Why Is the GOP Getting Into Bed With World Net Daily re: Obama’s Impeachment?

When she’s not discussing conservatives and porn, MSNBC’s talking lass Rachel Maddow is deconstructing the right-wing information cycle. Namely, WorldNetDaily, a website that looks like it was created in 1999, and whose hatemongering tone stirs up images of Jim Crow.

But more disturbing than, say, WND‘s denials of climate change is the website’s collusion with the Republican party. The GOP is reportedly paid to purchase (or lease?) WND‘s member email list — a list that’s been used to push just news stories including the Birther movement and “Obama will kill grandma.”

And what’s that list being used for? To help out with calling for Obama’s impeachment.

That makes sense, though, since WND‘s new theme is being pushed by a one Floyd Brown, who Republicans know well, particularly for Brown’s racist Willie Horton ad.