Why PFLAG Is Proving to Be Just As Useless As HRC When It Comes to Target’s Anti-Gay Financing

We already know the Human Rights Campaign is entirely useless in battling back against Target’s anti-gay political donations, but what about PFLAG? Oh, that looks like a lost cause too.

Randi Reitan, Target’s newly famous ex-shopper, is a PFLAG mom in Minneapolis, where Target is based. So you would think the attention she’s received, from her YouTube video that went viral and the press that’s accompanied it, would trigger PLFAG — which claims to oppose any effort to ban marriage equality, and insists it “works to achieve equal civil rights for all people, including our gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered (GLBT) loved ones” — would jump at the chance to hammer away at the retailer.

Too bad Brad Wagner, Target’s diversity consultant or whatever, sits on the board of Twin Cities PFLAG. You might recognize Wagner as the guy who met Reitan and a slew of other anti-Target demonstrators when they dropped off, at Target’s headquarters, 240,000 names of consumers who say they’re going to stop shopping at Target until they make it right.

It’s impossible to say that the relationship between Target’s Wagner and PFLAG is the reason the advocacy group has remained disturbingly silent. But it’s this mix of corporate dollars and supposedly independent pro-LGBT activist groups — similar to what GLAAD faces with the money it receives from television networks — that cripples the ability of these organizations to do the very work they were set up to complete.

Oh, and what’s that flashing at the bottom of PFLAG Twin Cities’ homepage? Oh, that’s right: the ultimate scarlet letter. Is that all it takes to buy off PFLAG’s integrity?

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