Why, Mia Michaels? Why Are You Leaving the Dance?


“I am officially an adoring fan of SYTYCD…Thank U for 5 wonderful yrs. To create moments and movement for the world to share with me was a gift…Thanks SYTYCD and look forward to what’s ahead for me…lookout world!” That’s Emmy-winning choreographer announcing her exit from So You Think You Can Dance, via Twitter. (She added on Facebook: “It’s been an amazing five years on ‘SYTYCD.’ I thank them for all the great memories and movement I have been able to create for the world. Today was my official resignation of the U.S. show and look forward to what’s ahead for me.”)

Great. Now who’s gonna stop Nigel Lythgoe from insulting the gays?

Well, let’s revisit our history together:

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  • Cam

    Well they did just kick out the last of the Same Sex Pairs team. (Of course they didn’t show the performance when they kicked him out so we couldn’t see that he was most likely better than people they put through) Maybe Mia is responding, because she was certainly involved in the season six auditions!

  • Bertie

    maybe she wasn’t promised the salary she wanted for her role
    as co-host / choreographer and said ‘see ya’ ?

  • Alleyne

    This as Adam Shankman takes on a more permanent role, despite his status as a rising star and sought after director. I think the suggestion that there wasn’t enough money left in the pile for Ms. Michaels is probably right on point.

  • scott ny'er

    she’s a great choreographer, so that sucks. But, I hated her as a judge. Tyce Diorio. I think I’d rather see him leave first, then Mia.

    Hmm. Maybe Nigel 1st. Then Tyce, then Mia. Of course, Nigel’s not going anywhere.

  • smelleh

    “Today was my official resignation of the U.S. show and look forward to what’s ahead for me”

    Interesting how she says US show – they recently announced that they are bringing SYTYCD to the UK in January, is it possible she might work on that? Maybe I’m reading into it too much…

  • Alexa

    Nigel said that the rotating judges are gone now Adam Shankman is the third permanent judge, so maybe that factored into it as well.

    I notice in her Facebook post she says she officially resigned from the US show, so does that maybe mean she’ll be on one of the overseas shows? The show is on in Canada, and is about to start in the UK.

  • scott ny'er

    good catch Smelleh. You’re probably right. She’s heading to UK or somewhere else that has the version of this show.

  • Shannon

    Well, that blows. Mia and Wade Robson were the only reason I watched the show.

  • dlpca

    Yeah,for certain… Mia will definitely be missed. Her work is leaps and bounds above many of the other choreographers.

    What a loss. What a shame. WTF.

  • Tom D Frog

    I love Mia’s work and I loved having her as a Judge. When she dropped off being a regular judge, I dropped off being a regular viewer. Nigel + Mary makes it hard to listen to the critiques. Mary’s scream is so tired. Adam is better than Debbie but is still a little to gushie for my taste.

    Mia brought a grounded critique that recognized and celebrated the artistry of the dance.

    SYTYCD introduced me to her work and for that I am grateful. I now look for her name.


  • Lady Ga-Gasp

    There was a time, long ago in a far away land called the 1970’s, when there was this happy warrior spirit to the creative arts. Just being in the company of super-bright, clear-thinking and broadly talented creative people was like this balm for the spirit. Its rare these days to catch that vibe all wrapped up in one person, but Mia has it in spades. She has harnessed all of the unruly, slippery aspects of being an artist that way, way too many self-proclaimed artists turn away from in fear. The result is this really interesting blend of pathos, corny sentimentalism, and happy-hippy, mixed with a laser focus and supreme respect for craft. Just delightful, and otherwise not to be found on that show. She’s not just a choreographer if you ask me. She transcends that. I doubt I’ll watch without her.

  • Cam

    I would have much rather had her as a permanent judge than Mary. Mary’s weirdly paralyzed faces is frankly unpleasent to look at. I’m going to miss her routines, they were some of the best!

  • That Burning Sensation

    Such sad news! Mia and Wade Robson are the best choreographers on that show and now they’re both gone? My guess is that the back-to-back seasons took too much of her time. I just hope this doesn’t mean more airtime for Tyce DioRio. I can’t stand watching that asshole.

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