Why The Hell Is Lesbian GMA Anchor Robin Roberts Teaming Up With Chick-fil-A?

This is no April Fool’s joke: Robin Roberts, a Good Morning America co-anchor, is headlining a leadership conference put on by Chick-fil-A. What is this lesbian smoking?

Reader RJ alerts us that on May 6, Roberts will join other boldface names — including author John C. Maxwell, finance guru Dave Ramsey, GMA economics contributor Suzy Welch, marketing whiz Seth Godin, and, yes, Chick-fil-A chief Dan Cathy (pictured below) — at Chick-fil-A Leadercast. The event, which will be broadcast online, was originally called “Maximum Impact” and then “GIANT Impact” before being renamed after the restaurant chain last year. If you can’t be among the couple thousand to attend the ticketed event in person in Atlanta (tickets start at $199), then you can attend a local viewing party, many of which are, not surprisingly, hosted at churches; fees appear to be around $59-69 per person, and include a Chick-fil-A lunch at some venues.

That Roberts would even seriously consider an offer from the noted anti-gay company (which refuses to acknowledge its anti-gayness) is profound. That she would agree to take the stage at a Chick-fil-A event is horrifying. (It’s unclear if Roberts is being paid to appear, but producers of these type of events, where attendees must pay for tickets, do provide some serious remuneration to their prominent guests.)

Does it matter that Roberts, who to our knowledge has never acknowledged her sexuality in public, is gay? No, not in the sense that anyone who believes in equal rights for all people should be disassociating themselves with the chicken chain that supports hate groups. But that Roberts is gay makes her decision to partake in the event even more unnerving.

Roberts, meanwhile, isn’t the only family member at GMA: Co-host Sam Champion is also a ‘mo. One might surmise Champion, the local weatherman-cum-jack of all trades television staple, would have shared some reasoning with his colleague. Evidently not. Or Roberts was too interested in collecting her fee. Or pushing her personal brand. Or just bounding up on stage and trampling over her gay brothers and sisters on the way to the podium.

(Queerty has reached out to ABC for comment. We’ll update this post if we hear back.)

Meanwhile, to put the absurdity of Chick-fil-A’s Leadercast in even more perspective, consider that fellow speaker Suzy Welch is the wife of business titan and former GE chief Jack Welch — whom she began sleeping with while she was editor-in-chief of the Harvard Business Review and set to interview Welch, who was already married. Does that fit Chick-fil-A’s definition of promoting strong marriages? Cathy said it himself that “marriage has long been a focus of Chick-Fil-A.” Does that include helping end them?

And it’s not even as if Roberts is just playing the field: To our knowledge, while she is clearly comfortable leading an event for an anti-gay corporation, she’s never headlined an event for The Trevor Project, NGLTF, or even GLAAD — and they’ll let anyone come to their awards show. Roberts has, however, helped reintroduce the violent Chris Brown to America by agreeing to interview him this month not once, but twice.

As for Chick-fil-A head Dan Cathy? I guess if local business groups disinvite you from their events, you can just attend your own.

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  • Alex

    I didn’t know she was a lesbian?

  • mk

    @Alex: Robin is a lesbian but hasn’t come out to the public. That’s why, as you may have noticed, when straight GMA co-hosts talk about partners and other indications of sexuality Robin stays totally silent.

    Sam Champion is also glass closeted. I’ve heard it rumored he’s married to his partner now, maybe some day he’ll announce it.

  • niles

    Chris Brown was right.

  • SteveC

    Roberts behaviour is even more appalling that Ricky Martin’s decision to profit from the procceds of homophobia when he whored himself out to Target.

    At least Ricky Martin is out of the closet so we can at least say ‘OK the man is motivated by greed, but at least he’s not a coward’.

    Robin Roberts on the other hand is motivated by both greed and cowardice and is a far more appalling human being.

