Why Is Apple Censoring Lady Gaga’s Twitter Celebration Of Prop 8’s Defeat?

In launching its new music social network Ping, which lets iTunes users connect with artists and other fans, Apple has decided that some things singers are involved in just aren’t kosher enough for its fancy new product. Like Lady Gaga‘s Twitter support of killing Prop 8, which mysteriously disappeared from the company’s marketing marketing materials.

This is what Apple showed off during its much-covered presser yesterday:

And this is what Gaga’s feed actually looked like:

(You’ll notice the references to strip clubs remained.)

That Apple made the announcement about Ping from its Bay Area stomping grounds — the same place where Judge Vaughn Walker’s ruling that ended Prop 8 was delivered — is a bit of information not worth losing. Neither is Apple’s continued reluctance to tolerate anything gay related when it comes to its tech fiefdom.

If the company even bothers to respond to the criticism, Apple will likely say it doesn’t get itself involved in political matters. Which ignores what the battle against Prop 8 and laws like it represent: It’s not political, it’s about equality, and it’s highly unlikely they’d censor a celebrity’s tweets about helping out during Hurricane Katrina or seeing a racist policy get the book. But same-sex marriage? Too … political.