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Why Is Mean Obama Taking Away Doctors’ Right To Use Jesus In Avoiding Treatment Of Fags?

In a move that’s obviously an assault on an American’s right to hate homosexuals, the Obama administration in 30 days will start forcing health care workers to treat patients even if said treatment violates their religious beliefs. Previously, the Bush-era federal regulation cut off federal funding to any facility that did not permit care workers to object to treatments on religious grounds, allowing, say a doctor to refuse to give an unmarried woman birth control. Or, you know, touch a homosexual, so long as the doctor or nurse or aide could point to a Bible passage that said it would be a sin, or whatever. But now the Health and Human Services Department has very narrowly revised the exception, allowing medical professionals the ability to object to performing abortions, and little else.

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  • Mark

    How come doctors get this special privilege but nurses are specifically told we cant? I would love to deny treatment to someone based on the grounds that im a lazy asshole.

  • Michael

    Wow. Now I’m going to be refusing nursing care from anyone named “Mark.”

  • Cam

    Gee, hello, I’m sorry, you have a huge tax penalty because the IRS agent who got your return didn’t feel like processing it because of their religious beliefs.

    I’m sorry, your children are dead because the Paramedic who arrived at the scene didn’t feel like treating them because of their religious beliefs.

    i’m sorry, your elderly mother passed away because the nurse on her floor at the care facility didn’t feel like giving her medication because it was against her religious beliefs

    I’m sorry, your daughter is dead because the attorney meeting with her about her home mortgage saw that she was an unmarried woman out in public alone and decided to stone her to death because of his religion.

    Seriously, I get that it’s been very PC for the last decade or two to actually act as though somebody’s religion was an excuse for bigotry or horrible behavior, but it’s done, over. That excuse is B.S. and people need to stop pretending that it is valid.

  • Chain Toker

    And yet, he won’t even get an “atta boy” from the gays.

  • Gigi

    How about I refuse to operate on you ‘cuz I hates Christianists?

  • Rick Gold

    The guy in the photo does not look gay, he looks Ethiopian.

  • eagledancer

    @ Rick Gold– :) Just out of curiousity, what would allow us to identify an image of a GAY Ethiopian, particularly one only dressed in a medical gown?

  • whatever

    @Chain Toker: “why didn’t he do this on January 20, 2009??? why did he wait two years to enact this?” he’s the most anti-gay president ever!”

  • whatever

    @eagledancer: gay = white, obviously

  • Nathan

    @Rick Gold: Ha, how can you tell he is an Ethiopian?

  • tjr101

    @Rick Gold: How perceptive of you, I’m sure you’re Republican!

  • thematics

    @Rick Gold:
    You missed the mark, putz.

    If there’s a prize for the most insipid, unfunny and uninspired Twitter feed, you’ll surely get the silver. Rule: never tweet while tweaking. Incoherence is never alluring. The rest of you can click on his name above to be see just how hateful Rick Gold is.

  • KCEE

    @whatever: Ofcourse he is! He beats all other presidents before him, The most anti-gay president indeed! btw.. Your screen name suits you!

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