  • Pat Duffy

    Anyone who’s watched GMA knows these two are the biggest “Orientation Traitors” around. At least Robin has an excuse, she’s brainwashed by her religion. Sam’s just interested in the money…

  • Spike

    Damn, what’s with all the Chik-fil-a nazi’s here?!!? Just because she is a lesbian, does she not have the right to personal choice?!!? If she wishes to participate in this, whatever. If I choose to not spend my money at Chik-fil-a nor watch GMA, that might right. The whole gay PC thing here on Queerty is worse then then Christian right wingers when it comes to telling people how to live their lives.

  • Kev C

    Eat Mor Tuna

  • John

    @Spike: I agree. Is it not possible that they were approached to speak at this event before it was known that it was sponsored by Ckik-Fil-A? Is it not possible that they were approached and signed contracts before all of the brouhaha about Chik-Fil-A? This is a very slanted story, only giving one side. Just as bad as Fox News.

  • SteveC

    Even if she signed the contract before it was revealed that Chik-Fil-A are financing the removal of Robin Roberts civil and human rights, Ms Roberts still has the choice to issue a statement condemning Chik-Fil-A’s bigotry.

    And she has the choice to back out of the deal.

    She choose instead to earn money from a corporation that actively funds bigotry.

    back in the 1990’s the golden rule of outing someone was ‘If they are causing harm to other LGBT people and they themselves are secretly gay then it is absolutely acceptable to out someone’

    Robin Roberts is loaning her celebrity and reputation to a corporation that is funding the removal of our rights.

    She needs to be outed and condemned as a vicious, greedy, stupid hypocrite.

  • Cam

    Typical, another cowardly closet case bowing and scraping to be accepted by the anti-gays.


    She is out but ABC and her contract doesn’t discuss it..
    I watch GMA but if she goes through w/ this I will have to turn them off.
    I want to be HEARD not hide.
    I watch were my Gay dollars go

  • David


    Didn’t Chris Brown complain about Robin Roberts asking him about his beating Rihanna? Roberts’ questioning of Brown fueled his rage to destroy his dressing room.

    You were disingenuous in positioning Roberts as somehow being a champion of Brown’s.

  • SaxAndViolins

    This whole issue is annoying. Roberts has never claimed to be a member of the gay community, so why are you people trashing her for being a traitor? You should all be glad you’re not likewise being held up to such scrutiny.

  • The sane Francis

    We’ll see how this goes. Maybe she’s there as a spokesperson for the gay community or for how to improve their outreach as a business for all. Maybe she was signed to a contract before all the anti-gay headlines came out, and the contract unbreachable unless she wants to be sued. I want to hear an explanation. Now that it has hit the web she’s most likely going to have to speak on it. If she’s just doing this because he was offered lots of money to speak at this event and promote Chick-fil-A, then I definitely will never support her again.

    And no, people. You either love or eat your own when it comes to situations like this. We potentially see which route Robin has driven towards. You can be a gay and be the biggest enemy to the gay community. There isn’t any excuse to willingly do business with a group that actively works against you.

  • The sane Francis

    SaxandViolins, “we people” are not trashing her, but instead calling it like it is. She’s a closet case who, unless there is an explanation, is supporting and promoting an anti-gay business, making her a traitor. It’s not about scrutiny, it’s about self-respect, and respect for your community.

  • michael

    This is why so many gay celebritity’s hae to come out because everyone wants them to be a role model and they shouldn’t be forced too.No matter how you twist it she is doing what she wants leave the woman alone she doesn’t deserve this type of hate man.

  • Shannon1981

    @michael: Leave her alone?!?!? She is working with the enemy! She has no morals, values, or sense of gay community. No lesbian worth her salt needs to be working with the bigoted likes of Dan Cathy, and we need to out her and anyone else in on this travesty.

  • JusticeontheRocks

    @SaxAndViolins: “You people???” What “you people” is it you’re referring to?

    In one stroke of stupidity you forfeited the right to have anyone pay any attention to you.

  • MBHauteWriter

    Robin mistakingly put the event on her schedule. SHE IS ***NOT*** doing the event. Pls strike column.

  • David Ehrenstein

    @Spike: Would you call a Jew joining the S.S. a “personal choice”?

