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Why Name Your Band After a Nazi Gay Slur? ‘Cause It Lets You Tape Gloryhole Action

The Arizona band Digital Leather has re-branded itself Warm Leather, which should be enough to get you curious — since it refers to “a Nazi derogatory term for homosexual.”

“i like the sound of these words together and i love anything provocative,” the band’s Shawn Foree tells Stereogum in all lowercase. ” i’m like a junky for provocation and aberration. i am fascinated with human sexuality. i don’t really believe in just gay or just straight. it’s lame to label yourself or others. i like to stay in the gray area there. i’m all for legal gay marriage though. on that note, i’m also for the socialization of health care, regulation on corporate greed, and, of course, alternative fuel.”

And as you can tell from the video for “Hurts So Bad” (above), Foree is also for gloryholes and bathroom cruising.