Hairdresser on Fire

Why Not To Bully Your Gay Hairdresser Husband: Woman Behind Bars in Green-Card Marriage Hoax

A Trinidadian woman is in a jail cell in England this holiday season after her gay hairstylist hubby-for-hire exposed their sham marriage to immigration authorities. The ordeal began more than five years ago, when 39-year-old Vera Jadoonanan, who’d entered the UK on a two-year student visa, offered her gay hairdresser £10,000 (about $15,500) to marry her so she could stay on in Britain. The couple were married in Brighton in August 2006 after she paid the first installment of £4,500 (about $7,000).

Things apparently soured by October 2010, when Jadoonanan threatened her hubby with made-up assault charges if he didn’t continue backing her immigration application. Instead, the miffed coiffeur went to the cops and turned Jadoonanan in as an illegal alien. A subsequent investigation revealed that the couple never shared the same address and that the stylist had been living with his same-sex partner for ten years.

Jadoonanan was convicted in November of falsifying immigration documents and sentenced in December to 18 months in a British prison, after which time she’ll likely be deported to her native  Trinidad.

Moral of story: Hell hath no fury like a hairdressing homo faux-hubby scorned.

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  • Kelrick

    What are the consequences for the gay hairdresser husband who falsified immigration documents? If isn’t as if he is guilt free.

  • Howard

    If the gay hairdresser “husband” doesn’t go to jail as well, then this is an
    outrage. They both broke the law and both should be punished equally.

  • Kevin

    It’s not exactly uncommon for a person who admits guilt to receive lesser charges or none at all in exchange for testifying. If all she’s on the hook for is a year and half I would imagine he won’t be getting any jailtime.

  • AedanRoberts

    Pretty much what @3 said. Frankly- I see no problem with the guy not receiving jail time for this. None of this would have come to light if she had not started to threaten him with false accusations.

    What she did was fundamentally stupid. Oh well.

  • Colin in T&T

    Anti-immigrant story. The gay man took £4,500 to commit marriage fraud and then apparently changed his mind, but probably couldn’t repay. Is anyone considering the reason the Trinidadian woman turned to a gay man might be because she herself is Lesbian and wanted to stay in the UK? I don’t know, but her story is unexplored. Or is it that all Caribbean people are by nature barbaric and out to take advantage of gay people? And all gay people in the North are angels?

  • Ian

    @Colin in T&T: Yes, all Caribbean people are by nature barbaric and out to take advantage of gay people. And yes, all gay people in the North are angels. Or is it that I’m given to hyperbole?

  • Justin in Oaklawn, Dallas, Texas

    @Ian: Ian; I LOVE your hyperbole.
    @ Colin: THIS is NOT hyperbole: Caribbean nations and societies have been so swiftly intensifying their violence and rhetoric against gay people that it is no longer advisable to even visit them for tourism. That’s not hyperbole. That’s not hysteria. And it’s NOT any kind of agenda or racism. What it is is today’s news. Just look up “antigay” and the name of any of these island nations.
    It’s just unfortunately the climate in that area of the world. Sorry that upsets you, but nobody made this stuff up. I wish they had, but they didn’t.

  • ousslander

    anti-ill@Colin in T&T: anti-illegal immigrant story, maybe. both should be in jail.

  • kim

    Here are some basic information about way western society works.
    They are free to any non violent resident for visa.
    ‘ey can keep their record free by using the all powers including religion to let the world know they respect humanity first and independence second.(They call god “though”)
    They do not promote vulgarity as thought generally instead they keep the internet free for any adult non law violating person.
    they are fast even in marrying a loved one.

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