  • tj

    Beyond the fact that she is a lesbian it is unacceptable for a “respected” news person to speak on behalf of a controversial group. It ruins her claim to impartiality. She needs to think twice about this as a professional.

    Where her sexuality may come into play is her decision to downplay the controversy. Meredith Viera would not accept this invite, neither would Brian Gumbel. Perhaps on issues of homophobia Robin Roberts feels entitled to make her own judgement calls considering her proximity to the issue. If this is the case it could be a great moment for the gay community to begin thinking about why many gay and lesbian professionals find “the movement” alienating or off-pitch. Its kind of odd to go around demanding people follow our lead for whatever reason and in fact may have the counter effect. I would love for someone to engage Roberts in a conversation about her decision without the name calling and character assasination… I suppose tempestuousness could be problem 1 with us “movement” types. Maybe theres even a racial element to consider here.

  • Cam


    And who are you to speak for her?

  • Tony

    The Chris Brown double standard episode bothers me more.

    I wonder if she was booked into this gig by ABC or her own management team. If it was ABC, her contract may not allow her to say no.

  • Spike

    @David Ehrenstein:

    Yes I would. IMO, the freedom of choice pertains to all, and not just the ones that you happen to agree with.

  • tony x

    Thanks for outing her – when closet cases (but out away from the camera) take money to support enemies of gay people – they should be taken down quick !

  • Black Pegasus

    I swear some of you people must live miserable lives to sit here and drum up all of this manufactured rage over nothing. It’s just sickening. I wonder how some of you sullen whores would fair if your private lives were scrutinized. Is Robin any worse than Elton John’s old selfish ass? I think NOT! You vitriolic fags really make me sick at times.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Spike: I think most “celebrities” are entitled to a “zone of privacy” about their personal sex lives. Not in this case. Helping the chikin people harms our community and is the ultimate hypocrisy. She should be made VERY uncomfortable because of this.

  • Crete

    @Black Pegasus: The old queens love to live their sad lives through others and spew bs on perceieved ‘arch-enemies’ those that can actually seperate private lives from professional lives as we all should. Get a life of your own so you don’t have to meddle in others!

  • Riker

    Now I can’t watch Good Morning America either? Thanks, Queerty. I’m already boycotting Target, Walmart, BestBuy, McDonalds, Chick-fil-a, Jockey, Starbucks, Atlantic City, MTV, Coors beer, Ricky Martin, Elton John, and Lady GaGa. Guess i’ll have to add it to the list.

  • SteveC

    Black Pegasus – I agree that Elton John is a greedy idiot for performing at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding (and for playing concerts in South Africa during the Apartheid regime.) As is Ricky Martin for doing a deal with Target.

    But Elton John and Ricky Martin are out of the closet. And both were roundly condemned for their decisions.

    Robin Roberts deserves equal condemnation for profiting from bigotry. And just because she is in the closet does not mean she should not be called out on her greed and hypocrisy.

  • Jeffree

    @Riker: Think bigger: you need to Boycott ABC, any mall with a ChickFilA, the state of MN, and any company whose products are sold at Target, Walmart, or BestBuy. Oh, McDonalds too, because they keep giving that fabulous-maybe-gay rainbow-guy the wrong toy.

    I do hope this helps.

  • Ken

    Well going out to pick up my daily Chick fil a sandwich.

  • Riker

    @Jeffree: Of course, of course. Thank you for the reminder. I will update my boycott list accordingly. I guess this means I have to boycott Sony, Microsoft, Canon, Dell (not that I need much encouragement for that one), and all major record labels and motion picture studios, because they sell products at Target, Walmart AND BestBuy. I smell a conspiracy! Hollywood hates gays and wants to see us exterminated!

  • Jeffree

    @Riker:Atta-man*! Scary thing is that I think you and I just gave about 12,000 bloggers and idea that hadn’t occurred to them yet!
    “Yeah, that Jeff dude is right. We totally gotta skip Minnesota next time we go fishin. How’s Idaho? Not so good? Hey, where’s it OK to buy bait these days? Are we still not allowed to drive through Montana or drink PBR or eat chalupas?”

