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Why Is India Only Trying To Ban Gay Couples From Surrogates?

At least Belgium natives Laurent Ghilain and Peter Meurrens, whose two-plus-year nightmare to bring their newborn son home with them is expected to finally wrap up this weekend, had the option of going to Ukraine to find a surrogate. Gay couples looking to find surrogates in India are about to have the door slammed in their faces.

If a new bill passes India’s legislature, foreigners looking to have women there carry their babies will be subjected to a new series of regulations. Namely, buh-by to your homos.

Gay couples are to be banned from using surrogate mothers in India as part of a clampdown on British “rent-a-womb” tourists. A Bill going through India’s Parliament will reform the £1.5 billion-a-year “baby factory” industry. Indian officials say it is intended to stop vulnerable women being exploited but it will bar all same-sex couples from the private clinics. Single mothers and unmarried couples will be allowed to use surrogates but all Western women will have to prove they cannot bear a child. They will also have to be supported by doctors who will be encouraged to provide counselling for any surrogate mother who suffers from post-natal depression.

I’ll take this unnamed “senior Indian official” at his word, I guess: “We have to look after the interests of our own citizens as well as handle the tricky matter of the sensitivities of these couples who have not been able to have children in the normal way. But above all, we have acted to put some kind of hold on the whole surrogacy issue by banning homosexual couples from coming to India to enter into such deals. The whole business has simply mushroomed over the last seven years and we intend to introduce even tougher laws when we have had time to examine the situation further.” Which won’t place many restrictions on straight parents from paying Indian women to bear their children. Just those disgusting homosexuals.