Why Is the GOP Getting Into Bed With World Net Daily re: Obama’s Impeachment?

When she’s not discussing conservatives and porn, MSNBC’s talking lass Rachel Maddow is deconstructing the right-wing information cycle. Namely, WorldNetDaily, a website that looks like it was created in 1999, and whose hatemongering tone stirs up images of Jim Crow.

But more disturbing than, say, WND‘s denials of climate change is the website’s collusion with the Republican party. The GOP is reportedly paid to purchase (or lease?) WND‘s member email list — a list that’s been used to push just news stories including the Birther movement and “Obama will kill grandma.”

And what’s that list being used for? To help out with calling for Obama’s impeachment.

That makes sense, though, since WND‘s new theme is being pushed by a one Floyd Brown, who Republicans know well, particularly for Brown’s racist Willie Horton ad.

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  • terrwill

    The administration was foolish to shoot down Jimmy Carter when he hit the nail directly on the head regarding the reason why the rightwing-nutbags are in such a tizzy about President Obama. Plain and simple: they can not accept the fact that a Black man is the President of The United States. They spew the poo from their mouths calling Obama “socialist” “facist” “dictator” “hitler” and so on. They can not spew from their vile mouths the word they really want to call Obama: “nigger” and that frustrates the bejusus out of them. There has been something like a 400% increase in the threats to the President since the days of Bush. When Rush Windbag states “he must be stopped” he is indirectley urging the extreme lunatic fringe of the rightwing-nutbag brigade to assinate the President. If you can listen to talk radio the vile poo spewing out of the hosts and callers is insane. Glen Beck had an author urging persons to “take back” America and giving instructions on proper signs to carry. The author said the most important word was three letters and asked what it was, someone in Beck’s studio called out “KILL”, the author said the word was “why”. I feel bad for the Secret Service, they must be putting in a ton of overtime due to these asshats. There needs to be real action to stop these hosts from advocating the assination of the President. Our side had a ton of issues with W, but I never heard calls or suggestions that some one commit a violent act upon the President.

  • emb

    I don’t think I have anything to add to what Terrwill has so astutely said.

  • Jaroslaw

    I can’t add much to Terrwills excellent commentary except to add I do listen to Rush windbag from time to time just to keep up on the insanity; and it is truly sad to listen to his opinions and the callers.

    Differences of opinion are fine, but come on! The caller revere him like he is some font of wisdom who is never wrong. First, I don’t know anyone I agree with EVERYTHING (am I’m not exaggerating about his callers) and second, respect is one thing, adoration of the kind they give him should be for God alone!

  • Jaroslaw

    PS am i thinking of something else – I thought Worldnet daily was religious based. If not, it could be an arm of the fundamentalist Christian churches….

  • Robert, NYC

    Makes you wonder why so many people are against hate speech. Clearly, the right wing psycho talkers, Beck, Hannity, Savage, Limbaugh, Bachmann, Phelps and the entire GOP are seething that they’ve lost the election, that an African American is in the White house. No matter what Obama does, good or bad, the GOP will negate it. Carter was right on the money, it IS about racism. Inciting others to KILL via code words to me is hate speech and those who resort to it should be prosecuted. It is learned behavior, young people hear this and they will be tomorrow’s hate mongers and gay bashers, among other things. I’m sorry, I don’t accept the argument that doing such a thing would lead to other forms of censorship. When the intention of speech is to incite violence against anyone based on sexual orientation or race, that is beyond common decency and not conducive to a civil environment. Hate crimes are up because of this kind of behavior. Its time to do something about it. Hate speech thrived in Nazi Germany and look what happened there.

  • hyhybt

    What grounds are they giving for impeachment, or do they even bother pretending to need them anymore?

  • B

    hyhybt wrote, “What grounds are they giving for impeachment, or do they even bother pretending to need them anymore?” You don’t need grounds of any sort if you are a mere talk-show host – the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives all U.S. citizens the right to make fools of themselves in public, and all too many of these right-wing nuts avail themselves of that right.

    Otherwise, I’m not sure the racism charges against these characters are not exaggerated, mainly because of how these nuts (the ones who were around at the time) attacked Bill Clinton from day 1, and Clinton was not a member of a racial minority. You’d have to show that Obama is being treated worse than Clinton, adjusting for any change in civility for the U.S. as a whole after Clinton finished his second term.

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