Why Is Javier Bardem So Damn Attractive?

You kids are probably just itching to get out of work and to Thanksgiving festivities. In an attempt to ease your anxiety, we’d like to take a second celebrate Javier Bardem. The Spanish actor recently popped into a Variety screening of his new Coen Brothers flick, No Country For Old Men. And, as you can see, he looked as scrumptious as ever. We’d sure love to spread our thanks for him, if you catch our drift.


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  • adamblast

    He and Jeffrey Dean Morgan need to prove to me that they’re actually two different people.

    Preferably by getting naked and putting me between them.

  • GranDiva

    Oh, yeah, there are definitely things about Javier Bardem I’d like to spread…

  • JP

    Because talent is sexy!

  • Artemisia555

    I adore him. I get a punched-up in the face, more rugged looking Robert Downey Jr vibe from him..no?

  • un paseo por las nubes

    Javier Bardén es un actor español, muy bueno y querido aquí en España. Llegará muy lejos, bueno ha llegado muy lejos porque se lo merece.
    Un beso desde España

  • Charley

    He scares the shit out of me, but it could be because I saw the movie. The cute redneck he was chasing after is more my type, lots of big crotch shots.

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