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Why Lesbians Should Teach Straight Women About Anal Sex

New York straight women bareback 38 percent more often than gay men. Buttsex also transmits HIV 30 times more often than vagicourse. The ignorant or incautious male partners of these women are half the problem, but some of these ladies don’t get regularly tested (especially younger and more promiscuous ones). So these backdoor beauties need some assistance—can the lesbians help save the day?

We can assume some of these NYC gals go anal for Catholic reasons (no one wants to pull a “Virgin” Mary). Even though the CDC says there’s 2.3 million lesbians currently legible to hump in the U.S., there’s not tons of data about them, anal sex, and HIV. Nevertheless some lesbians love assplay and they’re in a much better position to teach straight women about buttsex than gay men.

Firstly, they’re women and anal sex feels different for women. Women lack that Giggity-spot called the prostate, so anal-loving lesbos know much more how anal sex feels as a woman than gay men ever could — I don’t care how femme you are.

Secondly, lesbians aren’t strangers to safe anal sex. They’re encouraged to take the same precautions with whatever fingers, toys, and NOT dicks they use. A fresh condom on any shared asstoy keeps the bugs at bay, and active anal Annies know this.

Most importantly though, women respond better to women. Would a young black guy take anal sex advice from an old white lady? Probably not. Target messaging is important. Ladies can approach the issue by discussing trust, communication, sobriety, HPV-prevention, and knowing your own body. Compare that to gay male campaigns that mostly eroticize the condom while ignoring other intimate details. And instructions on the proper wearing and usage of one.

We’ve never heard any mainstream newspaper or advertisement acknowledging straight buttsex and by the look of it, the silence will continue despite as the number of cornholers graduallyrises. But straight couples need to start talking to each other about safe anal sex no matter what and no matter how. It’s not just a “gay thing,” and treating it that way cuts countless people out of the dialogue, and leaves them susceptible to HIV and anal chlamydia.

Definitely unsexy.