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Why Lesbians Should Teach Straight Women About Anal Sex

New York straight women bareback 38 percent more often than gay men. Buttsex also transmits HIV 30 times more often than vagicourse. The ignorant or incautious male partners of these women are half the problem, but some of these ladies don’t get regularly tested (especially younger and more promiscuous ones). So these backdoor beauties need some assistance—can the lesbians help save the day?

We can assume some of these NYC gals go anal for Catholic reasons (no one wants to pull a “Virgin” Mary). Even though the CDC says there’s 2.3 million lesbians currently legible to hump in the U.S., there’s not tons of data about them, anal sex, and HIV. Nevertheless some lesbians love assplay and they’re in a much better position to teach straight women about buttsex than gay men.

Firstly, they’re women and anal sex feels different for women. Women lack that Giggity-spot called the prostate, so anal-loving lesbos know much more how anal sex feels as a woman than gay men ever could — I don’t care how femme you are.

Secondly, lesbians aren’t strangers to safe anal sex. They’re encouraged to take the same precautions with whatever fingers, toys, and NOT dicks they use. A fresh condom on any shared asstoy keeps the bugs at bay, and active anal Annies know this.

Most importantly though, women respond better to women. Would a young black guy take anal sex advice from an old white lady? Probably not. Target messaging is important. Ladies can approach the issue by discussing trust, communication, sobriety, HPV-prevention, and knowing your own body. Compare that to gay male campaigns that mostly eroticize the condom while ignoring other intimate details. And instructions on the proper wearing and usage of one.

We’ve never heard any mainstream newspaper or advertisement acknowledging straight buttsex and by the look of it, the silence will continue despite as the number of cornholers graduallyrises. But straight couples need to start talking to each other about safe anal sex no matter what and no matter how. It’s not just a “gay thing,” and treating it that way cuts countless people out of the dialogue, and leaves them susceptible to HIV and anal chlamydia.

Definitely unsexy.

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  • Timothy

    “Buttsex also transmits HIV 30 times more often than vagicourse.”

    “More often” is just a description of what has happened, of occurrence, not of risk. The transmission risk is five times, not 30 times.

    Estimated per act risk for acquisition of HIV by exposure route (US only)

    Exposure Route – Estimated infections per 10,000 exposures to an infected source

    Blood Transfusion 9,000
    Childbirth (to child) 2,500
    Needle-sharing injection drug use 67
    Receptive anal intercourse* 50
    Percutaneous needle stick 30
    Receptive penile-vaginal intercourse* 10
    Insertive anal intercourse* 6.5
    Insertive penile-vaginal intercourse* 5
    Receptive oral intercourse*§ 1
    Insertive oral intercourse*§ 0.5

    * assuming no condom use
    § source refers to oral intercourse performed on a man

  • nikko

    Better yet, leave the buttsex to us homos, that’s our domain. Straight anal is shameful. They should stick to their vaginal sex. I for one, find hetero smut/anal highly offensive and degrading. but what do you expect from the common evil of this world, straight men? Yes, I’m bitter.

  • Mike L.

    @nikko: What if the girls start wanting to peg their guys with strap-on dildos?

    Then it would be on an equal playing field, lol.

  • biguy

    @nikko: No sex between two consenting adults is shameful.

    IMO fucking a woman’s asshole isn’t much different from fucking a man’s asshole. Different packaging but it feels about the same to me.

  • Hyhybt

    I didn’t know lesbians were legible.

  • nikko

    In straight porn, anal sex is clearly about degrading domination, which I find so arrogant and typical of straight guys. They certainly high five each other. Yeck. Just vile.

  • NoYDB

    “Vagicouse?!” Really Queerty?
    Who edits this shit?

  • N

    Wtf? Why should lesbians teach straight women about anal sex? It’s their own responsibility.

  • N

    Also, why do lesbians have to be objectified in that picture? God, this article fails.

    (I know I sound like one of those lesbians who get offended by everything, but really, this wasn’t what I expected from a gay site)

  • greenluv1322

    Fuck straight women (not literally) they are dumb enough to like guys when they clearly have a choice to be lesbians, just kidding. Anyway last night a straight lady told me and my wife (lesbians) that CLOROX kills AIDS! And she wasn’t joking. So after me and my wife got up off the floor laughing you Queerty dudes thought we should have told that dumb bitch about anal sex safety?

    Queerty get the fuck out of here with that shit!

  • Hyhybt

    Clorox kills pretty much *everything.* It’s useless against AIDS not because it won’t kill it, but because it cannot get everywhere the virus is without killing you too.

  • Wen

    @N: yeah, lesbians are being objectified by straight media, and now by gay media as well. You dont need to be easily offended to be done with the massive stereotyping of gay women.

  • JG

    Currently “legible”?

  • C.T.

    What is going on with this picture? As a lesbian and a nurse, I can’t help but be disappointed, Queerty.

    Although not as disappointed as I am in people who think that anal sex is only unsafe when it’s gay men having it. …Though I don’t think many straight girls want to take sex advice from lesbians anyway.

  • bastard

    @nikko: You should just shut up. Straight people have had anal sex for thousands of years you idiot.

  • Hyhybt

    @bastard: They’re doing something wrong, then, because it ought to take minutes, not millennia.

    On the other hand, they must be doing something right to live that long in the first place :)

  • Shannon1981

    OMG this thread, Queerty, you know I love you… Let straight women worry about themselves. They don’t worry about us, why should we worry about them? As a rule, I don’t bang straight chics anyway, so its none of my nevermind, and furthermore, I doubt they give a shit what I think on this or any other subject.

  • johnythai

    ???????????????????????????? 1000?????????2000??? ???????????????????????????? 0873467837 24??

  • very much true

    it seems that lesbians are a dime a dozen today, why is that? i never realized that there are so many low life lesbian pigs now. whatever happened to the women that use to like men, years ago? no wonder why it is hard for us straight men that are looking to meet a straight good woman now, all the lesbians are taking them away from us, hey please leave some for us too.

  • Kate

    Shannon1981, Lol how do you bang a staight chick if you’re a women?that would make them bi or lesbians not straight. Unless ofcourse you rape them?

  • Nicole

    Pointless, I’m seriously supposed to learn about a man penetrated me from someone who doesnt want men penetrating them? lol, Nope. I learned plenty well on my own. This is my one man dreaming a little too much. Shannon it’s pointless for you to say you don’t bang us, it’s the other way around, WE WONT bang you. lol


    there seems to be so many filthy low life lesbian bitches more than ever before, so very sad to hear that so many of you women just can’t make it with a man, and would not know what to do even if you had one to begin with. it is GARBAGE WOMEN like you that we do not need to waste our time, since you are into other women anyway. what a WASTE OF HUMANITY, that so many women have become now. PLEASE GOD HELP US.

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