Why Is HRC Having Such a Hard Time Meeting Its Own Fundraising Deadlines?


The Human Rights Campaign was hoping to raise $200,000 by Aug. 20 for its new No Excuses effort, which is a chance for you to hand over your email address and phone number so you can become a citizen lobbyist. The day came and went, and HRC didn’t drum up the necessary funds. Sad.

But good news: They’re extending the deadline! Until tonight, it looks like. “Make a membership gift of $20.09 by midnight tonight,” reads a new email to supporters. “We’ll send you a FREE static cling HRC sticker as a thank you!”


Like most non-profits, HRC is in the middle of a challenging fundraising climate; it’s not just Focus on the Family with budget problems.

But HRC lives and dies by the support of its members. Sure, huge checks come in from major donors, but it’s annual “membership” dues that pay for the line items. Earlier this year, HRC was begging for a deal from union employees to cut pay and benefits, precisely because of budget shortfalls.

Then again, the fundraising dilemma shouldn’t come as a surprise to Joe Solmonese. We’ve already relayed tales of HRC supports running away, dollars in hand, from an organization that’s accused of cutting deals with the White House that promote certain legislation over other bills. Not exactly a surefire way to drum up fiscal support.