’s refreshing to actually read a post from a non-fan that is insightful and not full of negative sputter and spew.

  • Bianca

    Dan, a lot of the music on his cd isn’t pop but rock or pop-rock.

  • Dan Cullinane

    hmmmm and bianca — glad you love him, he’s not my cup of tea musically, but i’m glad there is a ton of different music for all the different variety of folks who love music. as for the tone of the comments, well…you know…its often of the same caliber as the people who call into shows like rush limbaugh…just so much noise. don’t let it get you riled up!

  • eric

    geez people, build them up and tear em’ down quicker! Really tired of bloggers who only comment on art and do not create art or much else for that matter.

  • LoRdOrEo

    i personally love Adam, i love every single song on his album, i wasnt one of those people who were following him on american idol either, i instantly became a fan when i heard his first single, i think hes a badass, but i guess hes not for everyone

  • Hmmmm

    I am an Adam fan. Dan C’s post did not bother or offend me. In fact,I am confident that opposing views can indeed be offered without resorting to ‘bash and trash’ talk. Unfortunately,as Dan has pointed out,there is a certain ‘calibre’ of some who forgo the niceties and go for the jugular.

  • Nate

    I am disappointed by all the bitterness on this site towards Mr. Lambert. He is forging a new pathway that we ought to be celebrating.

  • LoRdOrEo

    ..oh and i loved this performance :D

  • Jurnee

    Lady Gaga was pretty underwhelming on Oprah yesterday, yet I know she can sing her face off. Same with Adam. I’ve seen him in concert and he’s the most exciting entertainer I’ve seen in decades. He didn’t have any back-up dancers or props on Oprah but he was still mesmerizing – far more interesting to watch than SuBo.
    Adam is taking incredible chances with his career in being so matter of fact about his sexuality in a very homophobic country (just read the ugly comments on other boards about his “disgusting behavior). His openess has hurt his sales with large sectors of the public. What a shame that the gay community also has to rip him apart.

  • sal(the original)

    @Jeff: @edgyguy1426: @fluffybunnyz: @SamM: AMEN!!!the hate spewed on this guy makes no sense,i get(and forgive) the hate on britney(duh she cant sing)but this guy can sing.the hate on this guy just makes the haters look literally crazy!

  • sal(the original)

    @terrwill: dahling apparently im one of da only persons who read ya whole post lol

  • Melisende

    The north Mississippi affiliate in Tupelo refused to broadcast the Oprah/Adam show and broadcast a re-run instead. The gay community ragging on Adam plays right into the homophobic agenda that’s alive and well in the conservative States. Now they can say they won’t broadcast Adam or play Adam on the radio because he sucks – heck even his fellow gays are saying it – instead of having t state the real reason. Thanks Queerty.

  • Melisende

    @Dan Cullinane: Couldn’t agree more. See my post about the north Mississippi affiliate in Tupelo refusing to broadcast the Oprah/Adam show.

  • Darcy

    Adam looks and sounds amazing.
    Homophobia within the gay community is the most vile!

  • stan

    I don’t want this gay frankenstein representing me or my community. His nasal high voice his ugly face, skin, hair, clothes and troweled on makeup isn’t a good rep for young gays. He isn’t even young. If he was 18 i could forgive it but this Hot Topic reject is acting like a horny teenager who makes me want to puke. The sooner he is off the air the happier I’ll be. It shouldn’t be long now. He can’t even sell records or singles. This season of American idol is the worst one yet.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Stan is venting with no evidence. For Your Entertainment is selling amazingly, debuting at #3 after Susan Boyle and John Mayer. He is only 27! How old were you Stan when you realized that you were a failure? This season of American Idol has just started so it’s hard to judge it yet…Crazy-Ass Stan!

  • Lukas P.

    Can we take a moment out of hating and baiting to pause and recognize that the mother of Rufus Wainwright, Ms. Kate McGarrigle has died? Adam L., like many of us here, owes some small thanks to the brave gay men and women who helped pave the way for “out” gay performers who came before him, who knocked down walls, and who sang their asses off. Remember those gay peoples’ parents. Even if you don ‘t know who Kate or Rufus are, Adam does. Promise you that!

    Take ten minutes out of your life to delve into those singers and songwriters who came along before AI was a science fiction term, before we could get new music online, and when a good voice and a good song could get you airplay and screaming fans from places off the radar but still worth listening to.

  • stan

    #105, Susan Boyle is selling amazingly with 8 MILLION sold compared to Adam’s less than half a million. They released on the same day.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    There is enough room in this world to love both as they like each other and Oprah likes both. Susan Boyle was an amazing story the world loved, Brits probably weren’t so aware of American Idol’s outcome but the Idols mostly go onto successful careers in each country and elsewhere. All of his singles chart and his album sells over the long time. Why don’t you compare him to how many people starving in Africa? One does not negate the other. You’re just Drunk Stan, half the Man you’ll ever be!

  • AlwaysGay

    Oprah was dazzled by Adam. I watched the whole show. Adam and Oprah had a connection, it was like they known each other for a long time. Adam sang amazingly.

  • stan

    Go back to your old bat cave. We don’t need you lecturing us on how to be good gays.

  • Reba

    My opinion of Adam is that he is an amazing charismatic performer who has mad vocal ability. On one hand I really do wish it wasn’t always about The Gay but on the other hand he really is doing something that no other young performer in the US has been able to do to this point and that is to just be himself, whatever that means.

    I remember when the the first “scandalous” pictures surfaced and the common belief was that all the soccer moms would run for the hills, but what has actually happened is that all the moms and fraus have become his most steadfast supporters. Adam wants to wear eyeliner, great!, doesn’t he have AMAZING eyes! Adam wants to wear leather, HOT! Adam pictures surface with him wearing a dress, DAYUM boy looks good! And guess what, he CAN SING! And he draws us in and makes us happy while he is on stage.

    I don’t know whether it would surprise any of you or not but I would say 99.99% of the fanfic written about Adam does not have a female in the story line and the vast majority aren’t hoping upon hope that he switches teams. Most are just hoping he’s getting laid on a regular basis by some nice hot guys that can keep their mouths shut about it and not run to the National Enquirer for a pay day.

    If people don’t like Adam as a singer so what, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I just don’t know why it always has to sink to the level of, “he’s fat”, “he has terrible skin”, “he looks like a drag queen”. And Stan you want people to stop lecturing you on how to be a “good gay” but you are the one saying that Adam isn’t a good rep for young gays because he has an “ugly face”??? I actually can’t tell if you feel that way or you are just trying to get all the defenders worked up because you find it humorous.

    In any case, love him or hate him, he has started a conversation that is long overdue and that is to be open about who we are as individuals. I hope he has a long career and continues to bring awareness in addition to beautiful music.

  • gay super hero

    “Were it not for the kiss and the crotch thrust, Lambert’s American Music Awards performance would’ve been forgotten about in a day’s time”

    Exactly. Which is why he decided to kiss and thrust in the first place.

    There is nothing mr Lambert can accomplish in the music industry outside the Las Vegas circuit. He knows it and everyone who watched him on American Idol knows it.

    His only career life-jacket is playing the “sexual outlaw”. It is the only thing about him that has a reasonable chance of attracting media attention.

    To people who accuse fellow gays who have not warmed up to mr Lambert’s artistic output of “trashing their own”: do you really think he would have ever been invited to the AMA’s or Oprah based solely on his status as AI runner-up if it wasn’t for the novelty of being the token “out” performer for an entire industry?

    I call that gay-xploitation.

  • scott ny'er

    @gay super hero: Actually, I think he was invited to a lot of stuff for a number of reasons. BEFORE he came out, he was touted as the frontrunner to WIN AI. And that he was a star already ready for an album and would be on top of the charts.

    Then, he lost and came out. I don’t know which came first. Either way, there was MAJOR hype behind him as if he did win the AI. So, the hype and his talented showing on AI is what got him all those gigs. There was HUGE expectations for him. And I don’t think him being gay had anything to do with it.

  • tnaftal

    To the author of this commentary I suggest you change your use of pronoun from “We” to “I”. Please don’t try to speak for me. The opinions expressed in the article aren’t shared by myself and many others. It’s subtle sabotage using that type word play. Own your opinion. Unlike you, I don’t expect you or Adam to be flawless. I don’t expect you both to be perfection. What I want is to be on this journey following Adam as he explores how best to use his talent & creativity. In my opinion, Adam is making wonderful choices for himself. He wanted to create an eclectic CD & he accomplished that. He has fun, energetic danceable music (if u don’t like dancing then yes you won’t like those but I happen to love the energy dance music brings & on those songs its not all about displaying the voice only ). I love the lyrics to all his songs. They tell a story and aren’t 1 or 2 verses repeated over & over. He has a few songs that do display his voice, he has a couple serious songs & he has a fun one with a laughable theatric piece in it. The replayability of the whole CD is great. So please when writing speak only for yourself.

  • Leigh

    Maybe he is unimpressive in the real world of music because he was overhyped on AI? Rearranging classic songs–Daughtry, Blake, Cook, Brooke White, Jason Castro, Allison, Kris–they all did it too, but the media rewrites history to forget this and make Adam the greatest.thing.ever. Personally I like all those contestants more than Lambert–he’s seems like everything we’ve seen before just adding bad gay stereotypes too. Ricky Braddy or whatever had more talent IMO than Lambert. But that’s my opinion–NOT FACT–just like saying he one of the world’s greatest vocalists is an opinion and NOT FACT. Lambert fans are passionate–but look at Clay Aiken’s career–you fans are pushing Lambert’s in teh same direction.

  • terrwill

    @sal(the original): You get a gold star today for you keen observation skills! : P

    Goes to prove that most people really don’t know what the hell they are ranting about on these threads.

  • Hmmmm


    I don’t believe it! Yet another opinion piece that doesn’t use ‘bash and trash’ tactics! We’re getting spoiled here! I am hopeful that a few ‘not so kind’ posters will see that this is what Adam fans have been wanting to see — If you don’t like Adam’s music or style,we’re ok with that. Just don’t bash! Honest opinions that don’t attack Adam personally are fine. Maybe if we ‘Lambert fans’ didn’t have to wade through all the filth written about him, we would be less likely to appear so frenzied when responding to certain post. So far, a couple of posters on this site are listening.

  • nolove4lambert

    more people would perhaps warm to lambert if his fans were not so loud, nasty, rude, obnoxious, vulgar, delusional, overbearing, and incredibly ignorant… the majority of his fanbase are old middle aged sexually frustrated women who are stupid enough to believe he just may be converted from gay to bisexual or straight for them… adam has had to be pimped relentlessly in order to compete with sales of past contestants from the show – winners and runners up… this is not the course for someone who has been loudly proclaimed as a superstar… i am sick of him, sick, of the outrageous pimping to make him appear successful at all costs, and sick of his crazy fans whose psychotic and delusions of grandeur makes adam and them laughungstocks to people living outside the idol bubble. thanks queerty for not kowtowing to the bullshit being laid out by the idol machine, rca, 19e and these crazy fans. this guy is a poser, destined for the vegas stage, not the world one.

  • xavo

    I’m waiting for this fucker to have his 15 minutes and be done….. shit, with all the hype and ass kissing he has received undeservedly from american idol and a sycophantic press, anybody, including a dead dog could be made to look like good… but it’s artificial and manufactured – there is no there ”there” with him – it’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors… idol has a lot of egg on their faces with lambert, and they are stinking and reeking with desperation now to inflate his sales, with complicity from his nutso fans who i wouldn’t put past buying hundreds of copies of his shitty cd and single to pump up his sales to make it appear he’s doing well… they have been doing this all along, so i do not trust anything related to lambert. he is a manufactured media creation being thrust upon us by a desperate record label and tv show to save their face, and their asses, good music and actual talent or appeal to the masses be damned.

  • Captain Obvious

    This guy sux dicks, and ass.

  • Alan Smithee

    I watched the show yesterday and I have concluded that Oprah is in cahoots with 19E.

    For those who didn’t see it, a cow and her 15-year-old calf were selected as Madam’s biggest fans to meet Madam. They were corralled in the studio the day before the show, presumably to record soundbites about why they love Madam. The calf got most of the soundbites and camera time while the true Sparkle Cow was more in the background. Obviously, this mother-daughter thing was a ruse to make the audience think that Madam’s fans are young girls.

    Then Madam creeps in the room and starts singing, and mom and daughter turn around and see him. Well, if that cow didn’t MOOOOOO so fucking loud that even Madam almost jumped out of his bad skin! The daughter was all star-struck and everything, but the mom made a complete fool of herself, jumping around and screaming.

    So the camera catches a couple of pics of Madam hugging the daughter (and the editor *snips* out the parts where the cow is throwing herself at him). We go into the next day, and during the performance on the show, the camera keeps panning on the daughter.

    Oprah, you sell-out.

  • Hmmmm

    Oh Wow!!

    @NOLOVE4LAMBERT,@XAVO,and @CAPTAIN OBVIOUS are the exact ‘sputters and spewers’ I was referring to who can’t comment about someone without resorting to ‘bash and trash’ tactics. Their rants have very little merit and nothing to prove! And NOLOVE calls the Lambert fanbase ‘loud,nasty,rude……’. That’s laughable! People who go out of their way to dispose of their garbage on a site that discusses a man that they’re not interested in, is mind-boggling!

    An Albert Einstein quote comes to mind:

    “Great spirit have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”


  • Steve

    Oh, PLEASE, spare me. What in the hell business do you obnoxious middle aged female Lambert fans have on this site? What in the hell do ANY of you know about being gay? Just because you like some OTT runner up in a karaoke contest now makes you women experts on gay rights?

  • Steve

    @nolove4lambert: You said it!! High five!!!

  • Hmmmm


    “Great spirits……”

    And while I’m here,let’s add Alan Smithee to the ‘bashers and trashers’ list. Now the nastiness is being directed at Adam’s fans. Nice. You should feel really proud of yourself! Maybe someone will bash a loved one of yours someday,and you’ll realize that you can’t defend them because you’re guilty of the same offence. Or maybe your mind doesn’t work that way? ‘I’ll dish out whatever I want,but don’t you dare throw it back at me’
    mentality. Ugh!!

  • Gene

    LOL I see losers from Vote for the Worst. You guys are being bitter because Adam’s album is selling much better than your boy Kris’s. Adam attracts young and old. Just look at over 300,000 followers on his Twitter and Facebook. That’s why he has a bigger fanbase than your boy Kris.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    “What do You Want From Me?” was the song Adam sang on Oprah’s show. Awesome! I think he’s a Top which might change the tune of the Bitter Bottoms out of Vibrator Batteries!

    BTW – Stan is a Caviar queen (Crackhead!)

  • Hmmmm


    Welcome to the ‘bashers and trashers’ Adam Lambert un-fan club. Are you and your fellow ‘bs + ts’ vying for the title of most nasty,’cause you’re all doing a great job!

    And why the heck would Adam’s fanbase be attacked for not knowing what it’s like to be gay? Like any community,I’m sure there are ups and downs. That would be like attacking a gay person because they don’t know what it’s like being a…..well…..straight,middle-aged female Lambert fan! Good grief,my head hurts! We,afterall,are a tolerant,loving,accepting bunch. We even accept that there are people like you in society. We have to. You’re part of this big old world. What we don’t have to tolerate,however,are ignorant comments born from hate. And don’t try to convince me that your attacks are opinions!

  • Steve

    Oh, PLEASE, HMMMM, #127. This is a GAY website. Have you women, before becoming a fan of Lambert, EVER visited a gay website? I’m sick to death of you all coming over here defending this creep. I’m a gay man and would DIE before I was associated with the likes of Adam Lambert. No wonder there are so many gays afraid to come out, heteros look at Lambert and automatically think we’re all like him, a kinky, flaunting, in your face homo. Go back to your Lambert fansite where the rest of you grandmothers hang out. This isn’t a site called “Lambert Love”. Go away.

  • Mickey

    I agree with the article. Adam just is not consistently delivering the way he did on Idol. It’s not a horrible thing to say because it’s true. And saying it doesn’t make someone a hater, a homophobe or a jealous gay person. It just makes us not delusional which by the way is not a bad thing.

  • Gene


    If Adam is not the super model of homosexuality that you expect him to be, please feel free to step away from the computer, go into the real world and become the star and beacon of gayness for all of us. I’ll be waiting.

