Why Is Chase Bank Willing to Give NOM Some Of Its $5 Million Charity Prize?


Would you like to donate cash to the National Organization for Marriage Educational Fund, which NOM describes as “engaged solely in pro-marriage education and research”? Great news! You can still support it without giving up any of your hard earned cash. Because JPMorgan Chase, which reported $3.6 billion in profit last quarter, is willing to do it for you.

The financial company’s consumer Chase Bank division operates something called Chase Community Giving, its do-goody cause unit that let the company’s flacks point to all the good the bank is doing (even though it earns $5 million in ATM overdraft fees, like, every 8 seconds).

Powered by Facebook, the program lets you choose which charitable organizations Chase will give part of its $5 million purse to. On the list? NOM’s Educational Fund.

Which is sort of curious, because as reader Andrew notes, Chase Community Giving’s own “clear and simple” rules state in Section 4 that any organization that “by itself or through an affiliated entity, discriminates on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, medical condition, citizenship, ancestry or marital status is not eligible.”

Discriminating based on sexual orientation is NOM’s entire reason for existing.

In all likelihood, the drop-down list of charities Chase’s Facebook app lets you select were proffered by a standard non-profit database provider, without much editing on Chase’s part. And in order to get any cash, NOM would have be among the top 100 vote receivers in Round 1 (they’d receive $25k), and score even more votes to get more cash (up to $1m). And at just 6,600 fans, it doesn’t look like NOM has the votes.

UPDATE: JPMorgan Chase spokeswoman Jennifer Zuccarelli writes Queerty: “Organizations that receive votes from the Guidestar database will be reviewed to make sure they’re in compliance with our guidelines.” Which, it goes without saying — although we’d appreciate a more definitive answer — would disqualify NOM.

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  • HAL

    Well, on the bright side they make up for it a bit by having Maine Equality on there. But here’s to hoping NOM doesn’t even come close to the top.

  • arjuna52

    [email protected]

    That’s the email address. I’m trying to find a telephone number so as to speak to someone. I would think that Chase would be violating their own non-discrimination policy by giving money to an organization that then uses that money to work to overturn anti-discrimination and equality laws.

  • Sug Night

    If you find a number/contact can you publish it so we can complain? I have an acct with Chase and would be willing to move it in protest.

  • terrwill

    You know damm well the NOM is going to have their lunatic followers pump up the votes, and one plug by Maggie (the cunt) Gallagher on Yawn Hannity or Rush Windbags show will result in millions of hits. Send emails to the above site or dig around and call Chase. If you are uncomfortable using your own email simply create another one at a site like……

  • RM

    So any recommendations on better charities to vote for, to make sure NOM doesn’t win?

  • Jesse @ Gay Vantage

    Please let this serve as another lesson that you should not let the big banks control you or your money.

    Put all of your money into a credit union. When they donate, its to organizations that want to do fun things like feed your homeless neighbors or build a new playground.

    Plus, they’ll like know your name and stuff and not only be able to identify you through your 482 numbers long account number.

  • Robert, NYC

    Surprising, I’m a Chase Customer, previously a Bank of New York customer that Chase bought out, even then BNY was supportive of us and far as I know, so is Chase. I’ve never had any problem with them, so far. Maybe there’s a reason why they have NOM on their list or are unaware just what the organization is really about, though I’d be surprised if they didn’t given the publicity NOM is getting lately. Maybe they’ll remove them if they get enough complaints.

  • Jurlesia

    I have 4 accounts with Chase, including a business account that I will close if they donate a single penny to NOM. Does anyone have a phone number where one can complain?

  • schlukitz

    I too have a number of accounts with Chase and I am incensed at this latest turn of events.

  • chris

    I checked it out and voted for the Matthew Shepard Foundation…hopefully many others will do the same.

  • Keith Kimmel

    “Put all of your money into a credit union.”

    Yeah, because credit unions are so much better than banks. Right.

    Banking is a necessary evil. I hold all my accounts at Bank of America because they are located everywhere. But I don’t keep my money there. I keep a few hundred bucks to draw against when needed for checks and bills and such. My money is at home, where I know its safe.

  • Vote for Us! Click Here

    Please vote for Our Family Coalition – serving LGBT-headed families for the prize money!

  • AndrewW

    HRC and GLAAD are not even on the list, but NOM is. How telling.

  • reluctantcommenter

    i sent them this:

    I’m writing in protest of Chase Bank’s decision to include the National Organization for Marriage Education Fund as a potential recipient of the Chase Community Giving prize. The National Organization for Marriage is an organization defined by discrimination against gay and lesbian Americans. I would like to point out that in the ‘clear and simple summary of rules’, Section 4, Eligibility, it states:

    “A Charity that, by itself or through an affiliated entity, discriminates on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, veteran status, medical condition, citizenship, ancestry or marital status is not eligible.”

    By your own rules, National Organization for Marriage should be considered ineligible.

