Why It’s A Good Thing That The Indiana Marriage Ban Passed

Freedom IndianaWe have good news and bad news from Indiana: that terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad constitutional amendment passed the House.

It’s bad news that it passed, because it means that a majority of legislators oppose equality. But now it’s time for the good news: lawmakers amended it before passage. And according to the rules, that means that it has to restart the multi-year approval process all over again. That means we have at least two more years to kill it.

Not only that, but there’s a slim chance it could die even faster. It now heads to the Senate, where mmmmmayyyyybe some Senators can figure out a way to vote it down. We’re not holding our breath, but it sure would be peachy if that happened.

That change to the amendment happened because the measure, as originally written, would have banned civil unions. And apparently that was a little too much inequality for some peoples’ tastes. So they took the civil unions ban out before passing it.

Of course, when all the legal maneuvering is done, there’s still a chance it could go before voters. Polling on that is extremely mixed: some surveys show the amendment going down in flames; others show it passing handily; others show it tied. The data have been messy, and it’s impossible to discern a trend. So if if does go to voters, state organizers have their work cut out for them.

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