  • Hmmmm


    Oh,boo hoo! Too bad for you. Now you’re going to dictate what site people can go on? Just because you’re gay and I’m not? This site has Adam Lambert’s name in the title and because I’m an Adam Lambert fan,I logged on,read the article and now I’m bantering with you. I have no problem with gay people or the fact that you are gay. You,apparently do,and that’s sad! So does that mean you won’t be visiting any ‘Womens’ Weekly’ magazines,for example, because you are gay? Even if there’s a really good article about something of interest? Trust me, you would not be encouraged not to visit because you are a gay man!

    Anything else?

  • hardmannyc

    Have to agree:
    1) The song sucks
    2) His voice sucks
    3) His song styling sucks.

    I don’t understand why we have to support him just because he’s gay. That’s the worst kind of tokenism. There are plenty of talented gay performers out there (Elton John, anyone?).

  • Hmmmm


    Oh boy,some people are just ridiculous! You don’t have to support him because he’s gay. Just like you don’t have to be gay to support him! You don’t have to support him period. If you think he sucks,that’s your call. What you do have to do, if you want to be part of the ‘human’society, is act like one. And so far there are a few people on this site who just don’t qualify.

  • Colby412

    Hasn’t Kris Allen outsold Adam Lambert so far? Everyone said Lambert was better but Allen has sold more albums.

  • Gene


    Are you kidding? Adam has sold twice as many albums 457,000 to Kris 240,000. That’s why Kristards are being biter.

  • settherecord


    So far,
    Kris leads Adam in the singles sold. Adam leads Kris in the albums sold.

    And ‘better’ is a matter of opinion,isn’t it!

  • V. Rivers

    1. The article writer should have done his homework. He got his facts wrong. The single that was aired on Oprah was Whataya Want From Me. If I Had You is not a single, and although he performed it at the taping as well, it was never aired, only posted on Oprah’s website. I wonder if the writer even watched the Oprah episode, of which the performance of WWFM is a only small part. Something tells me, he didn’t.

    2. The headline, ‘Why Is Adam Lambert Suddenly an Unimpressive Singer?’, shows his own opinion of Adam. I echo the sentiments of another poster, who said ‘if this article writer is a fan, my grandmother is a 110 meters hurdles champion.’

    3. So, he didn’t like Adam’s take of IIHY, and finds him unimpressive. Yeah, I think that sums it up.

    4. He should consider removing the collective ‘We’s from this article, it gives the impression that this entire site and its staff shares his dismissive opinion. Unless of course, it actually does.

    @Colby: Adam has sold about 450,000 albums so far compared to Kris’s 220,000.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Oh, it’s bitter Kris Allen fans – the Taylor Hicks of last season… who’s forgotten already! Who gets the headlines now, Kris-Kringles? I met one of you Kris Allen gay homophobes at a gay bar (and the whole bar nearly punched the welfare fag in the mouth!)

    Reminder from previous post:
    @Colby: Adam has sold about 450,000 albums so far compared to Kris’s 220,000.

  • V. Rivers

    @DONTBLAMEME In all fairness, Kris’s single is doing well, it’s gold now. What I find stunning is how well Adam is doing without a single that has yet to have a strong radio presence. To me, that’s a very positive sign.

  • Gene

    Kris’s single has been out since September. Adam’s since November. 4 months versus 2. Adam’s Oprah appearance is boosting his single sales(#18 on itunes single chart) and the song is about to break out on radio.

  • blueberry

    @V. Rivers is because cows keep spamming all radio stations with requests. They have all campaign going on on his official website.

  • Anita

    To Romeo: You intrigue me. I can’t decide if I love you or hate you. I am sure you don’t care but I had to say something because I have been reading your comments for awhile. You’re obviously very intelligent, kinda snarky, appear to have an attitude against women, but are completely interesting. If you didn’t have so much hostility, you could do great things. Sorry for this but i had to speak my mind and you are the most interesting person on this site.

    Back to Adam…I am so proud of him and admire his talent so much. I wish everyone would give him a fair chance. He is the best interviewer of all the new talent and my favorite performer by far.

  • romeo

    It’s gotten to the point that I can’t figure out if these Adam threads are supposed to appeal to Adam fans or scat fetishists. LOL Thanks, Queerty, I appreciate the subtlety.

    @Bianca: Don’t get mad on me. You’ve seen me write worse shit than that when a fangirl has pissed me off. You know I don’t count you and storm in that group. LOL

  • TheSpindleshay

    I’m baffled by motivation to post this article. Where’s the article about Tupelo, MS refusing to air the Oprah episode?

    I’m not clicking on your crap anymore. Unfollowing you on twitter, no reposting of your articles, no link from my blog. Sorry Queerty, I think your priorities are fucked up.

  • PheePhi

    Adam is such a fame whore. He is like the new Paris Hilton, but without the sex tape.

    He is looking more and more like Joan Collins, but without the class. At Least Joan Collins has done something, this BITCH ain’t done sheet.

  • PheePhi

    Oh my stars, the bitch is pure camp.

  • romeo

    @ Anita #142: Thanks ! ( I think )

    BTW: I’m not as hostile as I appear sometimes. Just hyperbole so I can be heard in all this din. LOL But you’re right. I do have a few issues. C’est la vie.

  • Mary T

    hey gays, if you dont want to embrace Adam Lambert, as a proud out gay, who is a beautiful man, wonderful entertainer, gorgeous body who he could be a model, excellent voice, etc.. hey if you dont want him WE WILL! (we women). He does have a huge female fan base.. how come you gays are so hard on one of your own???

    Adam Lambert is da bomb and he’s here, he’s queer, YOU BETTER GET USED TO IT!

    Shame on you hateful gays for eating your young. It would be a privilege to be in Adam Lambert’s presence. :(

  • romeo

    @ MaryT #148: Maybe young gay guys WANT to get eaten. Why else would “EAT ME!” be one of our most popular expressions?

  • Steve

    You Lambert fans make me and so many other people sick. Stay on your fansites, don’t clog up sites where sane people read, ok? The person who wrote this said NOTHING against Lambert, but you OTT fanatics jump all over it. To “Hmmmm”, what’s your “Glambert” number? How many comments have you made over on 1,000? 2,000? 5,000? Go get a life, grandma.

  • Hmmmm

    Oh @Pheephi,

    You poor ignorant soul. Adam has worked extremely hard to get where he is today. A lot harder than most on this site I’m sure,and with more obstacles to deal with — bigotry,homophobia,close-mindedness,insults…you know the kind of crap regular folks endure every day! He certainly doesn’t deserve this treatment!
    You and your gay-bashing straight and gay buddies,on the other-hand,should stop blog chasing and do something positive with your lives. Or is that just too hard for you to grasp? The positive thing I mean!

  • Gene


    You must be one of losers at Vote for the worst who track each mention of Adam Lambert and post the exact same hateful thing. To me, OTT haters like you are much sadder than some OTT fans.

  • PheePhi

    @Hmmmm, bitch, I am gay. Why don’t you go back to your Lady Glambert sites.

    This is Glambert’s FOURTH song out of her crappy cd. Why is that? You know why, because she is a flop.

    Heyyy Floppy.

  • Gene


    LOL you are just a bitter old queen.

  • Steve

    Gene, what in the hell are you talking about? And I’m sure your name isn’t Gene, since Gene is a male name. That’s the trick that a lot of you femal Lambert fans have, use a man’s name so we think you’re actually a man.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Pheephi is what? is terrwill? An anti-white overweight drag queen? Right, Terry Williams?

  • Gene


    Wow, you are a bigot, a sexist, an ageist and a heterophobe. You get ticked off when heterosexists tell you how to live your lives, yet you have no qualms heaping the same kind of pressure & criticism on one another.

  • Hmmmm


    You’re sane?? Reread your posts and then mine. Any ‘sane’ person would be able to see that your posts are incredibly mean and non-sensical. You’re one-sided and insulting. I am not a Glambert,btw. I am an Adam fan,true. So? Now what? Did I dispose of your little theory,stop you in your tracks? I doubt it. As you would like us(me) to beleive,the only people who have any say on this site,other than you of course,are all the other Adam bashers.

    And BTW,I have not written anything directed to the blogger of this site! I am not as up-in-arms about it like some. The title could use some re-working but that’s not my call. It’s some of the posters that have been on the recieving end of my frustration. They’re the ones who insult. It would be good to read the actual posts thoroughly before attacking.

    Right TERRWILL?

  • Sodabyte

    These old fag hags of Glambert’s are really pathetic… they are mainly old Claymates who couldn’t accept the fact for years that he was gay, and now they are all over Glambert… the irony is that they are still deeply homophobic, and only on the surface mouth all the right things to make it appear they are tolerant, and know anything about gays, or gay culture… they are a sick lot, and employ many of the same tactics with radio stations, magazine articles to harass and browbeat their delusions of their fave being the biggest, bestest, greatest sexiest stah ever, lol… how dare they scream homophobe and hater at anyone daring to not like Glambert – people can make up their own minds about their likes or dislikes with being sold a bill of goods like rca has tried to do, or being inundated with 1000 posts describing this assclown as the second coming… Glambert cannot stand on his own merits or talent it seems, he’s like a weakling who needs 1000 middle aged mommies to do his dirty work, and the idol machine to shove him down our throats… enjoy his 15 minutes while it lasts, this fool and his fans need to pop off in the worst way.

  • Gene


    Another loser from Vote for the Worst. Can’t you accept that Adam is doing better than your boy Kris?

  • romeo

    Give it up, Steve. You need to know about the gestation process and severity timeline for Rabies to know what’s going to happen to an Adam thread.

  • Larkan

    These Glamberts are not ex Claymates, believe me, those bitches slithered back to the Fundie hole they crawled out of years ago. The Glamberts think that Lambert invented singing and is the first gay on earth, kind of like Jesus.

  • Hmmmm

    Sorry @Steve,I’m about to knock your theory.

    Re: Your response to Gene

    Gene Tierney was a stage and screen ACTRESS born in 1920.

    Anything else,Smarty Pants?

  • Sodabyte

    I am not a member of Vote for the Worst, nor am I an Allen fan… you have illustrated my point perfectly regarding the paranoia, delusion, and insistence that any rational person with a dislike of this assclown has to be a hater, homophobe, or jealous in some way… what I am is disgusted by the blatant manipulation and excessive unwarranted pimpimg and hype for a contestant on a karaoke show that doesn’t have the bona fides to back it up… I am sick of reading articles and trying to comment and getting jumped on by psychotic, paranoid types for daring to dislike Adam of my own free will… it’s these kind of actions by his fans that make people despise him, and them, and drives them to lose all civility when trying to discuss him. Adam does have a measure of talent, i give him that, but his fans have driven many people away from him, and his fans refuse to allow any measure of reason or rationality in the conversation that doesn’t include a swearing of everlasting slavish devotion to him. let people decide for themselves if he’s their cup of tea – it appears the majority of the music buying public has and does not see it this way, and the over defensiveness and obnoxious behavior is not going to endear him to any potential new fans.

  • Hmmmm


    You actually make Steve sound sane (and nice)! Was that your intention?

    Is there some kind of ‘Hate on Adam and his fans’ convention we’re unaware of?

  • No

    Can’t wait till this loser fades out. He’ll be gone by 2011, thank God.

  • Larkan

    The New York Times has rung the fail bell.

    “Adam Lambert, who came in second on Season 8 last year, enjoyed about as much attention as a new pop star could possibly hope for. He ended up on the cover of Rolling Stone and with a big controversy — usually good for sales — over his performance at the “American Music Awards” in November, right before his album was released.

    But it has failed to catch fire, peaking at No. 3 on the chart and selling 445,000 copies to date.”

  • Gene


    Adam is not the one writing the articles and creating the hype. He cannot control who is interested in him. What is he supposed to do, should he say “Stop writing articles about me, I have had enough press for now”. Adam is not to be blamed for some fans being OTT or press being OTT. And If you are sick of him so much why even bother to read articles about him? No one is forcing you to read articles about him. You choose to read them.

  • nick

    I guess you’re one of the reasons the term “bitter queen” was invented.

  • Gene


    “But “For Your Entertainment” has failed to catch fire, peaking at No. 3 on the chart and selling 445,000 copies to date. That’s nothing to sniff at, but in the same span of time Susan Boyle — introduced on another television talent show last year — has moved more than seven times as many.”

    This is a dumb comparison. How can you even compare Adam Lambert, the overtly sexual out gay male to Susan Boyle, nice little lady who’s safer than a snuggly blanket.

  • Hmmmm


    After re-reading your post,it’s not that bad. You don’t like Adam and that’s fair. I side with Gene,however on the last sentence of his post. You choose to read articles about Adam. If you don’t have interest,why read them?


    I hardly think having an album #3 is a bad thing and a fail. A lot of us go through life without a 1st,2nd or 3rd accomplishment. And you?

  • Sodabyte

    I read and comment on many articles about other artists, some whom I like, some whom I don’t… but never have I encountered anything like Adam fans in all my years of posting on the web. Most of the time, the dissenters on other articles are able to civilly state their position and agree to disagree… Adam fans are overly defensive, nasty, quick to label you a hater, homophobe without any cause. Adam is no innocent in this hype swirling around him, not by a long shot. It was his actions and words that helped fuel and propogate a lot of this controversy, so saying he can’t help what gets printed about him is disingeniousness… he has actively sought fame at all costs, seemingly at the expense of putting in the work to build a solid music career… his fans seem to think he should have sprung from the idol stage into instant superstardom, but it doesn’t work that way – people are tired of the overkill, tired of being bombarded with the over the top, obnoxious behavior of his fans that stifle any puts them off… if he is as great as rca, idol and his fans make him out to be, back off, and let his talent speak for itself… back off from bombarding boards and articles with the meme that he is some kind od saviour or second coming in music… allow people the opportunity to express their difference of opinion with accusing them of hating, being anti gay… if he’s all his fans and the media have proclaimed he is, then have enough faith in his talent to let his talent take center stage, then perhaps some attitudes about him and his fans would change…

  • Larkan

    @ Gene
    Adam acts like the gay messiah but his music fails and to make things worse his image fails to appeal to a wide audience. Susan Boyle’s image is relate-able and her music delivers what was promised.

  • Lizcivious

    Has it ever occurred to any of you that those Sparkle Cow Fraus are probably supporting gay rights, including your right to marry? And if they weren’t supporters before, they might be now thanks to Adam Lambert? Have any of you Adam-bashers ever seen or heard his interviews in which he conducts himself as an articulate, charming, intelligent human being? He’s never asked to be a gay role model, but just the fact that he’s in the public eye as a gay man with fans of both sexes makes him somewhat of a pioneer. I’m a fan of Caswell, who is brilliant and should be known to all, but who outside the gay community has ever heard of him? All Adam wants to do is earn his living singing, so why chide him if he’s successful at it? And before I’m accused of being one of Glambert’s Sparkle Cows who shouldn’t be on a gay website, I’ve been reading gay blogs well before Adam came onto the scene. I share many of the same interests in politics, culture, fashion and yes, HOT GUYS! I’m probably one of the few readers with patience enough to go through every picture in Queerty’s daily photos.

  • Gene


    You must be living in the idol bubble. People outside the Idol bubble don’t think like you, they just don’t give a crap about what some OTT Idol fans do.


    I’m sorry but for a new artist, American Idol or not, in this day of age, almost 500k in 7 weeks is nothing to cry about. And remember HE DIDN’T EVEN WIN. He is selling better than winner who is more mainstream.

  • Sodabyte

    No. 175 · Lizcivious

    This is is the kind of reasonable, rational type of comment that leads to greater understanding and more civil discourse between opposing or differing opinions… i just wonder if it’s too late for the more rational Adam fans to unring the bell that has been rung so far… your post makes a good starting point.

  • fredo777

    @Larkan: “Adam acts like the gay messiah”


  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    @LARKAN #168

    For Glambert fans, the faculty member, Ben Sisario, author of DoLittle is currently a faculty member of Tisch School of the Arts who wrote an anti-gay coded article for NY Times can be tweeted at (and OMG, he hates all the Idols from Katherine McPhee to Kelly Clarkson!)

    Here are some of Sisario’s tidbits:

    “For retailers, radio programmers and music industry observers, there is no clear answer to the question of whether “American Idol” has lost its ability to mint big stars, or whether these sliding numbers are simply a function of the larger pattern of declining album sales as consumers shift from buying CDs to downloading single songs.”

