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  • KyleR

    I don’t understand the rappers need to cover their bodies in ink. not that some ink can’t be hot, but this is over doing it. just a little.

  • TANK

    tats are gross! He’s ruined his body with them. Meh.

  • KD108

    @KyleR: Can we please not use “rapper” to describe Soulja Boy… I feel like even calling his stuff music is taking some license anyway :-/

  • KD108

    His mom probably needs to tell him to take that can of air freshener out of his pants and put it back where he found it… She also needs to smack him upside the head for all of those damn tatts, they probably don’t even mean anything *smh*

  • Leeda

    I’m not a fan of Soulja Boy by any means but tattoo’s don’t have to mean anything!

  • TANK

    Even when do they do mean something, they’re trash…but more importantly, so are those who have them.

  • Leeda

    @TANK: Wow!

  • Princess Pussyfoot


  • Cam

    Um, if you look at Pic one…then pic number two looks……how shall I put this…um FAKE. Unless he was strapping down in pic one.

  • rick

    that is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo GAY!

    damn he’s hung. but look at his face! forget the tats! he is sooooooooooooooo GAY! look at him suck in his cheek! the eyes!

    he has the hot i know i’m hot, i’m hung and gorgous look.

    he looks lie he’s saying you look marvelous to himself!

  • Qubified

    @CAM Umm…you know, some people are growers, not show-ers.

    That being said…he’s meh. His “rap” is meh (yaw trick yaw). Overall…meh.

  • 7SK

    @Qubified: There are growers, but I doubt Soulja Boy is SUCH a grower. That just doesn’t look real. The angles are weird (and painful to look at), and it looks misshapen. SB could be packing seven, eight inches, but not thirteen as these pictures suggest. Besides, the outline makes it seem more like something is resting on the undies than pushing down/out on them.

  • RainaWeather

    He’s like Derek Zoolander, one look.

  • Marius

    Picture No. 2 is just plain ridiculous – must admit that the bathroom is nicer than Michael Stipe’s, even if it’s a hotel room.

  • Dabq

    Never heard of him, but, two points black men really need to rethink the tat’s idea, they seldom work or look good and two, who takes a picture in a hotel bathroom and thinks its sexy, other than straight men??

  • dandy

    Why should black men rethink tats anymore than white men. Another typical racist remark.

  • homofied

    I wish I had a bod like that. I mean jesus. If we are going to start generalizing about black men, can we all just express collective fucking jealousy over having an abdomen like his? And I bet he has never been bored in a gym in his life. Lordy lordy lordy.

  • Shae

    …Pretty sure he has a boner in 2 and 3 and if that is his dick… god damn it is huge!!

  • hyhybt

    @Leeda: In general, no, but if you’re going to tattoo a *paragraph* on your chest it really ought to mean something.

    @dandy: It’s not a racist comment at all, or at least you can’t fairly call it one without knowing the poster well. When you see signs printed on dark backgrounds, do they use black lettering? No, because it doesn’t show up well and is hard to read. The fact that in the case of a tattoo the background is skin changes nothing. Which doesn’t necessarily mean someone with dark skin shouldn’t get them, only that certain designs won’t show up well. Personally, I find that in virtually every case a person with a tattoo would look better without it, but of course it’s none of my business and certainly not a moral issue!

  • Helga von ornstein

    Not only do I think it is real I must congratulate him on how he got to where he is. He is not a superstar but he made and promoted his own music.

    Here in NYC there are many guys out there on the corners selling their cd’s for $2 a pop. Some will even take a dollar. I was NEVER into rap but some of it DOES have a very catchy beat.

    And for those of you with inquiring minds this kid’s song posted on (Kiss me through the phone) has received nearly 2 million hits as well. Not bad for a minor player in a business where the entire business is control by 5 major players more or less and it is up to them if you will get your song heard.

  • Z reveals

    What a mess!

  • Dave Johnson

    I like the grasscloth used in a bathroom. Hadn’t thought of that.

  • Andrew

    Goodness… is that a fencepost in your pants or are you just glad to see me…

  • Anony

    lmoa…look at pic 2. That is not real, its not even positioned right.

  • Darling Nikki

    Take the dildo out of the front of your pants and please insert it where you normally do…mmmmmkay.

  • hyhybt

    All these comments about it being fake, and it probably is… but on the off-chance it isn’t, maybe he’ll somehow see these posts and offer proof

  • Cam


    I don’t think the remark was racist per se. Personally I think Tattoos look fairly stupid, however if a person is very very dark complected the tattoo looks undefined, is impossible to make out and can end up looking more like a skin discoloration. It isn’t racist to point out the obvious things like “Pale people wrinkle up younger than dark complected people.” and “Tattoos look blotchy and don’t show up well on dark complected people.”

  • ousslander

    He needs a damn sandwich. I also preferred MTO’s post about his rant againsta crackers and white people but of course it was all said wityh non-racist intentions.

  • nothing

    i think it’s stupid but they can do what they want

  • nothing

    thats what ima be . have ink all over my body

  • DUH

    @KyleR: Rappers???? what about ROCK STAR??? Anytime a person of color does something they are singled out- when others have been getting “tatted up” for the longest!

  • DJmore

    SB is so hot, and he is hot on everything he does…

    I’d be happy to be his sux slave and his bi*ch boy and run his errands and do whatever he ask of me.

    He is so hot with that big black beautiful 10″

    Nuff said…..DJ

  • jessica

    y did u put dat pict on dere of ur d::::k dat vwas so nastey

  • Tara

    Um okayy here is an idea for all of you….SOULJA BOY IS SEXY!!!! STOP RUNNING YOUR MOUTHS. none of you are famous, or even remotely close to where he is. Also he promoted all his own music so really cut him a break. It’s HIS BODY if he wants tats, and to show himself naked or whatever he can do it. Pretty sure none of you are his mom. K thanks!!!!

  • matt

    i would kill to have his dick

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