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Why is New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine Suddenly a Big Marriage Advocate?

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Wasn’t it just three years ago New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine could be heard saying marriage was for just one dude and one gal? Then why’s this bloke going around saying he’s all for same-sex marriage equality? Oh, right, because he wants to be re-elected.

As support for marriage rights spreads like a virus throughout New England (with just one immune candidate left), it’s shifting westward, like some sick real-life civil rights version of 28 Days Laters. As we’ve already seen, New York is losing its mind over the whole thing, and now bigot-filled New Jersey can expect its own show-down.

You wouldn’t be wrong in assuming Democrat Corzine is just playing politics. He is. His opponent in November’s election will be Republican Christopher J. Christie, who’s already promised to veto a same-sex marriage bill. Corzine, meanwhile, has been trumpeting his “evolved” position on gay marriage (as well as hot button left-v-right issues like gun control and abortion) since his campaign officially launched a few weeks ago — though the position switch began before that.

Lest you need reminding, this is the same man who, in 2005 while running for governor the first time, said “the fundamental and traditional view of marriage is between a man and a woman.” He’s also the guy who, in 2006, supported and then signed legislation for civil unions.

And now Corzine is the fella who says he wants to sign a marriage equality bill pronto.

Interestingly, as the Philadelphia Inquirer points out, Corzine isn’t just backing gay marriage, but actively throwing god into the whole debate. At a gay pride event in Asbury Park earlier this month, Corzine told the crowd, “This is fundamental. It is about what we are about as a country. What we’re about as a people. Human rights, civil rights, are absolutely key. In God’s eyes we’re all one people, and we need to recognize that and behave that way.”

And Corzine just might get his away. After November’s election, and before the newly elected governor would take office, a “lame duck” legislative session is planned — and lawmakers are expected to vote on a marriage bill.

It’s fantastic to have Corzine join lawmakers in supporting marriage equality, but make no mistake: This is a calculated political position. We’re just glad he’s good at math.