Why Is GOProud Teaming Up With Anti-Gay Hate Groups?


President Obama liked to use the phrase “reaching across the aisle” to explain his attempt at bipartisanship. He also used it to excuse the invitation of Rick Warren to Inauguration Day. How might other folks abuse the notion? Let’s start with gay conservative group GOProud.

Having split from the way-too-gay-friendly (or was that way-too-liberal?) Log Cabin Republicans, Jimmy LaSalvia formed GOProud (with Chris Barron). It’s a return to the conservative values a sect of gay men and women have been looking for! But how conservative is too conservative?

LaSalvia just added his name to a new memo calling on Republican U.S. senators to filibuster the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor at her confirmation hearing. And who else is on that same memo? Folks representing “certified hate groups,” notes Good As You, like the Traditional Values Coalition and impossibly anti-gay groups like Focus on the Family, the Massachusetts Family Institute, and the American Family Association.

It kind of makes you wonder: Is it self-hatred that makes GOPround want to join with the very people who hate him? Or just a guiding principle of — ahem — reaching across the aisle?