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Why Is the UK Sending this Gay Immigrant Home to Certain Imprisonment?

Edson Cosmas faced stoning, beating, imprisonment, and family disownment in his home country of Tanzania. Now, the British government wants to send him back there.

Earlier this month, Cosmas applied for asylum in the UK. If he returns to Tanzania, he would face a 30-year prison sentence just for being gay.

This is the point at which you might expect (or at least, hope) that the government would say, “oh this is a very serious matter indeed, let us investigate.”

But no. Instead, he was “seized” and placed in a “detention center,” which is a nice was of saying “arrested” and “jail.” And then, after a few days, they made their decision: no asylum, and back to Tanzania he must go.

It’s not clear why the Home Office didn’t take his application seriously. They’re required to grant asylum to gay immigrants who face persecution in their home country. Something to consider if you’re looking to relocate, Floridians!

Cosmas’ next hearing is tomorrow, the 24th.

h/t Rod 2.0