Hairdresser on Fire

Why Not To Bully Your Gay Hairdresser Husband: Woman Behind Bars in Green-Card Marriage Hoax

A Trinidadian woman is in a jail cell in England this holiday season after her gay hairstylist hubby-for-hire exposed their sham marriage to immigration authorities. The ordeal began more than five years ago, when 39-year-old Vera Jadoonanan, who’d entered the UK on a two-year student visa, offered her gay hairdresser £10,000 (about $15,500) to marry her so she could stay on in Britain. The couple were married in Brighton in August 2006 after she paid the first installment of £4,500 (about $7,000).

Things apparently soured by October 2010, when Jadoonanan threatened her hubby with made-up assault charges if he didn’t continue backing her immigration application. Instead, the miffed coiffeur went to the cops and turned Jadoonanan in as an illegal alien. A subsequent investigation revealed that the couple never shared the same address and that the stylist had been living with his same-sex partner for ten years.

Jadoonanan was convicted in November of falsifying immigration documents and sentenced in December to 18 months in a British prison, after which time she’ll likely be deported to her native  Trinidad.

Moral of story: Hell hath no fury like a hairdressing homo faux-hubby scorned.