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Why Is Gary Burns The Most Hated Gay Activist In Australia?

Yes I’m a gay activist, yes I’m serial litigant, yes I’m a media whore – I’m all those things. I have to be. If I wasn’t a media whore I wouldn’t get my work done. By being a media whore I’ve built up a public profile – and that means people listen when I bring instances of homophobia to light. I can bring attention to things. Yes, I’m a serial litigant. I make no apologies for going after people in the public eye who promote homophobia. That’s what I do. Sometimes I hear people say, ‘Oh, he’s a serial litigant’, and they mean it as an insult but I’m proud of what I do.

—Gary Burns, the Australian gay rights activist who’s succeeded in getting media personalities to apologize for homophobic comments, relishes the Gay Inc. hatred he faces from institutional (and often slow-moving) activists, who view him as a self-promoting nuisance. But maybe it’s because Burns, unlike Gay Inc., does not “claim to speak on behalf of the community. I don’t have that right and neither do any of those groups. We might do work that benefits our community – but anyone who thinks they can speak for everyone is having a lend of themselves.” [via; photo via]