    “Kris Allen, who beat Mr. Lambert for the title last year, has had a slow start in terms of album sales: his self-titled release has sold 233,000 copies since it was released in November. But his song “Live Like We’re Dying” has had 551,000 downloads.”


    “Tom Corson, general manager of the RCA Music Group, dismissed a suggestion that the “Idol” buzz has cooled off.”

    “It’s reflective of the overall market,” he said. “With most artists, the physical sales have eroded but the digital side has grown.”


  • Sodabyte

    176/ so you’ve met everyone in and outside of this so called bubble gene – how do you presume to know how i or anyone else is supposed to think… the internet community is large, and growing everyday… people talk about and comment on things they read and see here, so if someone is interested enough to start checking adam out online, you really don’t think the actions of his fans could be a factor or an influence for them… tsk, tsk… i live in the real world, thank you, and while you seem to think adam is hot shit, i’m hard pressed to really find 10 people who have even heard of him… those that have read about or heard about him via the debacle that was the ama performance, so the impression in their minds was not a good one… so it behooves any fan of any artist, especially a new one, to try and compel people to want to listen to and support them, instead of pissing them off and driving them away… it’s just plain common sense – a commodity missing in a lot of this behavior.

  • V. Rivers

    I find it interesting that this article remains uncorrected. Well, everyone has an agenda.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Oh, Larkan is crazy and so is Romeo – these are sick cats who have paranoid delusions – some sort of “Christian obsession!”. Got Crystal-Meth and a Fifth Ounce? Drug program should be closing soon. Better sign off! Silly queers, you both are! Run along now.

  • Gene


    Adam’s Oprah appearance is boosting his single/album sales. Obviously lots of people liked him on the show and are buying his music. They don’t give a crap about what some of his fans say/do on some sites.

  • stan

    @ Gene. Nobody is buying it except the Sparkle Cows in multiples.

    “Everyone NOW go download WWFM from itunes a couple of times!! (preferably itunes b/c of chart)”

    #Okay that’s three for me just gifted it to another friend. I also like that you can send a little short message with the gift. He’s now at 18 yay. A few more bunches of down loads and he will be in the top 10. We are almost there now. I’ll tweet another message if we trend this we could get him number one in possibly the next few hours.

    #Going to download a couple more. Lets piggyback the Oprah effect.

    #I do one per day. Today, and until after his BD, I’ll do 2 per day.

    #Yes! Now is the time to buy “Whataya Want From Me” on iTunes…it’s moved up over ten spots since the Oprah performance…KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING! LOL

  • Sodabyte


    this is a temporary boost – anybody with anything to sell or promote would greatly benefit from an appearance on oprah, so that in and of itself is nothing out of the ordinary… if he received no boost from oprah, then he really would be done. a very small few have not seen huge increases in their sales after oprah, but what will sustain consistent sales for him afterwards… where will the audience for his cd or single be when the bump wears off… it also begs the question of why did it take an oprah appearance to suddenly get people interested enough to buy his product in droves, when he’s been all over the media for practically a year… why were they not connecting with him or his music then… i hope rca and his management aren’t hanging their hats on this one off appearance to suddenly send him over the top – the real work for him is just beginning, and the proof for many will be in sustaining consistent sales, without the oprah lifelines to save him… i’m not saying fan behavior is the sole factor, or has been a primary factor in the underwhelming response to him, vis a vis sales up to this point, but it cannot be overlooked going forward. his sales are pretty good for a new artist, in a music industry in the midst of a death spiral, but come on – adam has had many opportunities any new or established artist would kill for, publicity and promo second to none, and his sales just haven’t measured up to the hype or promo… it isn’t a slag on him personally – it’s just the facts. if he’s able to translate this bump into long term, consistent, sustainable sales of his cd and singles – good for him. time will tell the impact.

  • Sodabyte

    184/ wow. no words.

  • Sodabyte

    184/ if that is true, it’s pathetic, and… just pathetic. how is anyone to believe the increase is really driven by casual fan interest, or driven by ott fans desperate to make it appear there is this much interest… i’m done. peace out, and whatever.

  • Kerry Flopche

    The way Adam looks when he is singing this song is hilarious. Talk about acting like Baby Jane Hudson. Lambert is getting more womany as he progresses.

  • Kerry Flopche

    I feel bad for the keyboardist who had to kiss that ugly crater faced mug of Lamberts.

  • stan

    Tunes 4 The Troops looking to send 1,000,000 CDs to troops overseas by Christmas 2010

    Tunes 4 the Troops
    P. O. Box 2008
    Cleveland, TN 37320

    #I would like to have them shipped directly there. I just read on Amazon that they do not deliver to PO Boxes. I wonder if there is another address?

    #Now I have 2 great places to send my 40 cds! Thanks again, lindajean!

    #Let’s keep this bumped. Did anyone find out if we can send directly from Amazon?

    #Have joined the forces in donating CD’s directly from Amazon. Wow, so many terrific opportunities to give the gift of love, in the name of love….better known as Adam Lambert!

  • stan

    That shut them up didn’t it. You can’t argue the facts.

  • celia

    Stan, please forward this to as many media outlets as you can. This is the craziest thing I’ve ever read. They deserve to be exposed for the crazies they are – who in their right mind resorts to this? Adam’s numbers then are a fraud, and are not to be trusted.

  • Thom

    This is classic Claymate behavior Stan. I agree with a previous poster that more than half of his fans are ex Claymates. They did the same with his cd’s, buying them in multiples to artificially inflate his sales first, then buying them in droves to send to the troops. What effing good is a cd to a soldier in the effing desert? Wouldn’t something like phone cards, socks, you know, things that are useful to them be of more value? How presumptous of them to think most will even like Adam? These bitches are crazy, and are killing his career, just like Clay’s with this kind of stuff. Be our guests Glambert’s – this is far more entertaining than anything he has sung.

  • Linda

    Congratulations to queerty for the hits you got by having “Adam Lambert” on the title.

    Thanks guys and gals for the entertainment. I truly enjoyed your comments, especially the intelligent ones without name-calling.

    As someone mentioned – time will tell. I’m very curious to see how well or poorly Adam will do in EU, a place with much less homophobia. I think the releases start March/April?

    Peace and love to you all.

  • Larkan

    Read the Adam fan boards, Thom. The Glamberts can’t be ex claymates because they are clueless about anything that happened before 2009. They brag about never following a singer before, never watching AI before and about discovering pop music again after decades.

  • Thom

    No. 195 · Larkan

    That then makes them all just plain tragic. Where have they been, living in caves or under rocks while the 20th century passed them by?

  • Larkan

    @ Thom

    They were going to Bingo and knitting for the grand babies before. You should read some of the stuff over there. I followed the link by Stan. The best ones are the threads with old ladies talking about their Glam makeovers and the other old bags giving each other encouragement to go out and buy black nail polish, get the black dyed Kate Gosselin haircut and wear more leather.

  • M

    Oh .I see VFTW is trolling this. Whenever you see Adam being called Madam and all his fans being called cows it’s the VFTW trolls. They’re an Idol site that purposely votes for the worst contestants and used to be funny until they became obsessed with hating Adam and trolling things about him.

    It’s people like nolove4lambert,xavo,Alan Smithee etc. I see Stan is the one assigned to this site today. They don’t like him yet watch and read all his interviews and go to sites to troll to make his fans get defensive.

    Guess what Stan every artist has over the top fans. You should go read about a fan killing their cat over Miley Cyrus’ twitter. And those over the top fans at his site don’t even make a dent in his sales. His site has like 300 or 400 active members and like 50 who do things like buy copies for friends.

    And I still think Queerty should have waited and posted the actual interview and performance he did on the show.^Linda I agree, he still has to release his album to the European and Asian market it should be interesting.

  • Thom

    That is h y s t e r i c a l!! So this edgy, pseudo glam rocker glittery alen savior of music’s fanbase is a bunch of old grey haired grannies, brandishing knitting needles? This is soooo crazy… The metamucil set is his audience – dunno whether to lmao, or cry, cause this blows that cool and edgy factor he’s been trying to sell out of sight… Liberace 2.0

  • Darcy


    adam lambert > elton john

  • Stan

    “Submit your story for this great project. *how has adam inspired you; what have you learned from him?

    To do this it’s really easy, all you have to do is write one sentence or two about how adam has inspiried you. once its finished were going to send it to the studio and post it on youtube. So please email us”

    #Yay! Finally an easy question I can answer. At the ripe old age of 52, Adam made me want to listen to “Music Again.” I went to three concerts this summer and will attend as many solo concerts as possible. I listen to Adam’s music pretty much exclusively and am “fangirling” for the first time in my life. I feel “awakened” in a way, and I am LOVING IT!!!

    #Thank you Adam for giving me back JOY of music. It means the world for me. I will always love you for that.
    Now…..where DID I put that wrinkle cream??????? lol

    #Do you have a deadline for us, or is it open right now, to see the level of participation?
    Like….do I have time to lose 50 pounds, get rid of my wrinkles and buy a new sparkly outfit in order to look nice in a photo for Adam??!! LOL!

  • andres

    No. 200 · Darcy


    adam lambert > elton john

    wow. you will go to hell for this kind of blasphemy… it’s official – glambert’s are unredeemable… the batshit crazy is for real… world, this is some real cuckoo bullshit here.

  • onCloud9

    for those of us less than 25, whose Joan Collins and Gene Pierney?

  • alan brickman


  • alan brickman

    Velvet goldime is a tribute to Jobriath….

  • Tylertime


    Don’t people buy more single songs today than actual albums? Aren’t sales of singles more of a testament to popularity?

  • Tylertime

    @Mary T:

    Stop the crap about “one of our own.” Do women support all women? Do blacks support all blacks? No.

  • Wicked Glitter

    No wonder gay marriage is still illegal in most states. No wonder so many gay teenagers are still afraid to ‘come out’. No wonder ShameOnYouABC got away with blacklisting Adam Lambert. No wonder Adam Lambert’s music is being blacklisted on the radio. No wonder so many gay actors, and entertainers are afraid to ‘come out’. ShameOnYouQueerty.

  • 50d

    What a bunch of whiny b…hs complaining about Adam in these comments. Shame on all of you. Is this the drag him down so I feel better about myself routine?

    Don’t you want more opportunities for yourselves and the ones you love? Why do so many of you do this? I dare you to give it thoughtful consideration rather than a kneejerk bitchy reaction.

    Adam is enormously talented. Not your cup of tea? No problem. But it is a problem when radio stations refuse to play his music due to his sexuality. And yes, that is happening all over the country. The majority of programmers in radio are still (threatened) straight males.

    Stop complaining and help kick down the gates! Do it for yourselves if not for Adam. Wake up!

  • joely

    Queerty, did you forget the AMA fallout? Thanks to all the right-wing infants who soiled themselves (and us) afterward, none of us can have Adam’s truly nice things just yet. His vocals are still top-notch, but yes, we all miss the sexy extras that make him so mesmerizing to watch. I feel your pain, but you can’t blame him for climbing at least part-way up a tree when faced with the raging, stampeding, under-educated, underexposed, angry ape that is the American right-wing. He has to let it stampede by, or give itself an aneurism from trying to understand something. He’ll come back.

  • barbls

    You people are pathetic. Adam is the most exciting performer ever. His voice is beyond compare. Have you seen his video of WWFM and FYE. Have you bothered to listen to his album or view his Gridlock NYE performance. Your mindset is to tear him down. What is it jealousy, envy? He is this real, utterly amazing human being who owns himself and has passion for his music that shows in each and every performance. Yes I am one of his loving fans, but I also love music and know greatness when I see and hear it. I was never a clay fan or anyone else’s fan until Adam Lambert auditioned for AI so stop the b***sh*t. You seem to love to put Adam down for some reason and it just really pisses me off. I know it is of no use commenting here as I can see from what you wrote how narrow minded and limited you are in recognizing how truly talented and what an amazing performer Adam is.

  • fern

    Adam is doing great here in Canada. We love him and find him fun and interesting :)

  • Mandilove

    I disagree with this article. I have never loved an entire CD like I do Adam’s. Every song is different. Music Again puts me in a happy vibrant mood. FYE makes me want to get down and dirty. Whatya Want From Me makes me feel emotional and deep. Strut makes me feel confident and sassy. Soaked is like reading an amazing poem and having it come to life with beautiful orchestral music. Sure Fire Winners is boot stomping head banging amazing rock vocals. A Loaded Smile is thoughtful, sincere, emotionally honest, and with tender vocals. If I Had You is so musically perfect in that it is catchy and makes you want to get up and dance (my fav on the album!). Pick You Up is sarcastically dramatic with soaring vocals. Fever is sexy and firey and makes you want to kiss the first person you see. Sleepwalker is haunting, uniquely artistic and deep. Aftermath sends a powerful message about spreading love and is very radio friendly and it shows off Adam’s amazing lower register. Broken Open is like pure art and emotion, I don’t think there could be a more intimate song ever written-you feel like u r laying in bed w/him emotionall vunerable when he sings this. Througout the entire CD Adam delivers more than music, he delivers art and emotion to the extreme. If you cant find something to get excited about with this CD goodluck finding anything u like ever.

  • Nate

    Came back to read the additional comments. Alan Smithee is a lackluster dick as opposed to a sparkle cow. We wouldn’t be talking about Adam on this site if he wasn’t gay and maybe that’s the problem. The music sites have moved beyond that discovery.Judging by many comments–I am starting to think this is a site for the older gays. Where does a pretty young boy go to chat with other young people? You guys are too inflexible in your tastes and want to put us young ones into the same box that made you bitter.

  • roger

    I’m not impressed with Adam’s voice…I don’t like it. He may have the technicality of singing down but the soul, the connectedness with the emotion of the song is lacking. I watched a youtube of him on a song that requires emotion and one has to be a great singer to sing and he wailed and whined horribly…it made me cringe with his phoniness.

    Sorry, girls, if you think he’s a great singer that’s your opinion, but in a world full of talented singers, he’s mediocre at best. I also want to say I don’t judge or support singers based on their sexual orientation but on their talent and ability to deliver.

  • JossyAdamLambert

    Adam really sang perfectly oky he dont dance and make what he makes in the stage for the NYE because he are on tv, but if he makes it on the stage and not on tv we will see him make a sexy dance but I dont know what you want from him ( the haters?) nobody who go to the Oprah Show dance when they sang..

    His 2 songs are so beautiful and Oprah sang his songs and dance and all the audiances claping in there what do you want more?

    Adam will always won and it is not a couple hater who will make the difference of that sorry for you guy’s..We love Adam and he his sensationnel and fantastic.

  • Mada

    Adam is awesome. The sound quality was not great on Oprah. That’s the sound engineer’s fault, not Adam’s.

  • Dasher

    Adam is on the threshold of stardom, but he remains humble. At times he doesn’t even seem to understand what all the big fuss is over him. Some people just have those personality traits we all admire. He likes people, and it comes across. He is patient and thoughtful in what he says. He is a decent human being in a field where there are many superficial phonies. But there is nothing phony about Adam Lambert.
    People who are currently successful in entertainment — Lea Michele, Rivers Cuomo, and Rob Cavallo most recently, among others — admire him and are eager to work with him, and so do pop princesses like Pink, Lada Gaga, Katy Perry and others. The rock world looks up to him too, and according to Ryan Seacrest, Queen would still like Adam to perform with them at some point.
    Randy Jackson may have said it most simply and directly when he made the off-mike comment to Oprah that Adam is “a nice guy”.
    Adam could bring tears to Smokey Robinson’s eyes when he sang one of his songs, so I don’t feel so bad after crying listening to Adam’s cover of “I just love you”. That song is a country song, or at least Five for Fighting put a country twist on it, but Adam brought it up to a much higher, unique level. Just like he did to Led Zeppelin’s “Whole lotta love” over in the rock genre…and Led Zeppelin was one of the greatest rock groups of all time .
    Popular magazines and TV programs are eager to have Adam grace their pages or screens. Everyone, it seems, would like to have a piece of the budding superstar.
    Adam has also been a role model for gay boys, and may even have indirectly prevented the suicide of a few. For others, he provides hope where there was little or none before. Adam is a positive force for society, and for understanding. He inspires respect.
    Adam has enthusiastic fans and great fan clubs (Lambrits) in England, and Canada and Australia and New Zealand, all English-speaking countries where they may have been able to see AI8 even if they couldn’t vote. That is understandable. What is truly amazing are the countries, many of them on distant continents, where most people know little or no English, but Adam is popular anyway: Venezuela, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, China, and on and on.
    What is there about Adam that allows him to cross frontiers and oceans and barriers and national boundaries? Even to places where they don’t speak English?
    What is there about Adam that makes people of such vastly different national, racial, class, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds so passionately connect with him?
    What is there about Adam that, when you see him perform, it’s almost like he takes control, and takes your breath away?
    When it comes to recognizing the birth of a star, to borrow a quote from former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart, “I’ll know it when I see it.”
    All these things are wonderful; some of them are truly awesome achievements. But they just confirm, bolster, or affirm something that I think we already knew. Think back to when you first saw Adam on American Idol. After about 30 seconds of watching his first performance, you just knew. You didn’t have to have anyone come up and tap you on the shoulder and inform you. Because you already knew. You just knew.
    Here is our next Superstar. There is just no one like him. In the whole world. And you knew it when you saw him.

