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Why Is Tom Ford Saying A Single Man Isn’t Gay?


The reason we’ve been seeing a hetero-ified publicity stab fir Tom Ford’s very gay directorial debut A Single Man? Because Ford himself doesn’t think the film is gay.

From the man who doesn’t think much about his sexuality — but thinks very much about others’ sexuality — comes this revelation at a press screening of the film: “I wasn’t trying to make Terminator 12. But this is not a gay film. I don’t even think about that. There are so many gay characters on TV that it’s almost become a cliché.”

He is right. There are a lot of gay characters on television. Except Ford’s Single Man is about a gay college professor who loses his longtime partner. Strictly speaking, then, it’s a film about love and loss. But also: It’s a film about gay love and gay loss.

An accomplished and wealthy fashion designer and brand wizard, Ford lives outside the bubble of most gay Americans. These are the folks who don’t see their stories told in most films, because aside from Brokeback Mountain going into wide release, they don’t live in LA and NYC to catch the limited release gay art house flicks. A Single Man, then, is a film that will touch a whole generation of gay men who’ve seen their partners disappear before their eyes. And that, Ford, makes it a very gay film.

And Julianne Moore is in it. The gays love her.

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  • Peter

    I don’t care about this. Find out why is no longer up and running and then we will talk.

  • Cam

    Ugh Tom Ford, What a hypocrite. He is quoted a few years ago saying that he wanted to make a cologne that had the sexy smell, like a man’s crotch. So now he’s playing the hollywood game and pretending that there is nothing gay about his film about a gay man. Yeah, and Brokeback Mountain was about two guys who liked to ride horses and camp and go home to their lovely wives.

  • Chisne

    Whenever I see someone decry how his film is not gay, it makes me mad. I love what Harvey Fierstein said in “The Celluloid Closet” when someone told him how “Torch Song Trilogy” was a universal story and he rejected such an idea. In his mind, it was a gay movie.
    I don’t understand these gay men, who when they reach the top, disavow their orientation. It’s easy to say that, when you don’t live in the country or in a homophobic area.

  • Dave

    Leave the guy alone…why is it that the gays want to claim everything? It’s obvious he doesn’t let his sexuality run him like a lot of you out there. He made a film. Your interpretation isn’t his. Deal with it. It’s like saying Old Yeller was about beastiality just because humans loved him.

  • jason

    There is no such thing as a gay film. A film cannot be gay. Have you ever heard of a dating service for gay films?

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    Why Is Tom Ford Saying A Single Man Isn’t Gay?

    Uh…Because he’s a douchebag?

    Ford should go back to doing what he knows best–dressing teenage models like whores.

  • alan brickman

    Kinda sad Tom Ford..go work for Dolce and Gabbana..

  • FakeName

    Wow Dave, you’re really stupid. Even stupider than Tom Ford for thinking that the smattering of LGBT characters on TV add up to a “cliché”. But you win the Crown of Stupid, because Ford was smart enough to con a movie studio into letting him direct a film, based on a book by a gay author about a gay man who’s seeking meaning in his life after losing his same-sex lover, and saying that it isn’t gay. When you’re smart enough to pull off that massive of a con job that’ll demonstrate that you aren’t as massively stupid as you’re coming off here.

    Jason, you’re pretty fucking dumb too.

  • Cam

    No. 4 · Dave said..
    Leave the guy alone…why is it that the gays want to claim everything? It’s obvious he doesn’t let his sexuality run him like a lot of you out there.

    Dave, rather than reading one comment by this guy Tom Ford who claims his sexuality doesn’t run him….you may want to have read things he’s said in the past…when he was ALL about his sexuality, again, this is the guy who made a cologne that he said was reminicient of the “Hot sexy smell of a man’s Crotch”. So for him to come out now and pretend to be some closet case just shows he is being the typical hollywood douchebag.

  • Ian

    I was kinda pissed off at 1st by his comments. Imagine trying to claim a film about a gay character based on a story by a gay author and directed by a gay man, isn’t gay themed? WTF? Laughable. But then, I recall the way Brokeback Mountain was marketed and how the “gay” aspect was downplayed in the attempt to attract, or at least not scare off a broader audience. That’s probably the motivation for this spin. The film has been getting very good reviews, so why not leave it at that?

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