Why the Hell Did Obama Just Win the Nobel Peace Prize?


Because he’s such a big fan of eliminating nuclear weapons, Barack Obama was just handed the Nobel Peace Prize by the Nobel Committee. Nine months into his presidency. Not even the White House expected it. Us either.

It’s one thing for the gays to ask, What have you done for me lately Obama? And with slagging approval ratings, much of America is asking the same thing. But the water tastes differ in Oslo, where the announcement was made. There, Obama is a symbol of repairing foreign diplomatic relations.

Which, let’s be sure, he’s working on. But by no means has he solved all of America’s ills around the world. Rather, he’s just cleaning up the mess George W. Bush left him. This award, then, says less about Barack Obama as a world leader, and more about his predecessor.

It’s like handing out a karaoke competition trophy to the girl who at least knows the lyrics to that Journey song, simply because she followed the guy who thought the “Macarena” would be a crowd pleaser.

UPDATE: Roll that beautiful bean footage …