Why The D.J. Cut Short That String Of Britney, Gaga + Robyn Hits With ‘YMCA’

Here’s someone else to blame for why you got blackout drunk last night: the D.J. That’s because these spinning whiz kids purposefully play a crap track so clubgoers will abandon the dance floor and hit the bar, driving drink sales. Because really, who’s going to stick around for “Castles In The Sky”? (Trick question: Too many people do.) Profit motives are also why venues raise temperatures (or simply refuse to put on the air conditioning) and the volume inside these dens of sin — all to push you toward the bar. But let’s not pretend you didn’t know their dirty tricks: You think hot bartenders get hired for, what, your health?

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  • Joe

    Really? Bars are capitalist enterprises? They make crap loads of money off of hot bartenders? Really?

    Queerty, here’s a tip: spend less time with useless content and more time fixing your site. It’s slow an unreliable.

  • Andy

    Agreed. Connection errors? What is this, 1995?

  • Jeffree

    We ‘re circling the drain: Connection Errors: Blank Pages: Time-outs: No Available Nodes: am getting more of these lately. No one at Queerty is maintaining the infrastructure, so we see lost features, no quality control in the articles, and no word from Queerty on if they’re aware of the probs or doing anything.

    Why doesn’t Q’ty staff address the tech issues? Because they don’t pay any attention to the site anymore. Because they’re looking for work elsewhere? Because they don’t care what happens to the site.

  • Riker

    Playing a crappy song to get people off the dance floor is called “rotating the floor”. Besides getting people to go buy drinks, it sets the stage for the DJ to get a different crowd dancing. At any given point in the night, certain demographics should be dancing and some should be drinking.

    For example, at 10:00 you may play 70s and 80s, for the older crowd who remembers those songs from their youth. Then you might send the old queens away for one last drink and then home to bed/their husbands. You would probably rotate to the 18-25 club kids by blasting your best club anthems, then keep them there until 1 or so. Then, for example, you might see a bunch of latinos drinking at the bar and looking bored, so you rotate to spanish hits, maybe bringing the club kids back an hour later.

    Anyway, the whole point is that not everybody is going to like every type of song, so you rotate them out. Some will be drinking, some will be dancing at all times.

  • Riker

    Sorry, I should have said it is called “clearing the floor”, which is generally followed by rotating.

  • DJ Kevin

    I think you have missed a bigger part of why YMCA was played.

    I’m a DJ at a gay club and have never been told what to play to drive drink sales.

    Odds are if I play some crappy song no one wants to hear it’s because I got tipped big to play it. If I notice someone spending alot of money and then they slip me a twenty and want to hear ‘It’s Raining Men the Sequel’ that’s what I’m gonna play =)

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