  • kyshra

    He will be just fine.. He is Great, and his album is F’in good i have it on repeat

  • Stan

    Oh I get it. Somebody put the link to Queerty on the fan site and they came stampeding over.

  • Marc

    He has always been a Marilyn Manson knock-off. I think he is exploiting the gay thing to hustle up support that his pipes cannot back up.

  • Lint_Licker

    Wow. The paranoia, over-the-top accusations and overall ridiculousness of roughly 80% of the Lambert fan posts here are truly amazing. This is pure comedy. Now these whackjobs seem to think they’re experts in gay rights. LMAO

  • Lint_Licker

    #46 definitely takes DUMBASS to a higher level.

    And I love how people accuse VFTW of trolling, when it’s always insane Glambert lunatics that keep trolling every article than isn’t completely licking Adam’s a##hole. Get over yourselves!

  • glamberts-are-scary

    The crazy glamberts comments on this site ate making my day. So many crazy people ( probably all 50 year old women still hoping to make Lambert straight).

  • glamberts-are-scary

    @Dasher: You are one scary individual you glambert

  • GayFred

    Give me the other guy, Kris Allen, any day over the tranny. That Kris Allen is YUMMY and I would want to bang him from here to eternity. Too bad he is straight…or is he? I wish he was gay.

  • Gene


    You are on a gay site yet you obviously don’t understand all the barriers that Adam is up against for coming out of the closet right at the beginning of his career. Adam is being brave because the fact is much of this country is still homophobic. There are a lot of people who say outwardly that they are fine with gay people, as long as they don’t act all “gay” in front of them or “shove it in their faces” by being sexual. If being gay was no major barrier, then far more famous gays would be out than the paltry few who are. Seriously it’d be nice if just one time, people would drop the negative attitude and just acknowledge that a young gay man out there is doing well for themselves in spite of being openly gay.

  • Lint_Licker

    “Seriously it’d be nice if just one time, people would drop the negative attitude and just acknowledge that a young gay man out there is doing well for themselves in spite of being openly gay.”

    Oh but I thought he was bi-curious and liked boobies. Or so he said.

    All kidding aside…yea good for him. However, in Adam’s line of work he will get slammed and criticized. And plenty of people genuinely don’t like his voice or singing or performing, and that has nothing to do with him being gay. So it’s really the OTT Glamberts who cheapen the proceedings by immediately going to the hater/homophobic card every time there is a negative article on Adam.

  • Gene


    If Adam wasn’t openly gay, then Queery wouldn’t write worthless articles like this. I don’t see them ripping Kris Allen apart even though he hasn’t done anything notable as an artist. What really gets to me is the sense of entitlement, and huge expectations the gay media place on anyone who comes out and happens to be famous. And we wonder why more celebrities won’t come out of the closet?

  • dexter

    If his fans wouldn’t constantly use his sexual orientation as a badge of honor when it suits them, or as an excuse or crutch when it suits them then maybe people could have better dialogue about the music, and the facts using verifiable data. All season long, the media, fueled by the OTT insanity of his fans, have done nothing but spin and hype and overkill and ramrod Adam into the public consciousness. All that hype did, as you all were warned many times, was set the expectation for Adam up so high regarding his musical superstardom out of the gate… it was good times, and nonstop bleating and bombardment then for you all, as you proclaimed loudly and proudly that Adam was the best singer ever, compared him ad nauseam to true innovators and greats like bowie and mercury and robert plant [haha], crowed about how big a superstar he was going to be domestically and internationally after the 2012 movie song premiered… and what happened… he opened with sales and numbers just like any ”new artist”… but he has that overkill, that hype hanging over his head, so compared to that, is it such a stretch to see where people are beginning to question things about him, this whole manipulative game his record label and the idol machine has snowed 99 percent of the media with? It’s a little rich, and convenient [church lady from saturday night live voiceover] all of a sudden now to play the gay card when the real numbers are matched up to the ott hype. I didn’t buy it then, and don’t now.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    “homophobia can be viewed as a method of protection of male masculinity”

    Definition of Internalized Homophobia is needed for this thread:

    Internalized homophobia

    Internalized homophobia (or egodystonic homophobia) refers to negative feeling towards oneself because of homosexuality.[43][44] This term has been criticized because holding negative attitudes does not necessarily involve a phobia, and the term “internalized stigma” is sometimes used instead.[43] It causes severe discomfort with or disapproval of one’s own sexual orientation. Internalized homophobia is thus a form of cognitive dissonance; the individual cannot reconcile the conflicting conscious or unconscious sexual desires with values and tenets gained from society, religion or upbringing.[citation needed]

    Such a situation may cause extreme repression of homosexual desires.[45] In other cases, a conscious internal struggle may occur for some time, often pitting deeply held religious or social beliefs against strong sexual and emotional desires. This discordance often causes clinical depression, and the unusually high suicide rate among gay teenagers (up to 30 percent of non-heterosexual youth attempt suicide) has been attributed to this phenomenon.[46] Psychotherapy, such as gay affirmative psychotherapy, and participation in a sexual-minority affirming group or ex-gay group can help resolve the internal conflict between a religious and a sexual identity.[43]

    The label of internalized homophobia is sometimes applied to conscious or unconscious behaviors which an observer feels the need to promote or conform to the expectations of heteronormativity or heterosexism. This can include extreme repression and denial coupled with forced outward displays of heteronormative behavior for the purpose of appearing or attempting to feel “normal” or “accepted”. This might also include less overt behavior like making assumptions about the gender of a person’s romantic partner, or about gender roles. Some also apply this label to LGBT persons who support “compromise” policies, such as those that find civil unions an acceptable alternative to same-sex marriage. Whether this is a tactical judgement call or the result of some kind of internal prejudice (whether in a cause-and-effect fashion, or definitionally) is a matter of some debate.[citation needed]

    Some argue that some or most people who are homophobic have repressed their own homosexuality, but this argument is somewhat controversial. In 1996, a controlled study of 64 heterosexual men (half claimed to be homophobic by experience and self-reported orientation) at the University of Georgia found that men who were found to be homophobic (as measured by the Index of Homophobia)[47] were considerably more likely to experience more erectile responses when exposed to homoerotic images than non-homophobic men.[45]
    [edit] Social homophobia

    The word can be used to describe the fear of a heterosexual that they will be approached romantically by someone of the same sex. It also can describe the apparently fear-based reactions of recoiling from unintentional close contact with another male or of being in close proximity to other males in certain situations such as while in the restroom. These are typically fear-based reactions, but the fear is usually that of the social stigma of being labelled homosexual.

    The fear of being identified as gay can be considered as a form of social homophobia. Theorists including Calvin Thomas and Judith Butler have suggested that homophobia can be rooted in an individual’s fear of being identified as gay. Homophobia in men is correlated with insecurity about masculinity.[48][49]

    They have argued that a person who expresses homophobic thoughts and feelings does so not only to communicate their beliefs about the class of gay people, but also to distance themselves from this class and its social status. Thus, by distancing themselves from gay people, they are reaffirming their role as a heterosexual in a heteronormative culture, thereby attempting to prevent themselves from being labeled and treated as a gay person. This interpretation alludes to the idea that a person may posit violent opposition to “the Other” as a means of establishing their own identity as part of the majority and thus gaining social validation. This concept is also recurrent in interpretations of racism and xenophobia.[citation needed]

    Nancy J. Chodorow states that homophobia can be viewed as a method of protection of male masculinity.

    Various psychoanalytic theories explain homophobia as a threat to an individual’s own same-sex

  • therealdeal

    who gives a flying fuck about some dissertation a lamberttard posts regarding the exogenesis of homophobia? will make it real simple for you – adam sucks. if he were straight, gay, unisexual, black, white, red, yellow, blue, green w/pink polka dots – he’d still suck. mmkay?

  • Wicked Glitter

    BLAH,BLAH,BLAH, lets just tell the truth and cut the bullshit. What it all really comes down to for us women is that Adam Lambert is fucking gorgeous, and you guys are fucking jealous.

  • Kylie1222

    Not everyone believes the sun rises and sets in Adam’s ass. Not every article or blog post written about Adam is going to be filled with sunshine and rainbows. Deal with it.

    And what’s up with all the fanwarring bullshit in these comments? WTF does Kris or any other person who ever performed on AI have to do with this particular article? Who gives a flying fuck how many albums these people sell? If you like an album, buy it. If you don’t, don’t buy it. It’s that simple.

  • Larkan

    How else can we show how big a flop he is without some charts, graphs and statistics?

  • Wicked Glitter

    I don’t need to see a chart, graph, or statistic to know that when I see, or hear Adam Lambert he makes me feel very happy. He doesn’t owe me, or anyone else anything else. I think that he is beautiful, and I love watching him perform. He has a job as a entertainer, and in my eyes he does that job very well. If someone isn’t a fan why spend so much of your time pissing, and moaning about it? You will only make your lives miserable if you concentrate on the negative, instead of the positive. Maybe if you find someone that you enjoy listening to you can go to their sites and talk about them. That way you won’t have to remain miserable obsessing about someone you don’t like.

  • Lint_Licker

    Wicked Glitter: Can the pious bullshit. Why do you and your ilk want to decide what people should or shouldn’t post? This is not a fan site so if anything you are the one that should go post somewhere else.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    If you are over 21, say “Hey”

    …..Thought so!

    A really dumb-ass juvenile will say “Hey”

    BTW – Adam Lambert is talented, nice and GAY!

  • goawwty

    adam is a screeching, no dancing, arrogant self important poser, his sales are suspect, as evidenced by proof his fans scheme on a weekly basis to buy in multiples from big box vendors to artifically inflate the numbers for better billboard ranking, and his fans are some of the ugliest, oldest, fattest, most delusional ever seen for someone supposedly so ”hip and edgy”… this fucker is the biggest idol flop since blake lewis and taylor hicks, compared to the massive dollars rca has spent pimping him. there is no denying it, except for those frau with nothing else in their lives to look forward to, except adam, and the media who is being bought off by the record labels and american idol to pimp this jerk.. plus i heard rumors adam gives the best head in hollywood, so i don’t put a little dick sucking past him to fuel his famewhoring. time for him to go away, cause we tired of his tired funky ass.

  • VR

    Laughing so hard…

    Some Adam-haters descended on this inaccurately written article, drawn to even the slightest hint of potential allies. It’s ironic. They don’t give a damn about gay rights or whatever else happens here on a regular day. To the above, it takes genuine obsession to navigate through Adam’s official forums collecting specific quotes that aren’t representative of the whole. So much effort because of your hate.

    For regular readers, Adam’s more mature fans wouldn’t bother to comment on articles like this, and yes, there are a lot of them. The active ones with an online presence seem to range from ages 16 into the late twenties. He definitely has fans that range from young to the old, whatever their orientation.

  • Marc

    Why are you Adam fans over here?
    I can tell you Adam fans that the majority of my gay male friends are Kris Allen fans and not fans of Adam Lambert.
    So why do you bring up Kris in a negative way in your arguments on a gay site about Ms. Lambert?
    So why don’t you fat old faghags go back to your own Adam fansites.
    Many of us gays find Kris Allen totally adorable and cute has hell.
    I have only met one gay guy who likes Adam, but still finds Kris cuter.
    So why don’t you old fat faghags scurry back to your Adam fansites.
    We don’t need lectures from you about gay people.

  • Linda

    Coming back to read some more.

    @goawwty I hope you are not suggesting that if a person is fat, ugly, and/or old, his or her emotions and preferences should be discounted. I find people who put down or discriminate against someone belonging to one or all of those groups repelling. Just as I’m for gay rights, I’m for the respect and equality for all. Especially the ugly and the old, as it’s not their fault, is it?

    @Marc Adam fans are here for the title has “Adam Lambert” in it, and it pops up on google search. To your point, it’s unnecessary to say anything negative about Kris. He has nothing to do with this article. He’s cute and a wonderfully open-minded person, who by the way had shown great affection towards Adam.

  • Hmmmm


    Why are Adam fans over here?
    Most likely because Adam’s name was in the heading of an article that caught our attention. I’m sure the writer’s intention was to draw views (from anyone…gays,straights…I didn’t see anywhere that straight people were prohibited to visit.) Because we’re Adam fans we logged on, read the story, made some comments…..Again,I’m sure the writer had intended to attract readers (?).

    Who cares if you’re a Kris Allen fan! Good for you. Adam’s my fave but I like Kris too! I do not, however, log on to Kris articles and bash him or his fans. We have every right to be here just like you have every right to log on to a ‘straight’ site.

    And while I’m here,let me ask you a question. You obviously have a way with words so let me use part of your comment: What if some of Adam’s ‘fat old faghags'(really?!) fans are lesbians? Do they have more wiggle room on this apparently ‘gays only’ site. Or are they automatically disqaulified because of their ‘Adam fan’ status?

    Your logic needs revisiting!!

  • Hmmmm

    And @Marc,

    If you want to see lecturous,mean,nasty,crazy,OTT name-calling comments,go back and read Lint_Licker,GLAMBERTS ARE CRAZY,Larkin and Gayfred’s posts. Their posts are full of rude,negative comments aimed at Adam and his fanbase. You accuse Adam’s fans of making negative comments but fail to recognize the comments coming from the non-Adam fans (without much provocation,I might add).If you do read them,you will see the difference.

  • nocoverchargeneeded

    fuck off hmmm, and the rest of you overdefensive adam defenders… he’s a big boy, a grown man, right – does he need all this petting from mommies and daddies who wanna make it all better for him… he could give 2 shits what you say, or any of us say, really, so what does it matter to you – he’s not your friend, your son, your lover or brother, so why all this over emotional investment in defending another run of the mill, wanna be pop star with the fervor you do… all it does is just make adam look even stupider, and gives the public at large a laugh, and a peek inside the underbelly of how american idol attracts some of the most emotionally immature, insecure, needy and unstable folks for its audience. i’m with another poster regarding this as more entertaining than anything i’ve heard him sing. keep it up lamberts – in this day and time, free entertainment this good is hard to come by.

  • Hmmmm



    Must make you feel good to tell a total stranger to F-off and then continue to degrade them. Emotionally immature,needy and unstable? Nice sentiments coming from someone who claims to view this type of behaviour as “entertainment’. I would hate to be in-the-line-of-fire of one of your rants if you were
    r-e-a-l-l-y angry? You have just proven my point. Many of the Adam un-fans have a rude and viscious way of communicating……..attacking. And look,I got to say what I wanted without resorting to name calling!! And I didn’t even mention what’s-his-name!

  • roger

    If I had chew…LMAO. Maybe he’s an unimpressive singer because his material sucks.

    The people he keeps trying to emulate are originals…he’s not. There’s a reason why he’s always been an understudy and never the star.

    I want him and AI to go away.

  • Hmmmm

    So let me get this straight.

    A certain fanbase of a certain artist can post comments on this site where the topic pertains to the artist but only at the risk of being rudely attacked for merely being a fan.
    The people who don’t like this artist have no problem tearing him and his fans apart but have a huge problem when being confronted. Appears they don’t believe that anyone but themselves should be allowed to make comments.

    A little bit one-sided,don’t you think?

  • Timothy

    Well I think Adam’s music just plain ass sucks.

  • B.