    I hope this is simply an oversight. But as an account holder, I want to make clear that if Chase Bank continues to support anti-gay organizations like National Organization for Marriage, I will move my accounts to another bank.

    so far they have responded with this:

    Thank you for reporting your concerns regarding a Charity in our list to Chase. We take this matter very seriously. We’ll look into your request shortly and respond appropriately.

    The Chase Community Giving Team

  • mikey94

    what we’re biddies now at the sewing circle squawking at every little transgression that bedevils our pattern? Its such a vicious circle. It will only end when I become dictator and rule over your asses.

  • hyhybt

    #11: only so long as you don’t have a fire, or a burglar, or a tornado, or any number of other things.

  • hs

    #13: On the pop-up you get when you click the “Can’t find the charity you’re looking for” button, one of the things mentioned is that the focus here is on charities with an annual budget of less than $10 million. GLAAD and HRC most likely have budgets in excess of that, which may be why they’re not on the list.

    I don’t know what NOM’s annual budget looks like, but I found that the NOM Education Fund is incorporated separately from NOM as a whole (the Education Fund is a 501c3, while NOM is a 501c4) which, if NOM does have an annual budget of over $10 million, is probably how they didn’t get excluded from the master list, as probably only a small % of that is allocated to the education fund. The rest, of course, goes to making sneaky underhanded commercials that are full of lies.

  • BMA

    It looks like NOM currently has a whopping 3 votes. Marriage Equality USA, on the other hand, has 65 votes. And I’m about to make it 66.

  • john petrey

    Would you people come down off your high horse for a moment and realize that they are not only having this charity as one you can ‘vote’ for but there are several that are given to sick children as well. DO YOU CARE? I voted for All Children’s Hospital and Reasearch. 2 votes, 2 different charities. If I were to move in and single out a charity that helps to advance Gay people I would be no better than what you are doing. So stop the side taking for a moment and realize there are kids that are sick and dying and put your priorities in the right place.

  • schlukitz

    @ no. 19 – Petry

    Ah yes. The Children. That’s ALWAYS the predominant reason given for denying LGBT people their rights, isn’t it?

    Sorry, Jack. You’ve raised a red herring.

    Come down off your own high horse and realize that no one has objected to money being given to sick children. We DO indeed care. We are only objecting to giving money to NOM, an organization dedicated to the civil-rights of our community.

    From the tone of your lecture, it would seem that you are not a part of that community, much less, supportive of it.

  • Robert, NYC

    Schlukitz, the only charity for children that I don’t donate to is the St. Jude organization, affiliated with the roman cult. I won’t spend one penny on an organization that is connected with that evil cult that has more than enough to spare. For example, one bishop donated $500,000 in Maine to defeat marriage equality and the Knights of Columbus spent more than $1 million in California to make Prop. H8 a success. I know its the children who are the victims, but I’m sorry, anything remotely connected with a religious cult doesn’t get my money, ever. Its bad enough our tax dollars are allowing them to enjoy full representation without taxation and stabbing us in the back.

  • john petrey

    @ schlukitz

    1) It’s Petrey, not Petry.

    2) Yes it is about the CHILDREN. It’s your own problem to deny sick children $$ when you have a beef with the agenda of your rival.

    3) Name’s John

    4) If you really cared then like I was pointing to above the importance of helping the young and sick far outweigh whatever beef you have with the guys you don’t agree with. This goes both ways. If someone who is religious makes a stand against gay people over the childrens’ charities then they are just in the wrong and blindsided as this.

    5) I’m not part of any community sir. My concern is not whether you’re gay, straight. That is none of my business. My ‘lecture’ is just to MAYBE point out the children are the important items, not agendas. There are other ways to strike back for you but this is not it.

    6) Good day.

  • schlukitz

    @ no. 22 – John Petrey

    My apologies,John, for the misspelling of your name, which was careless on my behalf. I neglected to proof-read my reply to you. Since Jack is the nickname of John, it seemed appropriate to use it in my comment. But then, I wasn’t given permission by you to do so, was I? Shame on me.

    The rest of my comments stand, however, and with no apology.

    This “bleat” about “the children” has become a disgusting defense of the horrors that exist on this globe. You are aware, are you not, that the current overpopulation of the planet currently stands at just a little over 6 billion people and is a ticking time-bomb.

    Just for the record, omosexuals, by the way, had nothing to do with this. In fact, I am certain that they made a huge contribution to keeping the population of our planet from having exploded to even higher and unsustainable levels.

    It is painfully obvious that this is more people than the planet can sustain, witnessed by the fact that some 32,000 children around the world die of hunger each day. Did you know that, John?
    Where is their “right to life”, that religious people pay so much lip-service to?

    My ‘lecture’ is just to MAYBE point out the children are the important items, not agendas.

    If you heterosexuals really believed that, perhaps the “agenda” you should have employed, was the slapping on of a few condoms to prevent unwanted childbirths and spare all of these unfortunate children the misery and suffering people like you have inflicted on them with your “I gotta get my jollies, no matter what” attitude and then leave it up to the rest of society to take care of your leavings.