    *I apologize if I mis-gendered you, used hetero-normative subtext, or wrote age-ist terminology. Because my iPhône has an app which prohibits me from using politically incorrect language, I could not type the more colloquial “attaßôý.”

  • GeriHew

    Perhaps it’s just her way of saying: “Screw You” to all the people in the “lgbt community” who keep calling her a lesbian.

  • mattsy

    maybe shes doing it for the $$$ and is ok w/being a closted CUNT!

  • EqualityNow

    I’ve always appreciated the way she carries herself, she is always kind and never has a bad word to say about anyone, very humble.This is the first I’ve heard of her being gay, regardless if it’s true or not, could care less but NO one has the right to form any ally with a group that lives to surpress another solely because they are a minority!!!
    I will give her the benefit of the doubt, b/c it certainly doesn’t fit her M.O. But if she is fully aware of the “chickenwingers” motives, I for one will make sure GMA is “OUTED”

  • mk


    Roberts has never claimed to be a member of the gay community, so why are you people trashing her for being a traitor?

    She IS a member if the gay community whether she claims it publicly or not. People in the closet will get judged when they work against the community, just like the Larry Craigs and Charlie Crists have been judged, and that is completely fair. If they are not going to come out they should try to help the community in other ways or at the very least not actively do things that will HARM the community.

    You should all be glad you’re not likewise being held up to such scrutiny.

    If I did something like Robin is doing with an anti-gay company I would be judged by my friends and myself. Robin gets a pass all the time on her glass closet, she’s never given a hard time for it by the gay media and she’s almost never outed by them. She gets very very little scrutiny considering she is the host of such a big daytime news show, but there is a point where some criticism is unavoidable and she’s reached it.

  • greenluv1322

    Maybe she is an ex-gay…you never know!

  • Dennis

    Hahaha another closet case like Anderson Cooper!

  • The sane Francis

    MBHauteWriter, you said Robin is not doing the event. Can you prove this?

    As for the people making excuses, I guess we see those who are willing to fight for their rights and respect, and those who aren’t.

  • Crae H

    Isn’t this like GaGa teaming up with TARGET and then realizing that “ooops” and pulling out? Not that GaGa is gay of course…=]

  • Marcus


    Oh come on with this “you people” outrage. This is Queerty. The odds of the OP being gay are extremely high. Some times “you people” is actually referring to a group of people (in this case, those FREAKING out at Robin Roberts) and not a term used to look down on othered groups.

    If you can’t find a logical argument outside of bringing up misappropriated semantics, please move on.

  • Riker

    @Jeffree: *clutches xyr pearls in shock* How dare you refer to me with heteronormative pronouns! It is wrong to assume that I follow antiquated notions of binary gender! I should sue you for hate speech.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Marcus: read this carefully you ignorant douche – FYSMTF.

  • netnite

    Hahaha another closet case like Anderson Cooper!

    The difference is Anderson doesn’t promote homophobic causes.

  • Jason

    I’ll bet a lot of the people here spewing so much hatred toward Robin Roberts were also calling blacks the “N” word after prop 8 passed. Hate is Hate no matter who spews it!

  • The Artist

    Leave Robin alone! She’s a great person and she’s not in the closet. PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • Fitz

    I don’t tolerate LGBT people working for people like this.
    If she is a dyke, she should be destroyed. Anyone with any
    crap on her needs to come forward. Not here, this place is trash. Go to JoeMyGod or something.

  • Jeffree

    I want to cut Robin some slack, but I can’t. Robin has a team of handlers & an agent, no doubt, and it’s their job to keep her from doing stoopid shite like this conference. Can’t let her off the hook, because she’s ultimately responsibility for any event with her name on it.

    Her name is still listed on the event webpage, so she had 8-ish hours to cancel & didn’t. I hope she still will see the light!

  • Oprah

    RR is a Lesbian? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  • Sam

    @Crae H-Too bad Lady Caca is just another Hetero woman who pretends she’s for GLBT rights but really is not and just wants to sell her image, music, and she’s just a flash in the pan with no original talent and she’s not an actual artist or musician unlike all of the people who she copies and mimics.

