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  • fredo777

    Those heels are awkwardly fantastic.

    Like some kind of mythical creature’s tusks/horns.

  • Jeremy

    This picture makes me love Johnny Weir more than ever. True, these two are just bad stereotypes for our community. But hey, at least Weir has talent.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Because he’s fabulous!

  • Frank Amsterdam

    @Jeremy: “these two are just bad stereotypes for our community”
    What happened to diversity and inclusiveness? Such a heteronormative response. Let them be who they are. It’s like the colours on that rainbow flag, remember? You want all gays to be ‘straight acting’? The whole point is to *not* be all alike, but be diverse yet equal.

  • Lamar

    More power to him, screw the heteronormative ideal.

  • REBELComx

    Shouldn’t he be wearing a jester’s hat and Carnivale mask with that outfit? Oh, and juggling?

  • Ryan

    This guy has guts…it takes a MAN to have the audacity and conviction to live life as you see fit. How many clean-shaven, ‘macho’ men from the military would do this? Not many…the wussies. ; )

    You know…maybe not all of them, but some of those people looking at him, wish they could get away with that. The thing is, they can.
    I don’t know him or what he’s about, but his life obviously has no limits. If only more of us lived like that.

  • jeffree

    Those shoes look REALLY uncomfortable!

    I have done some pretty outlandish things in public during my life. Once you get past the first few minutes of terror, you can have fun. People staring at you is painless, but it’s important to keep safe. There is still a lot of LGBT bashing out there like we all know.

    Bryanboy probably has some form of security detail. Or a beautiful handgun tucked discreetly in his pocket/purse.

  • GEW

    I agree that Bryan has guts. He takes crap from both the straight world AND the gay world, yet, he carries on, head held high. You go Bryan.

  • mb00

    I agree with the most of you. Why should he “macho-up” and blend in? It takes guts and immense self-confidence to go out in public in broad day light wearing what he wears and not caring. I love that. He’s not buying into the whole schpeal of blending in and disappearing with the flow. Go Bryan Boy!!!

  • Jesse Helms

    This creature is an abomination to mankind. HBO should have found him a character to play on True Blood about gay and bisexul Vampires and Werewolves. hehe

  • Jesse Helms

    For those that think this creature is fabulous are very sissy acting men, not masculine straight acting freaks.

  • Alexander

    who’s this cute girl?

  • Cassandra

    “For those that think this creature is fabulous are very sissy acting men, not masculine straight acting freaks.”

    Howdy Mr. Rekers, nice of you to join us here at Queerty.

    Everyone knows that the louder a guy complains about homosexuals, the more he wishes he were giving blowjobs to strangers in a airport restroom.

    Every time you post you are telling us that you crave cock so much it penetrates your every waking thought with creamy steamy throbbing passion.

  • Jeremy

    @Frank Amsterdam: Because this is how the world see us gays, buddy. Most of people still think this is the definition of gay: tacky outfit and crazy heels. Are you confident that none of these people who were staring and taking picture of this guy thought “That is so gay”? I certainly will not group this person with people like Johnny Weir or Adam Lambert, because they are, at least, talented. Yes, I think their outfit are crazy, but every time they perform, I simply just think that’s a part of their eccentric artistry and their theatrical lifestyle. That’s completely different than being hungry for attention. I’m sorry but talking about how fabulous his fashion lifestyle is and coining stupid phrases like “is dat chu?” is not talent. But credit where credit’s due, it takes a lots of confidence to wear such bizarre outfit, esp when kids yell “faggot” at you or some old ladies give you a “disgusted” look. I’m sure booze and Valium helps a lot.

  • Pip

    probably because he’s fierce.

  • scott ny'er

    how does one WALK in that?

  • Ryan

    @Jesse Helms:
    Oh, really?

    Your reply sounds like a joke, and yet, you sound too damn stupid to be serious…I’ll take what you said at face value for a moment.

    I find it odd. I’m a weight-lifter. In my martial arts class, I’ve successfully learned how to perform such moves as the Wushu Butterfly & Roundhouse Fly Kick. I’ve more than once defended my friends and people in need of help. Having once been ambushed by five guys while jogging, I sent three to the hospital, one with fractured ribs and the last one begged to be let go. I know how to shoot an AK-47 & hunt buffalo on ND ranches. I went to school where my largest class had seven people in it, and I consistently defended myself from arrogant pricks like you. Not once did I lose or fall when confronted. I remember one morning, it was 25 below zero, and I left a guy in the parking lot with a smashed nose against his car’s hood when he tried to assault me through my vehicle window. Fun, fun…right? Not really.

    Yet despite this, I don’t take everyday actions and define myself by them. No one would guess any of this about me if they didn’t know, nor would they think I’m gay. The only fake people around here are the yellow-guted, intellectual midgets like you that walk around pretending to be something your not. Your empty, hallow and you are worthless.

    But go ahead…avoid taking a shower for a few days. Grab your fruit fly’s boobs. Buy a shirt from Hot Topic, vote republican, douse yourself in Axe body spray and drive a Civic; You still suck c*ck and take it up the a*s. You sh*t rainbows, moron.

    Btw, your name, Jesse Helms, is also that of a racist, homophobic, anti-democratic senator from North Carolina. Your in good company, shrimpd*ck.

    Oh, look at that, I swore. Str8 points for that maybe?

  • Jesse Helms

    @Ryan: Did I strike a nerve fag boy? You are probably the sissy looking freak in the picture. Yes, I am the late Senator from North Carolina speaking to you dying homos carrying the AIDS virus. Your days are numbered, before you funeral or cremation begins. You need to contact the nearest funeral home in your city or town and pick out your pink castet. You days are numbered on earth. What a loser you are.

  • mconyc08

    Queerty, what’s the point of having a “Flag the comment” option if it’s not correctly enabled?

    There are plenty of comments here that are completely inapropriate and should be removed since they are only written to push people’s buttons and are not contributing anything relevant to the discussion.

    There’s a big difference between freedom of speech and HATE speech. Way to run a “pro-gay” media property!

  • Lamar

    @Jesse Helms: OUR days are numbered, and your’s aren’t, piss of you fugly TROLL

  • Evan

    Well, I admire the confidence, but frankly, he looks ridiculous. That outfit is a disaster. I think it’s the pants.



  • Oscar

    Another fame whore. I’ll pass, thank you.

  • Raquel Santiago

    @Frank Amsterdam: I dont think it would be a problem IF he would stop dissing his own community and people. He talks nasty about everyone else who doesnt think, act or respond like him and hence he gets more drama than most. YES, the heels are hot and i would buy them in a hot second, the outfit is another story, sorry polka dots not coming back this soon. He looks like a dotmatrix printer.

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