Why Must We Insist 2nd Graders Learn What’s Wrong Picking on Fags?

Oh, heavs forbids we try to protect American kids from being bullied in school … for being perceived as gay! Fox & Friends — a show that, like The O’Reilly Factor, disguises its homophobia by adding question marks to the ends of their commentary — took to Fox News pundit (and axed CNN and MSNBC commentator) Tucker Carlson, who has an entirely misinformed view of how bullying and anti-gay animosity (something taught by parents at home!) come together for brutality.


We applaud school districts for wanting to talk to students, of any age, about the perils of bullying. This sort of preventative measure should be encouraged. But Mr. Carlson this morning tells his enabling host Steve Doocy that he went and checked with the FBI! And they told him they had no evidence of second-graders being tormented with anti-gay epithets. So this mandatory instruction isn’t just a way to push the homosexual agenda, it’s also pointless!

Except, Mr. Carlson, it isn’t.

What these schools are doing is providing a safe environment, early on in children’s tenures as students, to discuss what is wrong with hating other boys and girls because they are LGBT, or are perceived as such. We want the same conversations to take place about why it’s wrong to pick on the Hispanic kid, and the white girl, as it is the effeminate boy or the butch girl. And then maybe, just maybe, we won’t have to deal with this sort of thing.

Tucker: Your advice is for schools to sit back and let students harm each other in horrible ways. It’s uninformed rhetoric like yours that spreads misinformation, and leads to years of endless, needless harassment. The very reason we should be having these talks with young kids, sir, is to prevent them from turning into you.