    She’s now in her phase of copying David Bowie when he was doing the Alladin Sane album. Unlike Bowie who is actually original and bisexual Caca is neither of these things.

    Caca has more in common with Madonna another Hetero woman who did the same thing to GLBT people and made millions from it.



  • madisonreed

    When people under the guise of being trusted American citizens commit acts of treason against the People of the United States they can be stripped of their citizenship.

    Similarly, I believe, anyone who supports anti-gay activity who is also gay but hides it, should not be surprised if they’re stripped of their privacy relating to their sexual orientation. Both types of people cause irreparable harm – and sometimes death – to innocent people. By protecting the privacy of such types, we help hide their destructive activity and become accomplices to crimes against the innocent.

    Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy has a right to free speech, but his activities inspire and spin off crimes against our innocent LGBT brothers and sisters – and we have a right to enjoy our life, liberty and happiness without fear or threats from these people. So even the association with such entities puts you into the same category – in fact it makes you worse than they are.

  • tony smith

    @mk: Sam Champion isn’t closeted. I lived in NYC and saw him out — well, that was when he was just the local weather guy and did weekends for ABC national. robin might not even be gay. But lease stop saying she’s promoting an anti-gay agenda. Do you know the content of her speech? no.

  • Jeffree

    I just checked the gooogles, and RobinRoberts is STILL listed as a presenter at this conference.


  • queer spectator

    @Jason: I concur fully. The hypocrisy inside the LGBT community is notorious.

  • queer spectator

    @Jason: I concur fully. The hypocrisy inside the LGBT community is notorious. “Cunt” has already been used here. Other verbage is not far behind otherwise it is thinly veiled. I’ve grown so used to it as am totally over it and ‘them.’

  • queer spectator

    @Jason: I concur fully. The hypocrisy inside the LGBT community is notorious. Suggesting she should be ‘destroyed’ and her being called a “cunt” proves your point. Other verbiage and vitriol is not far behind otherwise it is thinly veiled. I’ve grown so accustomed to it in this so-called community as am totally over it and ‘them.’

  • Pete n SFO

    I’m with Steve C…

    Whether she has portrayed herself as lesbian or not, her best bud is the already-outed, Sam Champion. You can’t align yourself w/ prejudice & then claim to be a victim (unless ur Sarah Palin).

    Because of their privileged position in the media, they should be held to a higher level of accountability. If that’s too much, they’re free to choose a job on the OTHER side of the camera… but I bet they won’t!

    Disney is expert at having it both ways & Roberts is Employee of the MOnth; month after month, after month.

    Don’t worry Robin, there’s still enough love left for another lesbian, even after Ellen. Live ur truth, girl.

  • queer thought

    @Jason: I concur fully. The hypocrisy inside the LGBT community is notorious. On this very board it is suggested she be ‘destroyed’ and her being called a “cunt”?? This really proves your point. Other verbiage and vitriol is not far behind otherwise,, if not thinly veiled. I’ve grown so accustomed to it in this so-called ‘community’ and I’m totally over it and totally over ‘them.’

  • queer thought

    @Jason: I concur fully. The hypocrisy inside the LGBT community is notorious. On this very board it is suggested that RR be ‘destroyed’ and she’s been called the ever popular “cunt”?? Proves your point. Other verbiage, vitriol is not far behind otherwise, if not thinly veiled or just unspoken but definitely understood. I’ve grown so accustomed to it in this so-called ‘community’ and I’m totally over it and totally over ‘them.’

  • queer thought

    @Jason: I concur fully. The hypocrisy inside the LGBT community is notorious. On this very board it is suggested that RR be ‘destroyed’ and she’s called the ever popular “cunt”?? Proves your point. Other verbiage, vitriol is not far behind, otherwise, if not thinly veiled or unspoken the sentiment is certainly understood. I’ve grown so accustomed to it in this so-called ‘community’ and I’m totally over it and totally over ‘them.’

  • DeGuyz in Mississippi

    If it is true, then that explains why she left the State of Mississippi.

