Why Is GetEQUAL Willing to Leave Military Leaders Alone, But Not President Obama?

GetEQUAL’s leaders and supporters publicly heckled President Barack Obama over Don’t Ask Don’t Tell in April and May. But given the opportunity to lay into another public figure for some press in the month of June, co-head Robin McGehee opted out. How come?

Because it was Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen. While Mullen has been a public supporter of repealing DADT, he’s also a big backer of the 10-month Pentagon review. Except when McGehee attended Mullen’s speech at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, she purposefully didn’t lead a round of heckling from the audience.

“Admiral Mullen is one of the highest military officials who’s spoken in favor of repeal, so we want to act respectfully,” McGehee tells LA Weekly. After the Q&A with Mullen concluded, McGehee went up to Mullen and thanked him for supporting a repeal, and specifically mentioned its his position on repeal as to why GetEQUAL didn’t organize a public hazing.

Which is sort of a silly notion, because Mullen has the same position as Obama, who GetEQUAL does heckle, on DADT: It should be repealed, but let the Pentagon finish its study first, and Congress is stupid for trying to legislatively repeal the law before that study concludes.

The only difference is that Obama is an elected official, while Mullen is appointed. By the president.

Video from the event: