Why MTV Won’t Be Able To Show Lady Gaga Videos Anymore

MTV, which brokered music videos into the mainstream, failed to reach an agreement with Universal Music Group and Vevo, the YouTube-esque music video site. Which means none of MTV’s Internet properties will be able to show videos from UMG’s artists, which includes Lady Gaga. Of course it’s all about money, and with Lady Gaga, isn’t it always?

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  • Mike

    MTV shows Music videos? I’ll believe it when I see it

  • Ian

    @Mike: What HAS been the point AT ALL of that network for over 15 yrs now?

  • slobone

    She makes music videos? I thought those were commercials…

  • Phil

    Because Lady Gaga has such an influence on UMG, right?

  • shae

    why must you guys hate on Gaga, she suppports us and you guys are just being pricks…..and ya sound like bitter old queens. Shes amazing!

  • Kev C

    @shae: And ya sound like a whiney f&g hag.

  • Michael

    I had no idea MTV was still around. I’ve got to stop going out so much.

  • Ms. Pink

    Who watches MTV anymore? What reason?

  • Feast of Fun

    What’s an MTV? Is that some sort of SUV?

  • Jeffree

    @Feast of Fun: Yes, it stands for “Multi Terrain Vehicle” which is a step down from an “All-Terrain Vehicle”! It’s what Jodi Foster drives, or more likely, is driven in.

    [OK, not true, but I’m bored at work and making stuff up…..]

    I haven’t watched MTV in years. My parents used to watch sometimes in the late 80s when it really was mostly videos. Other people on here can tell you how they now have various channels.

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