Why Oprah Is Really Quitting Daytime: The Gayle Factor


Oprah‘s big announcement that she’s leaving her daytime slot in 2011 might be sad news for the seven million viewers who tune in every day. And it might be devastating news to a certain web vlogger. But it’s great news, supposedly, for longtime gal pal Gayle King!

‘Cause guess who finally gets to move in with her lover?

Oprah and Gayle King will move in together at the daytime queen’s Montecito, Calif., manse, dubbed “The Promised Land.” That’s according to the frighteningly-sometimes-accurate National Enquirer, which floats an obvious storyline that doesn’t require “insiders” to source. It will also put an end to Oprah’s relationship with Stedman Graham, whom Oprah has either been dating or bearding since 1986. How nice, then, for a tabloid to be able to report what this powerful woman’s personal life is going to look like two years from now.

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