    Homosexuals are not to blame for where you heteros stick YOUR penises. And, if you guys guys paid more attention to that, than where homosexuals stick theirs, perhaps we would not be in the present mess we find ourselves in with greenhouse gasses, global warming, food shortages and the like.

    Given the sad condition of the world, it’s pretty obvious what heterosexuals favorite pass time is. I cannot help but wonder, if there is a god, what he/she thinks of people who breed like caged rats in a lab study without the slightest thought being given as to how they are going to responsibly care for and raise these children, especially if they happen to be needy.

    Accept accountability for the fact that heterosexuals created these ill-fated children who will suffer and die through no fault of their own. They are after all, only practicing their “God-given” right to procreate (sarcasm intended), which the church insists is the sole reason why only straight people should be allowed to marry, since homosexuals cannot procreate.

    As you look around you, with all the unwanted and unloved children in institutions, and those poor unfortunate souls whose shrunken, bone-projecting bodies are writhing in hunger pangs, besotted with flies in their eyes, noses and mouths, wailing in pain and dying by the tens of thousands daily, how proud you must all be of yourselves.

    You are, after all, God’s chosen fucking people. (Double entendre also intended).

  • schlukitz

    @ 21 – Robert NYC

    I hear you, Robert and I feel much the same as you do.

    I was particularly angered at the comment Mr. Petrey made in post no. 22, which was dripping with blame.

    2) Yes it is about the CHILDREN. It’s your own problem to deny sick children $$ when you have a beef with the agenda of your rival.

    Bad enough that we get blamed for all the other woes of the world and that we have even been imprisoned, burned at the stake and hung for them during the past two thousand years of Christianity, but I will be god-damned if I will stand still and take the blame for the overpopulation of this planet as well.

    The only people doing the “denying” here, are the very same people who created all of these children in the first place. To thrust that blame and responsibility on people who had nothing to do with their reckless and mindless sexual escapades, is mind-boggling. It’s so Christian-like and rooted in guilt, which is their chief tool and MO.

    But, when we get told by these self-righteous fuck-machines that it’s our problem to deal with a problem of their own creation and that we are heartless if we have other concerns and agendas that are equally important to us, I throw the fucking gauntlet down.

    It’s the same old, time-worn argument of the religious right. We gays are bad people to even give a moment’s thought to our ourselves and our plight and trying to throw-off the yoke of oppression and tyranny that has been placed on us by the very same people whose only wish it is, to keep us second-class citizens.

    These are, btw, the very same people who constantly reminded blacks that they should mind their place, as evidenced by the “separate but equal” water fountains pic.

    That too, was an epic fails.

    And so will their efforts to keep us “quashed”, as another brain-fart had the fucking balls to say on these very same threads.

  • john petrey

    Simply put, you’re extremely sick people when you reply in a troll like manner.

    There is no talking to you. You are no different than a christian extremist. Your community wants words like faggot and queer to disappear however your websites name is

    Merry Christmas and did you ever think you may have been one of those kids that should’ve ended up in a condom :)

    Any further discussion may be sent to my email address at [email protected]

  • schlukitz

    No. 25 ยท john petrey

    The only troll here, dude, is you…with your judgmental and homophobic comments like “you’re extremely sick people” and who also insist on their right to call homosexuals faggots, queers and any other deprecating names they feel entitled to throw at gays. It’s the twisted, Christian belief that this is “freedom of speech.”

    I wonder if you’d be as willing to grant me that same freedom of speech by saying that “Your mother is a whore”. Not the same, you say, eh? Figures.

    Oh, and as to your comment about being one of those kids that should have ended up in a condom…think about that for a moment, dude.

    Just when it that sperm gained consciousness? Would you know it if you had ended up in a condom?

    There is no talking to you

    Um…that might have been better expressed by saying that “there is no talking AT you”, which is precisely what you are doing.

    No one on Queerty asked for your opinion and to be sure, no one wants to hear it. If you can’t take the heat of the kitchen, then don’t let the door hit you in the ass as you leave.

    P.S. Your Merry Christmas wish is facetious, unfelt and hollow. Besids , I don’t celebrate hateful, pagan rituals or pay homage to them.

  • Robert, NYC

    Schlukitz, Petrey whoever he is, sounds a lot like that jew bigot Letterman. They post under different names, an old trick but so transparent.

    They want to blame us for everything. They even blame us for hetero divorce, inclement weather, 9/11, Katrina, you name it, we’re it.

    I won’t support any organization for sick children that discriminates against our people. Let their own breeders who created them take care of it, especially the roman cult among others. They don’t believe in condom use, instead, they’d rather have millions of people in developing countries breed and breed over and over into poverty and in many cases die as a result. Let the Vatican pay up, sell its artwork, treasures, real estate investments, stocks and bonds and sell everything to give to the poor, something that Jesus Christ said in order to be his followers. These extremist so called “christian” parasites in all cults aren’t worthy of the name since they don’t practice what they preach. That goes for extremist jews and the overwhelming majority of muslims.

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