    And you are certainly entilted to your opinion! He has always stated that it’s not for everyone. Personally,(if I should be so bold to give MY opinion)I love his music!

  • B.


  • romeo

    250 posts !!! ??? even for a Lambert thread this is unseemly. LOL

  • CJ

    Are you expecting gold to come out of the man’s mouth? XD He’s on public TV. Most pop TV performances are “meh” at best solely because they have to hold back. It’s just the way the industry works.

    I don’t like his music at all, but he’s still a talented individual. He aimed so high for the AMAs and I applaud his pioneer spirit. I just think he shot for the stars so soon in his career, everything is going to seem like a disappointment until he can top that.

  • Ronnie

    Have to agree, that was not impressive. How does this performance or song stand out & make him the next Elvis or a revolutionary in the music business? He looked awkward on that stage doing little “dance” moves in place & the hand movements & facial expressions trying to act out some of the words in the song. This sounded like a very generic 70s quasi semi disco song.
    #217 Dasher “But there is nothing phony about Adam Lambert.”
    Adam’s coloring his hair an unnatural jet black & putting pounds of pancake make up on makes his hair look almost “plastic” and his face unnatural. Why can’t he just go on stage & perform without makeup or eye liner or glitter? Sure, lots of people dye their hair but everything “visually” about Adam Lambert screams fake to me. He is rarely seen, in private, without makeup/glitter. Stage is one thing, but in private?

    I am happy to see he didn’t wear a “costume” here, but can he show up on stage without a costume, without makeup, eyeliner, glitter and still be as impressive? This song sounds like a re-make of a semi-disco song & really didn’t showcase his vocals. It doesn’t make him stand out above any other singer out there. Disco is not coming back.
    #246 Roger: The people he keeps trying to emulate are originals…he’s not. There’s a reason why he’s always been an understudy and never the star.
    Totally agree. You can’t say he’s the next Elvis or Freddie Mercury as I’ve heard him being compared to. There was already an Evlis & already a Freddie Mercury so all he’s really doing is copying the look of Elvis & the sound of Freddie (sorry Adam, you are not even close to Freddie) but nobody should try to copy originals & be called “original.”
    #233 Not everyone believes the sun rises and sets in Adam’s ass. Not every article or blog post written about Adam is going to be filled with sunshine and rainbows. Deal with it.
    Most of the media does believe the sun rises and sets in Adam’s…. Lambert’s fans expect everyone to think he’s fantastic. They spend all of their free time finding, googling & blogging their love of Adam & are incensed when a website posts a blog or review that isn’t gushing over Adam. They are very much like the Claymates. Adam has very devoted fans but they need to realize Adam is very contraversial & polarizing. Not everyone is impressed with him as they are. He’s “ok” but nothing to date tells me he’s going to be the star everyone thought he would be given all the hype he’s gotten. In the history of A.I. I’ve never seen anyone else ever get the publicity he got & yet his album still hasn’t reached gold after 2 weeks & the fact that RCA has already released 4 singles in 2 months is an indication they are desperately trying to find some song off that album to be a hit. Neither of the previously released 3 songs were hits & as far as this song goes, I don’t think mainstream radio is going to pick it up either.

  • B.


    Interesting comments. If I may make a few of my own.

    Adam chooses to colour his hair and wear make-up because he……. chooses to. I know that may sound simplistic,but it is. David Bowie dyed his hair AND wore makeup, Did he have to? Probably not,but it made him more interesting. I wouldn’t doubt if Elvis dyed his hair and he definitely wore makeup in his movies. Michael J.and Prince were sporting eyeliner way before A.L.. Many male artists wear makeup and dye their hair. I don’t understand the difference. Am I missing something?

    Adam doesn’t try to ’emulate’ anyone but Adam. He hasn’t been doing the comparing. The public has. He has simply stated that he admires certain artists,both musically and stylistically. He never said he was ‘like’ or ‘as good as’ any of his music heroes. Other people have done that for him!

    As an Adam fan I do not believe ‘the sun rises and sets in Adam’s a**’. I happen to enjoy his music and his style. Is there really anything wrong with that? That statement is a bit crude if you ask me. Then make that statement to all of the Britney,Madonna,Gaga fans, too. They have huge fanbases that are equally,if not more,involved in their success.
    And what’s wrong with having someone you’re interested in musically? If there were no fans and fanbases,then Freddie,Elvis,and Michael would have been out of a job long before their superstar status kicked in.

    These observations could be made against any rising or establised star.

    What I want to know is, why is there such a backlash against Adam Lambert,the man? All he wants to do is make music. If you don’t like him,move on!! But he hasn’t done anything that other artists haven’t done in order to promote his album,his future. Maybe he should just be given a chance to prove himself.

  • Dasher

    Wow…254 posts so far on Queerty’s contrived editorial about Adam Lambert. How many topics does Queerty have that can draw that much reaction? Not many, I’ll bet.

    If you think people don’t have strong feelings about Adam, just go back and read the posts, which mainly fall into two categories: (1) admiration, and (2) hate.

    Now I know someone’s going to post within 30 seconds all indignant about the fact that he couldn’t care less about Adam one way or the other. And that just proves my point; Adam draws strong reactions, even from people who claim they’re not involved.

  • Bianca

    I’m only on post 147. Love ya Romeo, even your occasionally bitchy self, lol. I posted when I was angry and after seeing so much Adam bashing on some sites. Sorry I didn’t get to reply sooner (whoever came up with the idea that people have to work for a living, should be SHOT!).

    Anyways, this kid is going to be a HUGe star no matter what the bashers from all quarters say or think so there.

  • Ronnie

    People in the public eye wear make up while performing or on TV/movies even if their face if flawless. Adam has to wear that stuff if he just leaves his house because frankly, he would look awful without it. Nobody would give him a second look. So he glams it up & everyone is ooh aah about him.

    So far, I haven’t seen anything original about him. He is an actor trying to be a rock star. I even saw a picture of him and this other gay asian rock star (forgot the name) and he wore the same outlandish jacket, same pants, had the the hairdo & looked like twins. The only thing that Adam didn’t have was the fingerless gloves the other guy had, but even that, Adam wears those gloves.

    Freddie,Elvis,and Michael are originals, they were unique and very talented. Adam is talented but he isn’t original.

  • Bianca

    @Ronnie: Actually Ronnie, he looks fantastic without a drop of makeup and there are many candid pics of him on the net to prove it.

  • Mary

    Adam = poseur

  • Dasher

    “Adam is talented but isn’t original”
    This opinion is talented but not original. LOL
    It was mentioned a hundrded posts ago

  • @Mary

    Let me ask. Was your comment meant to be an insult?

    ‘Poseur’ means a person who poses for effect or behaves affectedly.

    Adam is a beautiful and effective poser. So are top models,celebrities,and most people who are being photographed ‘on purpose’. It comes with the territory,doesn’t it?

  • @Mary

    Correction: Should read:

    So are top models,celebrities(including Mr. Lambert)….

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    A lot of this vitriol against Adam Lambert is also race-based because all of the current (and some past) Black Divas having failed us (famously, Donna Summer) and some people are apoplectic that an Out, non-gender conforming gay rock’n’roll white singer is suddenly the Gay Icon (and Lady Gaga, too!):

    Janet Jackson: Lambasted young gay black men, crazy religious family, famous dead brother had questioning sexuality
    Grace Jones: Brother funds Ex-gay ministry
    Beyonce Knowles: Does nothing for gays, conservative religious parents, married to Rapper Jay-Z who associates with homophobes
    Prince: Religious fanatic against Gay Marriage despite Purple Casting Couch
    Mariah Carey: Lukewarm to gays but kind of a mess herself
    Patti Labelle: Performs with homophobic Mary, Mary

    Jennifer Hudson: Not known to be homophobic
    Leona Lewis: Not known to be homophobic
    RuPaul: Drag Queen, Out Gay Man, marginal comeback after 8 years
    Mary J Blige: Wouldn’t date a guy who is homophobic but is with a rumored adultering partner
    Rihanna: Supports AIDS causes, has large Gay fan base but that’s it, still recovering from domestic violence
    Whitney Houston: Suspected of dating her female manager, divorced from Bobby Brown, former crack addict, career behind her after failed comeback
    Alicia Keys: Afraid of being seen in a lesbian nightclub
    Queen Latifah: Suspected Gay, could have been a role model to lesbians, Latifah’s older brother Lance (sexuality unknown) was killed in 1992 in an accident involving a motorcycle that Latifah had recently bought him. She supports Gay Marriage but we wouldn’t know by her actions accept in the area of AIDS, affiliation with Nation of Islam unknown at this time, played creepy lesbian characters

    We can go on about other musicians perceived as Gay Icons who have slipped up on Gay Support including Madonna and Bette Midler, but there is an emerging pattern that needs to be documented here… The Black Music Industry is Homophobic!

    Where are the Gay Black Divas? Why the absence on the subject of AIDS: Our Current Gay Black Genocide? Has religion destroyed Gay Black Activism? Is Reverse Racism alive and well on Queerty, as well as racism?

    Do black people hate Adam Lambert/ Lady Gaga. If so, why?

  • gotorehabnow

    no.263/ dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    cocaine is a hell of a drug. please stop. if your post wasn’t written in a crack induced haze, then you have created a new kinda cock-eyed crazy that trumps everything on this board. i gorgot… you’re a lambert fan – it’s to be expected. crazy ass cuckoo mofo.

  • velvet jonze

    there is no black music industry you dumbass. all controlled by dee whiteman. music labels all controlled by dee whiteman. radio and the media all run by dee whiteman. drop him a dime at 1-800-youastupidmutherfucker, at

  • B.


    So what’s your point? Many people (including celebrities,models,regular hard-working people) have ‘skin’ issues. Adam has never declared that he was perfect. Who is? He has addressed his skin and weight issues in the media. Does that mean he is any less a performer? No. You’re grasping a bit! The fact that he wears makeup is a personal thing. You mean to tell me you don’t have any personal issues,flaws?

    As far as originality,that’s a matter of opinion. If he ‘doesn’t do it for you’,that’s fine. But he does it for me. I find him extremely original. In a world of ‘cookie cutter’ artists who dominate the charts, I’ll take ‘different’ over ‘same’ anyday.

    As far as your Freddie,Elvis and Michael comparisons. Each of these ‘unique individuals’ had their own problems and short-comings. They seemed to fare quite well in the long-run. What makes you think that Adam isn’t entitled to this club of imperfect ‘originals’? Afterall,nobody’s perfect,not even the respected greats!!

  • youaskedforit


    What does ‘gorgot’ mean? Is that a ‘crack induced haze word that comes from the overuse of cocaine’ slang that only a non-Lambert fan would understand? Or are you just having problems with your keyboard?


  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Gorgot Ya, Go to Rehab Now! Did I just expose a truth? Adam Lambert haters are in fact: Racists?

  • jidi

    i think adam is the best singer to come out of AI ever.

  • Ronnie

    @jidi: Oh, please. When he gets platinum sales such as Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry, David Cook & others we’ll talk. Even David Archuleta sold more than him during the same time period of sales. He is “Vegas” or some person who is a bit player on an off Broadway show. He never even had a starring role in any of the musicals he’s ever tried to be in which tells you a lot. Broadway stars have incredible vocals so they would know talent when they see it & apparently they never thought he was good enough to be a star so that’s why he tried to do American Idol & he didn’t even win that.

    Even Clay Aiken has a better voice that he has. Susan Boyle wiped the floor with him. She can sing & sustain a note. Adam’s signature is to scream in every song. He can sustain a note but he ends it with screams every single time. He isn’t shaping out to be the next big “rock god” at all.

    Without the special effects, make-up, glitter & outfits, he really is a mediocre singer.

    I would be you are a middle-aged female who has the hots for him & are taken in my the overall glitz. Take the makeup off, wear normal clothes, no special effects & nobody would give him the time of day. His performance on Oprah was a joke. Talk about hokey. If he wasn’t on A.I. & performed that, everyone would have thought he was a joke. The same goes for his album, if he hadn’t been on American Idol, nobody would have bought that album.

  • Ronnie


    This is the definition of “racism” and you will note that it speaks of race not sexual orientation so you need to be more cognizant of the meaning of words. If you meant “Homophobia” that is the common cry that Glamberts use if someone doesn’t like Adam Lambert as a singer or performer. I for one love many gay singers & performers and have gay friends who act with decorum & dignity.

    Personally, I feel that Lambert isn’t for everyone. He isn’t very good & his personal conduct sets back the gay community who would prefer to be viewed as normal people who know how to conduct themselves with non-gay people. They are not all like Adam Lambert who wants to shove his sexual orientation “in your face.” Everyone should know how to act in public & be senstive to their audience or friends. His performance on AMAs showed a disrepected to women, disrepect to men & it was vulgar. Gay performers my push the envelope as do straight performers but both need to respect their audience. I know that many gay people don’t even like him. Crying “racism” or homophobia is the common cry from Glambert fans if others don’t like him or don’t think he’s the best singer ever.

    “Racism is the belief that race is a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race.[1] Or, on the opposite side, racism can be seen as the belief that a certain race portrays a certain, undesirable characteristic (e.g. “Asian people are horrible drivers.”) In the case of institutional racism, certain racial groups may be denied rights or benefits, or get preferential treatment.

    Racial discrimination typically points out taxonomic differences between different groups of people, although anyone may be discriminated against on an ethnic or cultural basis, independently of their somatic differences. According to the United Nations conventions, there is no distinction between the term racial discrimination and ethnic discrimination.”

  • Ronnie

    @B.: My point is that without all that glitz, he would look very common indeed. Freddie, Elvis and Michael started their careers & they were talented & did not start out trying to hide their flaws. They didn’t need to do anything but perform and we were awed. However, this is American Idol and these contestants generally don’t know how to dress, or how to really “perform” in addition to sing. They get help with their wardrobe, help with their make up & they teach them to perform on stage. Adam was a professionl & he supplemented his wardrobe while the others made do with the budget they were allowed. He wanted that advantage because he knows how gullible people are taken in my glitz so maybe if he was off key people wouldn’t notice. I have heard Simon was time and again that contestants “screamed” rather than sing & Adam got a pass. He was taken in by the “performance” & outward picture that Adam conveyed. Adam Lambert knows that regardless of his talent there is such a thing as “the total package” and without putting a pound of makeup, glitter & wearing outlandish “stage” clothes, he would look very common. Had he performed on A.I. just like everyone else with regular clothes & without trying to hide his flaws, he would have been eliminated. I have seen comments on YouTube about these contestants all the time with shallow comments like their hair is bad, their clothes are terrible, they have a mole, big butt, fat, etc., and people immediately dismissed the singer for stupid things like that without giving them a chance to really judge them by their singing & not the exterior package. Sometimes people like a person’s personality hence Taylor Hicks & Reuben Studdard winning over Daughtry & Clay Aiken. However, this is a “reality” show and looks & personality sometimes is an advantage over actual singing. Adam knew just how to play his audience however, he still didn’t manage to win. Perhaps it was because every single performance was a big f’ing production, all started to sound the same & always ended in the inevitable “scream” that make people realize this is all he’s got & that doesn’t sit well with people. He didn’t progress whatsover & people like to see progression otherwise it’s boring.

  • Emaneminem

    There is a frustrating tendency with Lamberts to declare him “new” and “fresh,” when anybody who loves music and has followed it for, oh, decades, knows he isn’t anything like “new” at all. He was new for Idol, that’s all. It would also go a long way toward explaining why they accuse his detractors of being afraid of his “revolutionary” and “new” music and persona. That’s the really ironic and funny one. Elvis scared a lot of people the first time, but not so much this time. And Elvis, may it be noted, was all about the music for a long time.

    I think this may be a case where a lot of his fans just fall off the musical turnip truck. I wonder if the majority of them are very young–like early teen young– and if a lot of the others are old peeps who skipped a few decades of music and are just now coming onto the scene again.

  • Scot

    This might seem OT, but bear with me on this one. Yesterday I watched a profile of an unknown singer (to me, anyway) named Melody Gardot on the little-watched weekly “CBS Sunday Morning” program. It was all of 10-15 minutes of a two-hour show. She’s kind of a jazzy version of Norah Jones crossed with Peggy Lee (if anyone remembers her)…beautiful smoky voice. Anyway, at age 19 she suffered a horrific accident (she was on a bicycle and got hit by a car) that crushed her pelvis and left her with brain damage. Music became her therapy to ease the chronic pain. She became a Myspace phenomenon and has been a huge hit in France, where her album has sold 200,000 (double platinum by their standards). A pretty phenomenal story all the way around.

