Why Rush Limbaugh’s Advertisers Should Have Dumped Him Years Ago

Rush Limbaugh pissed off advertisers, President Obama and all right-thinking Americans last week when he launched into a vicious tirade against Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke simply for defending birth-control coverage.

We’re glad the pill-popping serial monogamist was called out, but we wish people had shown their outrage earlier—like maybe during one of Windbag’s Limbaugh’s many attacks on the LGBT community?

Watchdog group Media Matters posted a piece today detailing just some of his anti-gay rhetoric. In November 2004, for example, he told a caller—a high-school teacher worried about her gay students being villified—that openly gay students were asking for trouble.

Limbaugh: What’s important when you go to school? Learning how to prepare yourself for the rest of your life or trumpeting your sexuality?

Caller: I don’t think anyone’s trumpeting their sexuality.

Limbaugh: Well, how do we know then that they’re gay if they’re not…

Caller: Certainly…

Limbaugh: How do we know it? How do we know who’s gay and who’s straight unless somebody’s out there making a big case about it?

Caller: No, no one’s making a big case…

Limbaugh: some people are inviting dissent.

Last fall, the shlock jock told listeners that Lawrence King, the 15-year-old murdered by a classmate for allegedly coming onto him, wanted a “chop-a-dick-offa’-me operation.”

He was showing up in school dressed as a woman… wearing dresses. He was bothering the other boys. His mother called the school. She was worried about her son’s behavior. She asked the school to keep a sharp eye out for him, that she was worried that his behavior was going to cause something unfortunate to happen to him. We’re talking 14-, and 15-, 16-year-olds here. Her son dresses up as a woman, goes to school, and starts lavishing attention on other boys.

When she told school officials about this, she says, again, that school officials told her that there was nothing they could do. That her son had a civil right to explore his sexual identity, meaning he had a right to come to school dressed as a girl. He had a right to come to school dressed in female attire—he was wearing dresses. He had a right to explore whether or not he was a woman in a boy’s body. He had the right to explore whether at some point he was going to need a chop-a-dick-offa’-me operation.

In other episodes, Limbaugh defended Ronald Reagan’s inaction in the AIDS crisis, called accused child molester Jerry Sandusky a homosexual (“Nobody’s mentioning that aspect, because it’s just too dangerous,” Rush opined) and claimed Education Department official Kevin Jennings taught fisting to grade schoolers.

The weirdest anecdote, though, stems from an episode on November 28, 2011, when Rush mocked gay Rep. Barney Frank by playing the song “My Boy Lollipop” and making slurping noises.

We’d almost say Limbaugh was obsessed with gays, but even a passing thought of Rush as a closeted homosexual is enough to want us to take a Silkwood shower.

Photo: Dan Correia, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office