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Why Is Soulja Boy Uploading His Bulge to Twitter?


Celebrities are as fascinated with their own images in the mirror as regular folks. From Michael Stipe to Pete Wentz, the camera phones come out and the photos go online, against everyone’s better judgment. Enter rapper Soulja Boy, whose name might suggest he’s a gay porn actor (maybe if he spelled it Soulja Boi?), but he is actually a BET Award nominee! Mr. Soulja Boy evidently feels the need to reassure his masculinity by posing in his trunks and then Twittering the whole escapade.

Except his first attempt (pictured above) got him laughed at by the folks at MediaTakeOut.com (the same site that popularized Terrell Carter’s outing), given the not-so-impressive showing.

So what’s a guy to do? Fluff and re-upload. (Nothing X-rated follows, but it’s potentially NSFW.)