    Imagine my surprise when I went to the iTunes chart and see not one, not two, but *three* of her albums in the Top 10!!! And another EP in the 90’s. My point is this: a show with minimal ratings, (I’m comparing this to Oprah now), and not geared toward music buying (like Idol or Dancing w/the Stars), could produce these amazing sales results. Just shows that when you’ve got the voice, the story and the *appeal*, people will spend the money. Now, probably the bump won’t last, but Adam got as far up the iTunes charts as 33 and 38 with the incredible promo for the Oprah show and a huge featured segment. Really, he should have charted Top 10. I think the fact Adam isn’t apparently appealing to those outside the Idol bubble has to be a major concern, given the amount of money he’s had pumped into him. If his music isn’t appealling in the US where he’s had massive exposure, can they be so sure it’s going to stick in Europe and give him the kudos that he can carry back to the States.

  • Scott

    A UK resident here to give a European perspective…

    It’s worth noting that The Killers and Kings of Leon did break here first, but after really putting in the hours, slogging it round on the gig circuit, doing local radio, Kings of Leon in particular did several tours here building up a loyal following before they really broke big. It’s not just a matter of appearing on a few shows and turning up at things, Adam is going to have to work, and work damm hard. Him being gay will be of no issue at all, so the fans can’t use that as an excuse, he’ll have to stand or fall by his material and the work he puts in.

    Adam’s going to have a few problems though – firstly who is he going to appeal to? He’s too old for the teeney market (and they’re mainly obsessed with boy band JLS at the moment), he’s got problems with the rock/indie crowd with his reality show background, quite a lot of his image is a bit dated in UK terms (on first glance he looks like a Steve Strange tribute act, which isn’t a good thing), I don’t think his material is anywhere near as strong as Lady Gaga’s, so there’s a very big danger of him coming across as Lord Gaga-lite.

    I’ve always found Adam, although talented, very contrived, lacking a musical soul beneath the surface gloss, and I suspect I won’t be the only Brit who feels this way.

  • scott ny'er

    @Scott: JLS CAN’T sing. They are terrible. Terrible. TERRIBLE. And they aren’t really cute either.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Ronnie is a Reverse Racist! You can argue with all your wrong tense vocabulary and selectively bash only the White artists of American Idol but when you look in the mirror, not matter your race, if you hate a group of people, guess what? YOU ARE A RACIST! Probably, throw in some self-hating internalized homophobia. I’m right whether you admit it or not. Look in the mirror and your HATE is WHO you ARE!

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

  • Ronnie

    @Scott: Agree.
    I find him quite a bit out-dated not only in his act but he doesn’t seem to know what genre he really is if you judge his album. Randy Jackson was interviewed just recently and he commented on that fact. Yes, breaking into the true “rock” genre is very difficult particularly for someone coming off a reality show. A.I. can open doors but it takes a lot of very hard work as so many previous Idols have discovered. One day you are hot because you’re just off the show & being on TV all the time, the next year or two it’s “what ever happened to….” It’s not a magic ticket by any means. Yes, he is too old for tweens & teens and the music industry knows that is their main target. Men in general probably won’t go for him either. His demographics is very narrow. If he thinks his style is Lady GaGa, well there already is a Lady GaGa. His music is kind of disco/dance 80’s type of songs. He is “dated” even in the U.S. not just the U.K but I suspect Europe in general. He’s been compared to Elvis, Freddie Mercury, KISS like, Michael Jackson, etc. Well they are the originals & they already did their thing. You can’t improve on them or emulate them without be slammed as a wannabee.

    I think the problem with Adam Lambert other than his outdated style is that his expertise is doing musicals with all the glitz. That may very well be where he’ll land up or perhaps doing Vegas type shows.

    He is oversaturated by the media & frankly many people are tired of it. Overexposure it not always advantageous.

    His recent tame performance on Oprah was in fact quite hokey. That was not the performance of the next “rock god” by any means. If he was an unknown & performing that song that way on her show people would have wondered why he got a spot on the show. It really was quite unimpressive.

    He’s got a lot of work to do.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Ronnie, you sound like a bitter old queen! Jealousy is a curse! Adam Lambert will be around long after the last person who cares about you is around. Even if he has no more hits (to your gnashing teeth’s delight, he’s already made history!) You could think about getting a job, hopefully not Simon Cowell’s, it’s way above your pay grade!

  • Ronnie


    It’s not just that. His album sold around 189K at it’s debut coming in short of the 240K they predicted. His fans (as if often the case of A.I. fans) no doubt purchased multiple copies of his album for themselves & to gift. Not too many artists put out an album & have fans buy multiple copies. They probably make copies themselves to distribute to their friends. Most of his fanbase are middle-aged women just like Clay Aiken fans & rabid. RCA had to put out a plea even to stop his fans from calling up radio stations because nothing ticks off a radio station more than over zealous A.I. fans.

    FYE debuted at #3 that first week on US Sales (way below the top 2 debut albums) & the following week had a 74% drop in sales – the most that anyone had in top 200 in Billboard sales & considering all the hype, that is significant where the #1 & 2 kept their positon for weeks. That 2nd week, he dropped from #3 to #21 and never again was it in the top 20. His album will probably reach gold soon but as the numbers continue to decline as is normal this time of the year & with new albums coming out it is unlikely the album will go platinum this year if ever. RCA expected his sales to be much better & in fact to be phenominal & yet RCA has put out 4 singles already & none of them have really taken off in sales or great radio play. Singles are normally released to capitalize on preceeding singles taking off in hopes of making every more money.

    His label RCA has pumped in tons of P.R. money into him and in the U.S. with normal P.R. an album or a single is considered a success & at the break-even point for a label when it reached gold. I am sure they will have to reach at least 750K to break even with his album. I don’t ever recall his album or songs going top 10 in iTunes & these temporary bumps he is getting when he’s on a program will come to an end or won’t make that much of an impact on sales in the future. Though his sales were much higher than the winner of American Idol, Kris Allen, at least his single is already over 620K & is getting radio play & Kris is with Jive who are okay with single hits. RCA expect album hits & I am sure they expected him to be well on its way to platinum by now & within 3-1/2 months. That isn’t happening.

    The new season of A.I. is underway & people will focus on the new crop. He hasn’t gained an audience outside the A.I. bubble, certainly not after his AMA performance & in fact, he lost fans who became disillustioned by him & his behavior as that wasn’t the Adam they saw on A.I.

    I feel that his management is not happy with him as they have had to do a lot of damage control & that costs money & the money they pumped into promoting him. He is behaving himself now however, it may be too late.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Ronnie: Hi Scott (hang up) Oops, forgot to use my other name…
    Scott: Oh, Hi Ronnie (clicks off) Hello, who’s that?
    Ronnie: It’s me, Ronnie!
    Scott: Oh, hold on, I have someone else on the line. Are you there?
    Ronnie: Hi, is that Scott, it’s me Ronnie!

    Two crazy fuckers in one head! Go back to Allen-town, you big fat boyles!

  • Ronnie


    American Idol normally has the divas, the R&B & country type of singers and yes finally a rocker winner – David Cook. Yes, Adam was different than anyone else to the A.I. viewers who are watched primarily by Moms, grandmas & tweens/teens. The tweens/teens don’t go for his type as they think he’s older than dirt & he doesn’t do their style of music. They are into other tween/teen types of performers (boybands). The middle-aged + women are reminiscing about days gone past & the music they liked.

    Yes, his fans may think he’s the best they’ve ever seen on A.I., but A.I. is not the “end all” magic ticket as far as the music business goes, and if they or he thinks he’s the next “rock god” then that’s even worse because “rock” hates A.I. rock wannabees & it’s a very hard nut to crack. It is often a “tag” they have to shed to be really accepted by the industry where singers/musicians have to do a lot of leg work, hard work to make it & few ever do. They don’t get to go on A.I. & get seen & heard & given $1M dollar deals with tons of promotion.

    Right now, I don’t see anything new or fresh about Lambert because I’ve seen it before in the past.

    Some singers/muscians can have a go at it in Europe but I think Europens will find him not fresh & new either and frankly, as far as the music business goes–you have to make it first in the U.S. to be considered a success.

    There are other things that people like – a good story. If you have a good voice & you also have a good story – like Susan Boyle, then America falls in love with you. SoBo sold 3M in the UK & Europe first week her album dropped & she’s tracking about 3M so far here if not more. We love a good story. Her voice is fantastic & she isn’t trying too hard. She just sings beautifully & emotes feelings when she sings. There is passion in that voice. We don’t even want to hear original material because she does so well with well loved classics.

    Lambert fans are too aggressive & they feel that everyone has to love him & think he’s the best singer out there. That’s fine, they like him but he’s not for everyone & his demographics is very limited & his style is cliche at best.

  • Ronnie

    You say Adam needs better material? Do you know who they had collaborating on his album? It read like the “A” list in the music business. RCA spared no expense. Most artist write most of the material themselves or co-write most of the singles on their albbum because they also get the royalties for those & yet he got top notch writers/singers in the music business to help with this album. None of his own material made the cut on the regular album because he simply doesn’t have the talent at writing. He isn’t even a musician, which to me enhances an artist’s creativity tremendously. He also must have had some say in what was going onto his album as he had say in the album cover.

    How many excuses are you Lambert fans going to make on his behalf?

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    CrazyRonnie said “He isn’t even a musician”

    Ronnie has fallen off the precipice. Must be a mental imbalance of the mind. Your reviews are hollow, like your prejudice. Quick, run to the store and get another hip flask…and don’t forget to text while crossing the street. I am not even a die-hard Glambert, as American Idol is both racist and homophobic but I don’t like your apparent homophobia and no-one is engaging your Royal Sadness! Lonely, sad and uneducated gay man that you are.

  • Anna

    What is it about this dude that makes menopausal women get all….well….menopausal about him? I do not see the attraction, at all. Also, you would think that most of his fans would be old enough to actually know what Bowie or Elvis or what have you sounded like before they began making comparisons to said artists. But then again, maybe Adam’s fans were too busy listening to Air Supply or Liberace instead.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Anna are you an old schizophrenic queen pretending to be an “informed lesbian”. Who – under fifty even remember Air Supply? Exactly, Anna. OR, shall we call you CrazyRonnie?

    Also, gay guys don’t say “Dude”, so I am guessing that you are from Westboro Baptist Church…or really poor and cut-off from the fabulous life that Adam Lambert enjoys. TAG!

    BTW – All Clicks go to iPod Downloads for Adam’s fourth single!!!

  • roger

    Good grief, they don’t make them any crazier than DontBlameMe…Dude or dudette I would guess since you sound like one of his batshit crazy fans..take a chill pill.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Adam Lambert! LOL! It’s not about being a fan really, it’s about homophobia!

  • roger

    It’s useless to argue with a certifiable nutcase, so I won’t. I should have read Ronnie’s post first.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Roger is Anna is Ronnie! LOL!!! How long can you keep Adam Lambert popular? Not talking about him but talking about me. I feel special with your WIT! Come one, say “Dude” again like all the anti-gays (oops anti-Lambert fanatics) I could just put recipes up here and he still makes a dime off your anger! I bet you will respond, or another whacko………by pointing your finger at me! Come on, really, what is the big deal that you have to respond? Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder?

  • Bianca

    The nuts have taken over the asylum, I see.

    And in other news (or not), Adam took Canada by STORM yesterday! Fans went nuts (all of them young and teens btw) and the media also. He gave at least two tv interviews and 5 radio interviews yesterday.

  • B.

    Yes @Bianca. Tremendous love for Adam in Canada.

    Wonder of all wonders,the age demographic for his Much On Demand appearance in Toronto ranged from young teens to young adults,primarily female. Not many ‘old faghags'(see #241,the nice way @Marc refers to older Lambert fans) or menopausal women (see #288,@Anna) at this particular venue. It is a show that is geared to and viewed by a ‘younger’ audience and they were loving Adam!

  • Adam Addict

    You obviously have never seen Adam perform live in concert. I was sitting (standing) in the sixth row live and his singing and performance was absolutely incredible. His stage presence was out of this world and his singing filled the stadium. You have to see it in person to realize how amazing Adam really is. So before you go off “whining”, go see him perform live, in concert.

  • Adam Addict

    As a followup, the concert I attended was in NY (not the Oprah show)at a large sports arena. He had no problem filling it and mesmerizing the crowd.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    I am investigating these Adam-Bashers and came by some interesting information and the Christian Ringmaster behind it:

    First Disturbed Culprit:

    WickedlyDark (is Gay using a Biohazard symbol has stalked Adam Lambert in Toronto)

    “Worster Wickedlydark went to an Adam Lambert MuchMusic herd gathering and got pictures of the Sparkle Cows. But the best part was an actual person in a cow costume holding a sign about the Sparkle Cows. Hilarious! Check out the recap here.”

    This is his post on

    “Hmmm… let’s see….

    Wasted day = hours spent in the cold and rain outside a concrete building because a) the program doesn’t care about letting you into the studio (you’re too old) and b) you want to be able to breathe directly on the other side of a window where your gay idol is being paid to pretend he cares.

    Amusing diversion = showing up at the last possible moment (only to end up standing beside someone who’d been there for 5 hours already) to join a crowd of less than 100 people, have a bit of fun and move on within the hour. Hell, within the 1/2 hour. Unless you consider TTC fare that much of a hardship, then no – it certainly isn’t comparable. It’s not like it takes effort to laugh at the sparkle cows. Torontonians have been having a good chuckle about it all day. Especially those of us who know exactly where Mr. Lambert has spent a good portion of his time, and could walk out our front door and trip over him.

    Have fun driving the 6 hours back to your home and native rural community, Glamberts.”

    Enter Second Disturbed culprit:

    End Wickedly Dark’s anti-Lambert rant (he’s mentally disturbed and needs to be banned from American Idol events) He was responding to the following (really crazy!!!) person who turned up in a cow outfit menacing Adam Lambert fans under the moniker: Mad_Cow (he’s also very threatening!)

    This is his post on

    “well yaya87 ……(A) i live about 20 mins from there so it wasnt wasting my time really …..
    (B)it was more for shit and giggles
    (C)i was downtown for more then that purpose
    (D)the look on there faces as i walked up …… priceless
    (E)and finally …..your just bitter cause your lazy ass couldnt see it in person

    to top it, as im prolly gonna get banned for this ……
    FUCK YOU and have a great night”

    QUOTE: “I’m Prolly gonna get banned for this”

    There is a disturbing trend of self-hating (possibly) gay men maybe on the down low who are so angry at Adam Lambert’s success (They are here because they are on a mission that is more disturbing than dissing Adam’s music) These are dangerous individuals bent on hate, whether race-based or homophobia or gender-identity. Read below for the Ringmaster information!

    They seem to post here under many different names and I think these threads need to be monitored for threats of violence! They are definitely American Idol fanatics who are taking it to a threatening level…

    So, now we have the brainchild behind this website! His name is Max Anderson, this is his post on Facebook. Oh, BTW – He graduated in 2008 from Westminster Christian Academy, was very attached to their Drama Club and has a rather stylish picture (he’s caucasian) – kinda Gay, too:

    “VFTW Adam Dictionary Entries

    Let’s be creative now

    Lambitches– anonymous ho’s that perform with Adam to help him pretend he’s bi.

    Lambucks– herpes infested coffee

    Lambarf– the time I spend holding my head over the toilet during the AMA’s

    Lambesity– the scientific word that refers to Sparkle Cows being fatty fat fats.

    Lambutt- A highway once flowing with an abundance of bumber to bumper traffic on a daily basis, but now is a private one-way lane for Perez Hilton’s private limo.

    Sparkle Cows– not real people, but monsters. Really really big monsters.”

    So, with a little investigative work, it is a campaign driven by a graduate student (’08) at a rather prestigious Christian Academy! Glamberts and Concerned Gays, meet the New Enemy:

    The RingMaster: Dapper Max Anderson’s comments on Facebook and his prowess at Homophobic Adam-bashing!

  • scott ny'er

    OMG. Really? 298 posts (well, with this one it’s now 299). This is crazy.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    300 Was such a gay movie.

