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Why Is GLAAD Coming Up Short on CBS’s Super Bowl Ad Controversy?

GLAAD is in the middle of one of its cutesy “call to actions” with CBS over the television network’s disparate policy on advocacy ads during the Super Bowl. But what’s notably absent from the organization’s latest note about the controversy is a threat to actually, like, doing anything to CBS if it refuses to see GLAAD’s side of things.

From “asking for answers” about CBS’s rejection of that terrible ManCrunch ad to noting the network’s acceptance of an ad from an anti-gay group to calling out CBS for rolling back its positive representations of gays, what we’ve got here are a lot of talking points. And yet, a week before the big game, still nothing from CBS. And we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how it will stay.

Because CBS doesn’t care all that much. Without an ultimatum from GLAAD or any Gay Inc. group — i.e. reject the ad or we’ll mount pressure on your other big bucks advertisers — there’s really no reason for the network to give credence to our concerns about it letting the vehemently anti-gay Focus On The Family run its anti-choice ad. The Super Bowl is, after all, one big day of high-definition heterosexual machismo, and a few fags queening out over a dating ad can be ignored.

Moreover, Sunday’s game is a huge contributor to CBS’s bottom line. Which means the network may get around to addressing the scandal, but only after it’s collected the $2.5 million checks from those 30-second suckers. Which explains why it appears CBS is, quite literally, sticking its fingers in its ears and pretending GLAAD isn’t even talking.

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  • Keith Kimmel

    Well, at least they are doing something now, finally. Better late than never, I suppose.

    I’m sure it didn’t have anything to do with me starting to chew on them on their Facebook page after a GLAAD staffer accused me of being transphobic and deleted some comments I made questioning their handling of the Taco Bell incident. At about the same time, Towlerroad mentioned that some womens groups came out against the Tim advert after that, so I decided to start harpooning GLAAD over that, too. About an hour later, they came out with their first call to action.

    About bloody time.

  • Keith Kimmel

    Is Budweiser going to run any Superbowl Ads? Maybe we should ask them to pull their ad if the FOTF ad doesn’t get pulled. Bud has been good to our local community here (Premium Beers – local Bud bottler here) has sponsored our Pride parade for a number of years.

  • olen

    I contacted GLAAD directly asking them to act to stop the broadcast of the commercial since it’s a perfect example of homophobia, but since CBS rejected it (probably also because of homophobia and not the internalized kind) it’s kind of a moot public point. Mancrunch should be the reprimanded entity.

  • simon

    We are being used by our fellow liberal victim class, the feminists. The feminists are pathetic idiots who have used us to publicize their grievance at the Tim Tebow ad.

    You never hear feminists railing against the cosmetics industry or the fashion industry, two industries which put enormous pressure on women to conform to an appearance, often to their physical and psychological detriment. Why isn’t the feminist movement complaining about these industries?

  • Brian NYC

    It matters if CBS hears from us, not GLAAD.

    But, I agree with the last post – the ManCrunch Ad is either a prank or put together by complete morons. I wish it was never seen, by anyone.

    We don;t really need GLAAD anymore. We have enough media attention without them. There was a time when the were good LGBT cops, but they are no longer necessary. They’ve become a waste of $20 million a year.

  • libhomo

    @simon: Obviously, you don’t actually listen to feminists. You just make things up.

  • alan brickman

    Glaad is too busy redecorating their new offices anyhow…….

  • GrrrlRomeo

    Simon, is that you’re opinion of lesbians or just the straight feminists?

  • Cam

    Glaad takes money from CBS for just such occaisions as this. They pretend to be upset but promise not to issue a call to arms. They’ve been bought and paid for.

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