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Why Should A Cab Driver Lose His Job For Telling Gay Passenger Faggots Should Die?

Bob’s Taxi tops the list of Most Complained About cab companies in Halifax, with reports of one driver telling an overweight passenger to stop eating so many desserts, while another driver saying all “faggots” should be shot. (When the passenger told the driver she was gay, the driver responded: you should be shot too.) Not that those complaints will cost the drivers their jobs.

Steve Adams, chair of the municipal taxi commission, says the comments, while inappropriate, aren’t so bad: “It’s not against the bylaw to be like that. It’s in poor taste. It’s basically ignorance. I’m hoping that’s not the norm and I’m sure it’s not.”

Meanwhile, Adams is impressed with how few complaints there are: “If you have 74 complaints with 1,000 drivers over 365 days and they’re working eight hours, that’s a very minuscule amount. I mean 24 rude complaints, that’s one every two weeks on how many driver hours? That’s really not a big issue.”