    BTW – Adam Lambert sang his 4th Hit on Ellen!

  • Lukas P.

    Can I be #300?
    wow—remind me to put Adam Lambert’s name in my next research paper so more people will read it!

  • scott ny'er

    @Lukas P.: Aaarrggghhh!!!

    Ok. I can’t win. I’ll just join them. Let’s get this baby to 400.

    And Lucas you missed it by that much!

  • romeo

    See some of the bitches from “Vote for the Worst” have been in to screw with everybody. LOL If anybody psych majors want a text book example of sociopath, check out “Ronnie.” LMAO !

    Adam looked really thin on Ellen today. It looked good on him. Glad to see he’s getting serious about that. Incidentally all you trolls, Adam’s album sales are doing fine. You were quoting inaccurate figures. (i.e. you were lying)

  • scott ny'er

    @dontblamemeivotedforhillary: Dude. I say dude all the time. Been doing it for effin’ years. Stop stereotyping.

  • romeo

    I say dude too. Goes with my blonde hair, plus I know a lot of straight guys. They’re a terrible influence. LOL

    Adam’s in it for the long haul. He’s a concert performer, and he’ll have the freedom to cut loose on a concert stage. His TV performances are just promo. Scandal and talent go hand in hand. Younger audiences will want to get in on it.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    @Scott NY’er, I’m sorry that you are poor and have to be around straight people because you are afraid to date a gay man. Generally, I don’t reply to your posts, because, well, your kind of uneducated and that shows. It’s hard to even believe you are a New Yorker? Really? Via California or effin’ Britain or the New Jersey turnpike?

    BTW – Adam Lambert says “Hi”

  • scott ny'er

    @dontblamemeivotedforhillary: Know what. I’d appreciate if you DON’T reply to my posts. You’re like some others here are sad and have to resort to insults. Are you sure you’re not a homo-bashing hetero? Cause I think you are. You are similar in traits like those I’ve encountered in the past.

  • scott ny'er

    @romeo: Blond hair? Do Blue eyes go with that? I’m a sucker for that. Honestly, I don’t know where I picked that up. It’s like saying man. I think out of everyone I know, I’m the only one who says that. At least when I was younger. Then more people I encountered started saying that among the younger generations.

  • romeo

    @Scott: green eyes, but they’re very light green so people often think they’re blue. I’m just too cute for words. LOL

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Scott-tissues, why have this dialogue in the Adam Lambert thread? Are you trolling for American Idol tweens? Can’t afford Premium membership anywhere on your Social Security check?

    Scott: Are you sure you’re not a homo-bashing hetero?
    DBMIV4H: Yes!
    Scott: You are similar in traits like those I’ve encountered in the past.
    DBMIV4H: On this blog site, you are half-crazy!
    Scott: Blond hair? Do Blue eyes go with that?
    DBMIV4H: Ask your therapist “Why am I on this Adam Lambert thread?”

    I will only respond as long as there are idiotic posts so it’s your move….

  • romeo

    If this thread hits 400 we should all die of shame.

  • scott ny'er

    @romeo: Nah. It’s now my goal for Queerty. LOL.

    Green eyes. Sounds just as good. LOL.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    Strut Lyrics by Adam Lambert

    I want to start a revolution
    A type of personal solution
    We all have got our own pollution
    It’s all about the execution

    You got something to say
    Your hands are tied
    Open your mouth, open it wide
    Let the freedom begin
    Get on the floor, just let it drive
    Don’t it feel good, don’t it feel hot?
    Feel the fire within

    I wanna see you strut (strut, strut)
    C’mon walk for me
    Strut (strut, strut)
    How you wanna be

    Everybody’s looking for some love
    But they don’t know
    How to let it all hang out
    And that’s why they’re solo (solo, solo)
    Don’t wanna be solo (solo, solo)
    Don’t wanna be solo

    We’re a complicated nation
    And now we’re in a situation
    Let’s take a Maybelline vacation
    And get yourself some validation

    You got something to say
    Your hands are tied
    Open your mouth, open it wide
    Let the freedom begin
    Get on the floor, just let it drive
    Don’t it feel good, don’t it feel hot?
    Feel the fire within

    I wanna see you strut (strut, strut)
    C’mon walk for me
    Strut (strut, strut)
    How you wanna be

    Everybody’s lookin’ for some love
    But they don’t know
    How to let it all hang out
    And that’s why they’re solo (solo, solo)
    Don’t wanna be solo (solo, solo)
    Don’t wanna be solo

    I’ll be a leader
    Darling, let your hair down
    Show me what you’re working with and let me see you
    Strut (strut, strut), strut(strut, strut)
    How you wanna be

    Everybody’s lookin’ for some love
    But they don’t know
    How to let it all hang out
    And that’s why they’re solo (solo, solo)
    Don’t wanna be solo (solo, solo)
    Don’t wanna be solo

    Strut for me and show me what you’re working with
    Strut for me and show me what you’re working with

  • Dasher

    Calling all TROLLS…Adam’s new video is now NUMBER #1 on I-Tunes…thought you DUDES would want to know…where are you tonight?

    How come none of you got assigned to cover these record-setting posts (over 300, Queerty is going to extend this until July 4th I hear)LOL

  • supabeyotch

    whoop dee doo dasher – just how does having a number 1 video on itunes equate to smashing success – none of it factors into his cd or singles sales, so go toot your horn elsewhere honey. his cd is still an underwhelming, underperforming hot mess of hot air and hype – both the winner/runner up from the last season’s cd’s were well over gold at this point, and both of them had million selling singles… bottom line… season 8 sucked, as do the winner and runner up in selling their product. better luck next time.

  • rose

    If adam was doing all that great, then why all these desperate attempts by his mgmt to force him into the spotlight? why has he not announced any kind of touring schedule, like idols in the past have done? why do his fans see the need to do what they do so boorishly and obnoxiously, turning people away from him? why is he at every opening, even those for envelopes, and not out in the trenches, doing the dirty work, playing gigs, honing his craft, building on his fanbase? why is he hosting in place of joan rivers on the red carpet for the grammy’s – that’s a d-list famewhore jack move if ever i’ve seen one. dude is more interested in playing the role of pop star, and playing these lonely, desperate for affection and attention fans of his for every dollar they are willing to throw away on that shitty cd, while he is trying everything possible to skate by putting in the work to actually build on and have a sustainable career. i think he is lazy, arrogant, famewhoring to beat all famewhores, and needs to just go away. his schtick is old, dated and tired, and only appeals to those sad individuals who haven’t listened to modern music in the last 3 decades, those who don’t get out of the house much, or have no idea what the music business is all about…

  • B.


    Why is he at every opening?
    Because he is extremely popular and watch-worthy and organizers invite him because they want him to appear.(I’m not a brain surgeon,but even I could figure that one out!)

    Q:Why is he not…out in the trenches….playing gigs…doing the dirty work…honing his craft… out in the trenches?
    A: Oprah,Ellen,David,Conan,Jay,Sag Awards,Steven Spielberg honour,MuchOnDemand(Toronto),Gridlock NYE,The Early Show,even the AMAs,countless radio programs,interviews,etc.,etc…..

    ‘Trench’ enough?

    Why is he hosting instead of Joan Rivers?
    A: He’s actually hosting instead of Cojo,not Rivers, because Entertainment Tonight ASKED him to be their correspondant and he said yes! Is that OK with you?

    D-list comment? He loves fashion,he recognizes fashion,people who know it asked him if HE would like to do it and he said yes!! No ‘famewhore’ mentality here,I’m afraid! Just a gig that’s fun!

    Lazy? See above! (You’re condradicting yourself,I’m afraid)

    How old can a 27 year old’s ‘schtick’ be? Give him a few years at least! Grasp much?

    Re: Your last couple of lines. Go tell that to the many screaming and beside-themselves ‘young’ fans (mostly female) who lined up for hours in Toronto on Tuesday to see this ‘dated and tired’ current STAR!!

  • B.



  • go away glambert

    it was in toronto…. and they can keep his sorry ass. better yet, the sooner this assclown is shipped off to europe and asia, the better… maybe he’ll fall down some rabbit hole and never return to the states. will be alright by me.

  • nini

    you want contradicktory – read this fuckers interview in a toronto paper… he is pissing and whining and moaning again about being labeled as a ”gay” star in the press, when he played and used the gay card to get him press… he whines about no wanting to be the poster boy for gay rights in the us, but expects the media to take care of that for him… he is so self serving, stupid, immature in his logic and thinking it’s scary… he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth, and it’s apparent he knows his 15 minutes is about up… his diarreha of the mouth is going to do him in…–adam-lambert-works-at-getting-beyond-the-kiss

  • fork sticker

    the fucker has no plans to tour yet – a big star like lambert, no tour plans yet – he’s done.

    Don’t fret, Glambert fans. 2009 American Idol runner up Adam Lambert says he has not toned down his theatrical makeup, nor his over-the-top attitude.

    A story in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly suggests he had a “make-under” in the video for his second single Whataya Want From Me?, following his controversial appearance on the American Music Awards last November.

    “I love when people read into stuff, it’s fun,” Lambert said Tuesday morning at a Toronto hair salon to promote his debut album, For Your Entertainment.

    “It has all to do with the song. Whataya Want From Me? is emotional and vulnerable and is more sensitive. You can’t get up there in a glittery suit and with fancy eye makeup on, and be like grinding my pelvis around to that song. It doesn’t work.”

    The 27-year-old openly gay singer says he just continues to be himself despite the AMA performance in which he kissed another male musician on stage, among other overtly sexual acts with both men and women.

    “I don’t feel like what I did was wrong,” said Lambert, coasting on just two hours of sleep. “I just feel like the only reason why it was such a big deal and blown so out of proportion is because I’m a gay guy. We can watch a man and a woman kiss all over the place. Why can’t two men kiss? It’s a double standard … Nobody really talks about (kissing the) women ’cause that’s not taboo.

    “I just got excited and I was interpreting the lyrics of my song, which are frisky, and I didn’t think twice about it. I was like, ‘Oh, it’s a sexy, risqué little number. It’s 11 o’clock at night almost. It’s an awards show and people do this all the time on awards shows. Madonna did it. A lot of people have done it.”

    After ABC received about 1,500 telephone complaints, Lambert’s planned subsequent performance on the network’s show, Good Morning America, was cancelled and CBS invited Lambert to perform instead on The Early Show, on the same date in New York City.

    “I didn’t think it was a big deal and didn’t realize it was a big deal until after the fact, when people started griping about it,” said Lambert. “And I was a little bit bummed out because my intention wasn’t to upset anybody. It was just to kind of raise eyebrows. I was hoping that the reaction would be more along the lines of, ‘Oh, that Lambert. He’s so silly and over the top!’ And some people reacted that way. (But) there are people who are morally opposed to it, and I think that’s fine. Everybody has a right to their beliefs and their opinions, but that doesn’t mean that the FCC needs to punish those that don’t follow that moral code — ’cause it’s a free country.

    “It was hard, I’m not going to lie. It was a little bit stressful. The ramifications of it hurt my feelings a little bit. But I got over it. I’m pretty resilient. You live, you learn. I think what I had to keep telling myself was, ‘You know what? I can’t change it now. Gotta move forward.’ I don’t like dwelling on anything. I like just moving forward. So I knew that that was my only choice, really.”

    For Your Entertainment has sold 457,000 copies since its late-November release. That is below expectations, according to Entertainment Weekly, and Lambert admits the AMAs controversy might have hurt sales.

    “It might have turned some people off. But, you know, I don’t regret it. I think it’s me. I’m being myself. And I think with as many people that might have been turned off, there are just as many people, I hope, that saw what I was doing and enjoyed it.”

    Lambert has no definite tour plans as yet.

    Lambert to moonlight on Red Carpet

    Adam Lambert isn’t presenting or performing at Sunday night’s Grammy Awards in L.A., but he managed to talk Entertainment Tonight into making him a red-carpet fashion correspondent.

    Lambert will be asking the usual “‘Who are you wearing kind?’ of stuff,” but said the reactions from the music stars to him should be priceless.

    “I am excited,” Lambert said Tuesday in Toronto. “I’m a little apprehensive. I think the thing that’ll be interesting is to see the reaction of some artist going, ‘Is that the American Idol guy asking me who I’m wearing?’ That might be a little funny. But I think I like novel experiences. I like doing things that I’ve never done before. I like taking risks. And something like that is, ‘Why not? That sounds like fun. Cool.’”

    As for who he hopes will win big at the Grammys, Lambert said he’s pulling for both Lady Gaga, who co-wrote one of the songs on his debut album For Your Entertainment, and Beyonce, of whom he’s a fan.

    Lambert said it would have been fun to perform on the Grammys, but there was never any discussion about it.

    “I’m kind of the new kid of the block,” he said. “There are a lot of amazing talented people that will be performing that night (who are) established. I’m new. So hopefully, eventually.”

    Birthday plans

    2009 American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert turns 28 on Friday and plans to celebrate with a private party at an L.A. bar with friends.

    “It’s funny because a year ago on my birthday it was all just starting,” Lambert said Tuesday in Toronto. “I had gotten through a lot of the preliminary rounds at (American Idol) and it was, like, about to happen. And I didn’t know what was going to be. So looking back a year ago, it’s so weird.”

    Lambert said his sudden fame has taught him an important lesson.

    “Don’t take yourself too seriously,” he said. “Keep a light heart about it, and just kind of find the humour and the fun in it all — ’cause it’s very easy to get bogged down and be hard on yourself. I mean, everybody has an opinion. Everybody likes to make their opinions heard and they’re all over the Internet. And (there is) a lot of positive reinforcement, but there’s also a lot of negativity. Sometimes I read it, but for the most part I try to let it roll off my back.”

  • romeo

    Somewhat pertinent to Adam’s AMA brou-ha-ha is a South Park episode I saw last night. I watch the show on cable, but it’s been shown in syndication on broadcast channels in LA. Show last night was the one about Cartman trying to train a horse to bite off an enemy’s penis. To train him, he attaches a hot dog to a scarecrow’s crotch, but instead of biting it off, the horse proceeds to suck it, and the bit goes on and on with the horse using a variety of techniques with which, let’s face it, most of the guys here are familiar. The scene was hilarious, explicit, and about as filthy as it could be. I would truly die laughing to find out if one of the broadcast channels that shows South Park is an ABC affiliate.

  • B.

    “Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.” — Eric Hoffer

    I challenge each and everyone of you Adam non-fans to get through an entire post without using spiteful and venomous language.

    Is it possible?

  • wentworth

    There are numerous amounts of people that don’t like Adam Lambert and see him becoming the next Paris Hilton because he’ll do anything and show up anywhere just to get his face seen. That doesn’t mean he’s popular. That means his PR team is trying to keep him relevant since he screwed himself over big time on the AMA’s, then crying homophobia afterwards.

    He talks out both sides of his mouth. One minute he doesn’t want it all to be about “gay” and then the next breath he starts in on people being homophobic. If he didn’t make it all about being gay, then maybe he wouldn’t be looked upon that way. But being gay is what Adam thrives on because then he can continue to cry “double-standard” crap.

    Adam Lambert is his own worst enemy and his fans are lunatics. One minute he encourages them and then the next he chastises them for being supportive. Which way does he want it? I guess it depends on what suits HIM at the time. He also has been very derogatory towards anyone that is more of a celebrity than he will ever hope to be. He can’t take any criticism without whining like a 13-year old girl. Really, the guy should look in the mirror and see what’s staring back at him. He’ll have a perfect view of a poser and

  • king

    I’ve actually come nearly full-circle on Adam: I am waffling between ambivalence and sheer pity. His fans have now officially surpassed the Claymates as the most wacked, pathetic, credibility-sapping borderline personalities to ever have hit the Idol fandom.

    Well done, ladies! You have inadevertently rallied fans of many disparate genres’ fans together in unified loathing of your Chosen One.

  • bonerz

    If you put yourself in a position to be compared to Steven Cojocaru, that doesn’t bode well for your career.

  • @King

    Ok. We fan types are prone to being a little over-the-top sometimes, and yes we have so much hope for this man. We’re fans of someone you’re not interested in! What’s your point? Why are you in such a ‘tizzy’ over someone you don’t care for and the fact that he has a loyal fanbase? Are you a fan of anyone right now? Would you appreaciate them being ridiculed and verbally beaten-up? Or are you just the type of person who thinks, “I’ll dish it out,but I won’t take it!”

