Why the Chicago Cubs It Gets Better Video Is Way Better Than the SF Giants’

You may recall that we weren’t such big fans of the San Francisco Giants’ It Gets Better video, namely because it quickly mentioned “LGBTeens”—a buzzword we doubted audiences would even understand. But let’s consider their IGB video a template upon which the Chicago Cubs have undoubtedly improved.

Yes the Cubs’ video lacks as much racial diversity as the SF video and it also features starting pitcher Ryan Dempster speaking like a robot, but the other players specifically mention “LGBT kids and teens” adding, “The Chicago Cubs organization celebrates you for exactly who you are—gay or straight.”

OMG! A second major league sports organization just joined the SF Giants in declaring their support for queer kids? That’s nothing short of revolutionary and here’s why:

Beyond addressing queer kids in their video, the Cubs have also implied that they support all queers—even any athletes in their own organization that might one day come out—what an encouraging message for their own straight and closeted players!

Also one can also presume that the organizations will discourage anti-LGBT chants and slurs used by any fans or management. After all, if the entire organization now has a record supporting queers, they might react quicker to anything threatening that pledge.

Lastly, the Cubs’ video also features Laura Ricketts, the first openly gay Major League Baseball owner who says, “We know it can really tough. I’ve been there. So many of us have been there.” How refreshing to have a lesbian woman representing an all-male team and speaking directly to young women in the audience! Ricketts gets to end the video by telling kids to “Talk to someone who understands”, to visit It Gets Better, and to call the Trevor Project if they need someone to talk to.

By keeping the It Gets Better and Trevor Project logos on the screen (tiny though they are), the Cubs remind sports fans exactly what the video supports. And by providing a hotline for queer youth to call at the end of the video, the Cubs have literally put help right at a young person’s fingertips!

Who’s next in the sports IGB line-up? We love serving as sports commentators on these things.