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Why Is The Advocate Trying to Hide Lance Bass at the Prop 8 Trial? (Updated: It’s Dustin Lance Black)

So many folks are live-tweeting the Perry trial, which is great news, because SCOTUS just blocked its broadcast. Among them is @TheAdvocate, cluing us into such minutiae as “Courtroom opening, Ted Boutrous, other attys beginning to file in. 20 mins and counting.” But the magazine is also there to bring us the celeb spottings, which it did a few minutes ago by noting “Lance Bass, friends of plaintiffs entering courtroom.” Except then, as you can see from the screenshot below, the mag deleted the tweet (but not before it had been retweeted and cached). Why pull the gay boy bander spotting? Is Lance not really there? Is he wearing sunglasses and hoping to go unrecognized? Did he threaten to go all Justin on your disco balls? We need answers, people.

ANSWERS! The mag tweets: “it’s Lance BLACK not Bass. Fingers too excited as trial almost underway.” Well, that makes a smidge more sense.