    The borderline-personality comment is laughable. It’s obvious that you don’t care much for Adam. But your obsession with ‘not liking’ him and his fans is maybe driving YOU a little…..whacko?!

    You should lighten-up! Loathing is not a healthy pastime!

  • agent 0069

    Strange, I was under the impression it was the fact he went completely off script, and behaved in a ridiculous, ‘LOOK AT ME’ fashion that backfired completely – him being gay, straight etc had very little to do with it. And no, I don’t buy the ‘the adrenalin kicked in’ excuse either – he’s an experience stage actor, not an 18 year old on his first gig. Mind you, he should be grateful, because what followed completely distracted from the fact his vocals were horrible on the night, if he’d just performed as he was meant to then far more focus would have been on the fact that he sang badly to the extent it was a complete car crash.

    He’s been handed opportunity after opportunity, but apparently his AMA performance stops him going out to radio stations and doing live performances, you know, the ones that the casual listener might hear, like what he’s doing and his sound and decide to seek out his album, the sort of thing that’s introduced me to numerous singers and bands. But then again, I suppose unless it involves him getting his face seen, then he’s not that interested, much rather witter on about fashion on a completely unrelated red carpet event.

  • qtip

    in response to No. 327 · @King – sorry, the ridicule the lambert fans get they have brought all on themselves. there is no reasoning with them, or getting them to show class, restraint or respect for any other fans, or people if you first don’t kiss lambert’s ass. and it’s not just random fans and observers fed up with and calling out the glambert crazy – when you must be repeatedly warned by the label, radio dj’s, and the assclown himself to tone down the crazy in such a public fashion what does that tell you, or does that just fly over your heads too… no, no playing of the ”poor me” or victim card for you batshit idiots. you have made lambert into the laughingstock he is by your antics, and given yourself the worst reputation, even passing the claymates now. if it was attention you wanted, well you got it. just don’t go pissing and crying and moaning at the kind of attention it is.

  • venus

    Adam has been given a gift. He has been given the gift of good will from the media. He was asked on Oprah for a sit down interview. He was on the cover of Rolling Stone. Ellen asked him to serenade her for her birthday. The view had him on, he was one of Barbara’s most fasinating people. That is just a few of the things that were handed to him.

    He has absolutely no reason to complain about anything. And yet he does. He goes to Canada and characterizes the American public as bigots and that is why his record is not selling. UNBELIEVABLE

  • venus pt.2

    “I don’t feel like what I did was wrong,” said Lambert, coasting on just two hours of sleep. “I just feel like the only reason why it was such a big deal and blown so out of proportion is because I’m a gay guy.”

    Ahem *assumes mom voice* no honey, it’s not the kiss that was wrong, and it’s not that you’re gay. What is wrong is that you told me you were going to do x on TV, and you really went ahead and did y, and now we just can’t trust you. Because you don’t follow the rules and behave responsibly. That’s the problem, and that is why you can’t play on live TV stations any more until you have proved to us you have learned your lesson here. Which, by the way, what you just said tells me that you haven’t. So, back to your room. */mom voice*

  • @Qtip

    You’re joking right?

    Reasoning? You Adam non-fans have have no reasoning skills whatsoever or you wouldn’t be blasting a very well thought-out comment!!

    You don’t listen or read carefully. You don’t care about anything anyone else says because you’re too busy formulating your negative spin.

    Somebody could say ‘You’re right,we’re wrong’ and YOU WOULD STILL COMPLAIN about something. “Yeah,but……”.

    And you call Adam’s fans ‘batsh*t idiots’?!

  • wtf

    *scratches head* What do the letters to the FCC have to do with Adam being unable to mount a tour? The tour isn’t going to be broadcast on TV every night.

    It seems to me that Adam and his backers have chosen to blame any problems with logisitics and demand on censorship, to kind of cover up the fact that the public just isn’t that into him (at least not to the extent that his backers want them to be). Adam has had multiple public TV appearances. In fact, that’s the only place where he *does* play music.

  • @WTF

    *rubs chin*

    Hmmmmm. Nice spin. Too bad you’re wrong!!

  • Qtip

    lack of reasoning capability isn’t the only reason you glamberts have forever been branded with the label ”batshit idiots”… it’s just one in a long line of actions undertaken by you all that have pissed off and burnt bridges with people your boy just might need one day to help him achieve his grandiose plan to dominate the pop music scene… if the behavior was being carried out by young teens and tweens it may be more understandable… but these are grown, supposedly mature, done lived a little life and have gained a little wisdom a d u l t s… adults who think nothing of obsessing over a 27 year old man young enough to be their son, grandson or great grandson in some instances.. this makes it creepy, in addition to pathetic the behavior this group has exhibited to give them their bad rep.

  • No. 334

    ”too bad” you continue to show why glamberts are so batshit obsessed and crazy… why get so defensive and butthurt over the expected criticism and mockery he was bound to get as a result of all that overhype and overkill he has received… if you can roll with it when things are gravy, then roll with it when the tide turns – and the tide is turning.

  • tramp

    RockStarWeekly flash news update! Adam Lambert has pulled out of his European headlining tour with U2. According to our inside sources, Mr. Lambert felt that a tour at this time would interfere with his upcoming red carpet appearance at the Project Runway Finale. Also, his management was not able to provide him with assurances that he would be able to obtain proper nail and hair care in foreign countries. Mr. Lambert is reported to have said “f*ck U2, you can’t dance to them anyway”.

  • @allofyouadamnonfans

    There’s no end in sight,I’m afraid,for your loath-laden and highly exaggerated diatribes. I am a passive person who happens to be an Adam Lambert fan (which, to some, is apparently close to being a criminal offence). Coming onto this site has made me realize that,as a fan,:

    I have no ‘worthy’ opinion (in your opinion).

    I am at fault regardless of my good intentions.

    I can’t say anything that the other team can’t ‘bend’ and ‘twist’ in their favour.

    I,despite not resorting to name-calling,get names hurled my way regardless.

    I am to many,crazy,idiotic…you name it!

    I realize that there are many hateful and dangerous-minded people in this world.

    I am afraid for humanity if this is the type of behaviour that constitutes ‘freedom of speech’.

    I have no hope in hell of having mature,insightful banter with those of opposing sides.

    I am still a fan of the amazingly talented Mr. Lambert despite the valiant and utterly spew-fested attempts at putting me in my place!!!!

    Nice try though!

    Now…..on with the put-downs and the nasty remarks!!

  • lolwut?

    So Adam’s going to play a lowly casino? Thought the “rock gawd” was going directly to headlining arenas.

  • glamturd

    Adam Lambert, and his makeup bag, are coming to the Special Events Center at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino for his first Coachella Valley concert at 8 p.m. Feb. 27. On one hand, I’m sure there’s a hefty fee involved for Madam. On the other hand, you never see anyone under the age of 40 in Palm Springs, except sometimes for Marines on weekend leave. And you know the first place THEY go is Fantasy Springs to take in some sparkle.

  • swarm

    I only came here looking for a thread to post a birthday video and found this mess.

    #340 JACKASS [and others], John Legend is appearing right before Adam and he’s Adam’s age and a multi Grammy winner. Gaga is booked at several casino resorts just like this one. Among other famous pop stars playing casinos. It’s quite lucrative since people with actual money go there versus idiots like you who spend all their time in their basements scraping together $1.00 for the McDonald’s burger on sale on Wednesdays.

    Adam attracts all these VFTW losers who know nothing at all about the subject.

    Queerty, the problem you have with Adam’s album performances is he’s singing to a backing track since he did his own backing vocals on the record. And the musicians have to interweave their instruments to the track. AND he’s on small stages and has to stand relatively still with the stupid equipment in front of him. It’s an unnatural sound. His singing is the same but the songs will never be like, for example. Come To Me Bend To Me, Brigadoon. But if you watched the Gridlock live version of Soaked that I posted here, on the Larry Flick thread and the other videos, albeit coming from a crappy cell phone cast, you’ll see the same brilliance as on TV. The boy is chosing a different type of music and until the show is engineered differently it’s not going to be the same. You had no complaints about WW From Me, right?

    And like Staciegirlie said, you KNOW why. He can’t be himself and doesn’t wanna be Idol Adam.

    Meanwhile, Happy Birthday Adam. You actually accomplished something for gay people in 2009. I apologize for your detractors who always attack you on slow news days. Even here, where I thought the site was over that. Perhaps they’d like to take a REALISTIC view of freaking worthless NPH soon.

    (Hai Romeo, if I lived in CA, I’d go to Fantasy Springs with you, what a hoot! LMAO)

  • adam's underwear

    I do think it’s odd, though, that the ‘rock god’ wasn’t booked at a Hard Rock or some similar place with some cachet. I think that may be what’s holding down the celebration amongst the true believers. I mean, a casino is edging dangerously close to a state fair, oh the horror!

  • skeezer

    He’s had so many opportunities laid before him, and he either has blown them or they just haven’t translated into sales. I don’t read or watch anything about him much. I just can’t stand him, personally, professionally, musically, nothing about him appeals to me. Like, At. All. I did kind of like him on the show, as a person he seemed level headed, and a pretty nice guy. Now he seems more like a fame ho, that is letting the celebrity thing go to his head, when he really has nothing to be famous for, except being the first openly gay man who competed on Idol.

    So, I am thinking he hoodwinked a lot of people while he was on the show into thinking he was this normal kinda guy, who just happens to be gay, while all the while the “real” Adam was that guy on the AMAs. He seems much more interested in costumes, getting his hair done at fancy salons, red carpets, and being racy for no specific reason, than in performing his music anywhere that will have him. I don’t like him, but I am interested to see how far this particular strategy will take him, career-wise. It makes me think RCA/19M is giving him his head to succeed or fail with this plan of action. Sure they are helping him get promotional gigs, but it seems like they aren’t at the steering wheel of this particular vehicle. It appears Adam is doing the driving, and he’s off on various side roads, and living it up without doing any of the work it takes to become a real musician.

  • swarm

    @342 The horror is that you ignore logic in post 343 where it clearly states that Gaga does casinos and lots of them. Perhaps it didn’t suit your narrative since you can’t find a reason to claim she’s lost cachet.

    @343 Try not humiliating yourself by pontificating on something you admittedly read nothing about. Clueless, Adam is on his way to London to kick off his international tour and just did his first pre-interview with a journalist there who tweeted that the UK is becoming obsessed with him. You obviously know nothng about pop music since Gaga dropped off the charts after her debut album was released and it took 6 months to reappear. I think Adam would be perfectly happy with her level of success a year from now. And BTW RCA is marketing Adam as a brand. They know what they have with him. Funny you completely dismiss the ONLY issue which is will the homophobic industry and public stall his progress. It seems not, since he’s steadily picking up radio spins and enjoying huge growth with every “fame ho appearance” he has. After Oprah his sales increased 60% while every single other artist on the charts had a decrease, as is typcial in January. Reading is fundamental to developing a point of view. Perhaps nobody ever told you that.

  • swarm

    Ohh and speaking of “working” to “become a real musician”? Adam Lambert has been working for 17 years straight non stop. From age 10. Get a clue. It’s all been documented and discussed.

  • swarm

    typo : logic in post 343 should be post 341. Mine.

  • swarm

    @342 LOL Hard Rock has cachet? LMAO. Yeah, if you go to Disneyworld. It’s nothing, it’s a burger joint. Now we see who we’re dealing with, people who have no clue about even the stupid Hard Rock burger chain. Except yeah, he’s already been there when they requested he donate his outfit to them. READ FACTS.

  • swarm

    ROFLMAO Here’s some big stars booked at the Hard Rock:

    Bob Saget
    Melissa Ethridge (oh now I get your fascination for that joint)
    Joan Rivers
    Air Supply
    Kenny G
    Wayne Newton
    Harry Connick Jr.

    LMAO you dopes. OH wait here’s someone current. Timbaland did a signing and sang one day there.

    WOW Impressive cachet of talent there.

  • swarm

    Yeah that lazy ass Lambert even working today on his birthday with ET for pre Grammy work.And he’s so de-cachet they actually recorded an interview and aired it. Here’s the interview. He’s so lame he’s actually throwing a private undisclosed party for 170 people tonight. Such a diva fame ho. eyeroll. How so many people can be so mean about such a nice person is beyond me. Especially here.

  • @SWARM

    You make so much sense,it’s exhilarating. I enjoyed your comment, “Reading is fundamental to developing a point of view.” (#344). I agree! There are many ‘know-it-alls’ who are pontificating-rich and fact-poor!

    Well done!!

  • Julie

    Scott Ny’er, thanks for saying Adam’s song got stuck in your head, that he wasn’t as bad as you thought he would be. That is
    high praise indeed & proof that maybe Adam Lambert’s got something.

  • scott ny'er

    @Julie: I’m not certain it’s high praise considering the source. ;). For what it’s worth tho, I will say, while I thought he was impressive at times on AI and I did root for him because he was gay, I didn’t dig when he would do those Steve Tyler screeches. And I didn’t think I would purchase his CD.

    I did obtain his CD and thought it was meh. But after seeing that Oprah performance of If I Had You. I kinda liked it and I just watched it recently and well, ok… yeah, I like it. The same thing happened with FYE. They are catchy. Still think WDYWFM is meh.

    I wonder if Randy Jackson was correct in saying that Daughtry and Underwood were successful because they knew who they were and stayed with that niche on their records, while Adam seemed to try everything on his. I hope he does well but I do think that he should’ve waited until he was highly successful before doing that type of stage performance. America is a fickle audience especially if you cross the puritan lines.

  • Ronnie


    Adam not having better material? He had a “who’s who in the music business” colaborate on his album and though he’s released many singles, he only has one hit and with all the pimping he got, his album will not go platinum in the year of it’s release. Not one of the songs of his regular CD did he get writing or co-writing credit. His deluxe version had 4 songs as “extras” that he had a hand in writing and none of those are raved about. He is not original, is not a musician and only depends on what someone else writes.

  • Ronnie

    In season 7 David Cook’s album went platinum in less than 3 months while it took Lambert’s album to go gold in same timeframe. David Cook also had two singles go platinum in record time. David Cook’s A.I. performances in 4 days after the finale had 950K downloads alone. David Cook had 11 entries in Billboard 100 a record since 1963 when the Beatles had 13 entries. Kris Allen and Adam Lambert combined had 3 entries hit Billboard 100 – less than David Archuleta. With all the pimping and hype surrounding Lambert during A.I. since day 1 and to this day, he should have sold double platinum by now. His album sales and the fact that he finally has a platinum single was beaten by David Archuleta’s album sales in the year it was released and Archie’s single’s sales outperformed and out sold Lamberts during the same timeframe. So how good is Lambert really doing and who really cares about Archuleta now.


    you lied..It’s October and Adam has otusold Archuleta and is a more successful top artist than David Cook…Cook has no worldwide hits to speak of…Adam has two WWFM and IIHY and is over a million in albums sales worldwide and has certifcations all over the place…Cook could not manange another top 40 hit after Light On pimping…Adam’s tour sold out domestically and internationally…Gold album in the states, Gold second single in the states (IIHY), and platinum single in the states (WWFM), and many certifications worldwide. Adam just got his plaques for Gold (FYE album), double platinum single (WWFM), and platinum single (IIHY)…where are haters now, Adam is doing well and has more album single sales in the states than the winner of season 8. Adam will continue to prove all you haters wrong.

  • Luz

    @hardmannyc: I am a Latina lady and 63 years old. Also I have both a college degree and a technical degree. When I hear someone sing, either I like it or not. I will express what I honestly feel. When I first saw Adam on Idol, I could not believe what I saw, a person so gifted musically. This guy was an excellent dresser and prepared even the stage for his performances. Physically, he was stunning and could carry a good conversation. I immediatelly called my sister who is also a professional worker, a doctor, and she also watched Idol and just loved Adam. All of the judges in the show were captivated by Adam’s singing ability. Adam did not win Idol because of some shady stuff that happened. Adam should have the title because the show is a singing composition. Adam is now a superstar. He is the best male singer at present. Everyone does not have to love him but when evaluating his singing style please everyone be honest because his voice cannot be better and this is a human being that is affected by the comments against him. I send everyone out there trying for a musical career much love and wealth.

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