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  • LOrion

    Ummm, no comments yet, But, of course, it is because we feel it is ‘anonymous.’

  • Mike L.

    WHat the hell you guys talking about. Aint nobody being a bitch to those they don’t deserve it. You guys need to stop wasting our minutes on articles like this when we could be wasting our time looking at wastefull things online.


    What commenter numero uno said.

  • [email protected]

    the penny-arcade comic from 2004-03-19 comes to mind
    normal person + anonymity + audience = total beepwad

  • Skeet

    I’m so lonely. I’m so angry. Won’t someone give me some attention?

  • the crustybastard

    A brilliant observation. Trenchant as always.

    You look awesome today. Have you been working out?

    See you later. Remember, I owe you dinner!

    The Internet

  • Jon

    It’s fun to to be a bitch! I get bitchy about my rights and views on conservative sites all the time.

  • Shawn

    ’cause they don’t have to face whoever they’re being a bitch to. It’s easier to do it behind a keyboard, but I bet half of them wouldn’t face to face.

    For real though, I can’t even have a civil conversation with any commenter on HuffPost anymore. The Libs just like the Cons will go after you personally even if you pretty much agree with them, but just don’t on one little part of the topic. It’s ridiculous.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    Because there are a lot of really dumb people. My virtue is that I am the same off or online. If I think you are spouting something stupid, I will say to a friend “Well, that’s stupid.” I had a friend admitted to watching Glenn Beck. I said, “Well that lowers your IQ.” Of course, I followed it up with conservatives she might like that would still allow her to listen to conservatives, but not Glenn Beck.

  • Stephen

    The irony of this post is that the comments so far have been pretty sincere and introspective, and not devolved into a bitchy flamefest. :D

  • Lamar

    Tell me about it Queerty! :) I think it’s probably because people find it as a safe way to unload their anger on others without having to deal with serious conseqences because it is all anonymous (which is a shame because some of the commenters on this site deserve to get bitch-slapped lol).

  • Qjersey

    Some comments people post are more suited to the walls of public bathrooms.

    The anonymity the Internet provides allows people to say sh*t they don’t have the b*lls to say in person to someone’s face. And if they do have those kinda cojones, they are probably a sociopath.


    Take a gander at some of the loony toons who post in these threads……….’nuff said

  • Matt

    I have in the past made unkind and bitchy comments. As I’ve matured and take a chance to look back at why I did it several things come to mind. The first is I was just unhappy in life and it was a way to vent. The second was I was picked on as a kid and some of my adult life. I didn’t fit in at school/college and I still don’t fit in well as an adult gay male so it was in some way getting back for that. Now I read my post several times before hitting submit.

    I would agree with the above commenter who stated that people don’t seem to be able to have an intelligent conversation with those who do not agree with them.

  • Yet Another

    lol, @Stephen: the true irony is the post was bitchier than the comments.

  • Dirty Ole Man

    I don’t like Gays who drives BMWs,
    and I can’t stand that nosy Bitch across the
    street from me……and

    I don’t like any of you Bitches!

  • alan brickman

    because if ugly people said awful things in public..we would know we can see you….right?

  • Latebrosus

    I interpret LCD Soundsystem’s latest video (“Drunk Girls”) precisely this way: anonymity breeds a reactionary mob mentality.

  • Ken S

    I’m thinking that if the internet were vastly reconfigured with sort of a social-networking sensibility- where every person on earth could have one unified ‘web presence’ everywhere you go online, with your face and home address attached- then things might change. Imagine if you didn’t have that anonymity and if- when you posted something really egregious or obnoxious- someone might show up at your front door and punch you in the mouth.

    Wouldn’t be pretty, but I bet people wouldn’t be *quite* so quick to gratuitously shoot off their mouths.

  • Richard

    Wah. Queerty doesn’t like dissent. How about posting shit that isn’t trite, stereotypical, and unwanted by a significant number of your readership? Two words: Davey Wavey.

  • jeffree

    Blog commenters are kind of like novelists: we tend to produce more output when we are “pished off,” sad, lonely, or frustrated! How many “happy” novels get written, really?!

    Humans are quicker 2 complain/ whine than 2 express appreciattion, gratitude or agreement. The “comments cards” at a store or restaurant get filled out by the angry customers more than by the satisfied ones.

    If you agree with a prior commenter on the interwebs, it seems kinda pointless to say “oh yes Marco, that’s exactly how I think too” so you click the THUMBS UP icon or not, & move on.

    If u disagree, well then it’s a fullcourt press: bring out the axes & daggers :-D
    Writing ” Marco you r an idiot & bad & evil & stupid & here’s 5 reasons why, moron……….” seems lots more interesting & satisfying somehow.


    My theory has always been- you got bullied in school/work/home/somewhere in reality and in cyberspace, you are a god, a wizard of Omnipotent sex appeal, intelligence, courage, wealth, and friends to back your asshole comments until someone pulls you away from the keyboard and smacks you back into reality. It’s like meeting the wizard in the Wizard of Oz- a big joke, once you get passed the illusion of the big screen and fire works.


    @Richard: What’s wrong with playing the antagonist at times? It obviously lit a fire up your butt to post something.

  • Jeremyrh2387

    Because they are cowards who would get their ass beat if they said the same shit to someones face.

  • James UK

    Because it’s fun.

  • NoYDB

    @Richard: Amen!

  • NoYDB

    @TONYD: Because being contrary for the sake of doing so is unnecessary and makes only you look like an ass.

  • tjr101

    The anonymity of the internet allows for brutal honesty that you would be hard to find with face to face interactions. The majority of us have grown up learning civility and mannerisms in dealing with people in public. With the internet we feel there is no need for that since it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever meet each other face to face and there won’t be the dreaded instant feedback.

  • ossurworld

    It used to be a knife in the dark from behind….thank you, modern technology.


    @NoYDB: I find playing Devil’s Advocate explores parts of discussion otherwise overlooked and a person’s self-imposed dogma reveals more than they’re willing to openly admit to, or seem vulnerable to, such as gay men admitting to having an ounce of femininity or enjoying the bottom position.


    @TONYD: BUT name calling and threats are plain bullying with no valid point.

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