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Why Is Mark Foley Following Half-Naked Teen Boys On Twitter?

Mark Foley, the former Florida congressman who confused congressional pages for willing sexting participants, has been tweeting since March. And YET!, he just broke the 200-follower mark, like, overnight! But he’s been using his account to follow some 61 users thus far, including JetBlue, the New York Post, Dave Matthews, dooce, 50 Cent, and this 15-year-old hottie living in India.

Bangalore’s Sylvester Rahul (user “shark_slys”) says he’s “a 15 year old guy living in india, i love music, gaming, swimming, and working out 😛 LOL that’s all.” LOL is right! I bet Mark LOLs when he sees your background picture!

First spotted by Wonkette, Sylvester hasn’t twatted since April, so I’m sure Mark is is seriously hot guy withdrawl. (Also: This kid is 15? Yeah, in HGH years.)

Foley, who’s now an out and proud homo with a boyfriend in Palm Beach (skin doc Layne Nisenbaum), said in 2008, “It’s not what I had hoped would be my lasting legacy.” Congratulations, buddy, you’re on your way to making sure it won’t!