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    I can’t decide who I am hating on more right now. Willey for adding more annoying people to the reality parade of so very annoying people who gain fame for no reason…….

    Or myself because I just know I am going to watch this trashfest………. :p

  • UMB

    I don’t care, I just want their annoying ads off this site.

  • Yet Another

    If that’s how he feels that’s fine. Reminds me of the “Gay as blazes” episode of queer as folk with the wholesome gay portrayal. Everyone doesn’t have to mimic the same standard of positive gay imagery.

  • Lucas

    Who’s the one in the middle with the blue shirt? Don’t really care that much to click on the links all over the site.

  • WillBFair

    Typical. The community has no use for brains or kindness or character. In that Universe, A-List is about looks and body. Period.
    We choose our leaders the same way, which is one reason our political strategy is so weak.

  • Cam

    How can Christopher Wiley be called Logo’s “Origional Programing Cheif” when the show is so obviously a rip off of shows on other networks?

    As for the show, meh, a bunch of $30,000 dollars a year “Millionaire” who think they are A-List because they get to go into a club, and occaisionally take a weekend trip. (Yawn), any male hustler or drug dealer in Manhatten could no doubt say the same thing.

  • maxpower

    @UMB: Install adblock, its less trouble than complaining about ads.

  • Michael C.

    It’s nice to see that the only gay in the village from “Little Britain” lost a tiny bit of weight and got a new job. Too bad it’s the nice gay kids killing themselves lately instead of the cast of this train wreck of human garbage

  • Sceth

    Well, their audience is gay anyway so they couldn’t be doing much harm.

  • Jon (yep that one)

    . . .fortunately this garbage is on logo & nobody will see it.

  • Cam

    Ok, the guy with the bad bleach job and the leather top in front….doesn’t he just look like the typical mess in a club who usually needs to be carried out after either puking on a table, or throwing a drink in his ex boyfriends face? You know, the guy who thinks that talking about how much he went into debt to buy his shoes is a substitute for a personality?

  • Cam

    Wow, they are really sorting comments hard today. All I said was that the guy with the bleach job looks like the typical mess who gets kicked out of the club after vomiting or throwing a drink in his exes face and they screened it!

  • TonyD

    When has anyone on reality tv had an ounce of dignity or grace? Why play favors now, regardless of gay/bi/straight/misc.?

  • Sidney

    Hey queerty,

    You make a big case about how bad this show is for us, yet you advertise it all over your site? I know you have to sell ads to get income but just so you know, this is highly hypocritical of you, and reminds me of HRC’s logic behind their money raising.

    Get off your high horses.

  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    They all look like douchebags.

  • Kyle412

    ummmmm. Queerty you got this wrong. I work at Logo. Chris isn’t the Programming Chief. That title doesn’t exist. Chris is a junior development exec at Logo. He was an assistant just a couple years ago. Higher on the totem pole are Pam Post, Dave Mace and Lisa Sherman.

    You make it sound like Logo has this huge programming department. They don’t. Chris is a department of 1 in NYC and Dave and Pam are in LA. Chris reports into them.

    Please don’t hold this bad decision against everyone at Logo. Many of us didn’t want this portrayal of gays out there.

  • Kyle412

    This idiot references WILL & GRACE as a portrayal of LGBT people? The show has been off the air for over 5 years and when it was on it certainly wasn’t an accurate portrayal of most gay people. I don’t think people have a problem with the quantity of gay portrayals on TV. They have issue with the quality. B&S is a nice start for showing well rounded gay characters. It’s only a start though. Shows like the A-LIST, WILL & GRACE, QUEER EYE, PROJECT RUNWAY, REAL WORLD, etc. tend to rely on the stereotypical gays and not the ones that truly exist. Is it asking too much from a network that was supposed to target gays to present more diverse and accurate portrayals than what we have seen for years on the traditional mainstream networks?

  • Bill

    I hope this “show” fails miserably. This will not help the homosexual community change attitudes with the general population. This will be used by Christholes as ammo against us!!

  • Ogre Magi

    Are the people on this show realy THAT bad?

  • Daez

    Yes, becauwe I can totally see how a gay reality show shouldn’t show posititve portrayls of the gay community because you can see Brothers & Sisters. Its not like some young kid tuning into LOGO that sees this show isn’t going to have a warped sense of what gay reality really is. Thankfully, I found my little piece of paradise and left the self loathing, drug induced, jail bait banging stereotypical gay community way behind.

  • Mike

    “There are enough representations of the gay community out there where we can really go off on tangents and do fun things.”

    Please let me know when LOGO brings the fun things.

  • Tylertime

    I watched the first 10 minutes and gave up on the show. It was worse than I thought.

  • gurrlz

    I guess a lot of viewers took that tv guy up on his offer not to watch. the ratings on the show are terrible. dancing with the stars is better gay viewing.

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