  • Melanie Nathan

    So Queerty is angry with Ms. Roberts because she has apparently accepted a gig with anti gay Chick-fil-A; and he screams: “Why The Hell Is Lesbian GMA Anchor Robin Roberts Teaming Up With Chick-fil-A?” Is that the way to OUT someone who has never publicly stated they are a lesbian or gay”

    Out of Anger or Out for Revenge? With April Fool as an excuse for a fool?
    I do not think anyone should be outed ever – unless they do so themselves purposely – or via public displays of hypocrisy such as asserting anti gay speech and then spending vacations with rent-a boys! If an OUTER believes someone like Robin Roberts is supporting an anti gay organization – one should ensure that the about to be OUTED is aware of such before writing such an awful article as Queerty did.

    What I think would have been fair, is if Queerty would have called on MS. Roberts first for a comment and discerned if she knew this to be the case. Many do not read the Bloggers such as us – who published so much about the Targets and Chick- Fil-A. It is assumptive to think that everyone is aware of their anti LGBT stance.

    Imagine; an astute blogger could have used the opportunity to ask Ms. Roberts whether or not she was comfortable using the opportunity to stand up to anti-homosexuality — and if she is indeed lesbian and indeed willing -perhaps she would have liked to have used the opportunity of coming out in a productive manner by denying or resigning the gig of Chick- fil- A!

    AND did anyone care to examine her contract to see if she has a contractual obligation that may be out of her control re sponsorship of ABC sponsors? I have not had time to look into that part!!! So please when and if we out people – lets do it fairly and responsibly if at all!!!


    If a Blogger has little to say, you may find a new April 1st cliche;

    with the following words they will begin:

    “This is no April Fool’s joke!”

    Its the real thing!

  • George412

    Robin is most definitely a lesbian. She summers in the Pines on Fire Island with her gf. I approached her while she was walking her dog last summer and jokingly said it is nice to wake up with her every morning. She gave me a look as if I shouldn’t be talking to her. She is lucky I even acknowledged her since she certainly is no Joan Lunden and Diane Sawyer.

    Sam Champion is gay and so is GMA fill in reporter, David Muir.

  • mk

    @tony smith: Sam Champion is not out to the public. He is out in everyday life but as a celebrity he is not out to the public, that situation has been dubbed “being in the glass closet”.

    I didn’t say Robin will be promoting an anti-gay agenda in her speech, we don’t know that. We DO know that this event is being put on by an anti-gay corporation, though, so as a lead speaker at the event Robin is associating herself with them. The corporation’s name is featured right in the name of the event where there is no missing it, and Robin as the host of a major news show and a celebrity with “her people” has plenty of resources to check out corporations she’s thinking of associating herself with. The gay media, which gives her a complete pass all the time, is right to bring some attention to what she is doing. If she didn’t do her due diligence in checking out the corporation then they are doing her a favor. If she did her checks and was aware of their anti-gay actions but decided to associate herself with them anyway then she should expect to be called on that.

  • Ealan74

    Admittedly, my gaydar goes BANANAS when Blah-bin Roberts comes up, but she’s such a bore, I don’t usually. Howeverm it does bug me a little that I’m supporting the boycotting and avoiding Chick Fil-a’s delicious chicken sandwich while she’s hosting events. Fail Blah-bin, Fail!

  • alan brickman

    Of course she doesn’t like men…She had no problem getting Chris Brown upset..she is a traitor to all…

  • Patricia

    I just heard this rumor about Ms. Roberts. I stumbled onto this site when I googled her name. I will go off topic here because I am offended as a black female that the gay community has equated their plight with the civil rights struggle. A dear brother captured my thoughts when he stated “During the Civil Rights Movement, Blacks were fighting to obtain the same rights which their white counterparts already enjoyed. They fought for the right to ride in the front of the bus instead of the back of the bus. They fought to be able to enter through the front door of an establishment instead of through a rear entrance. They fought to be able to have their children receive the same quality of education and be taught in schools that were equivalent to what white children had. They fought for equality in the work place – to be paid the same wages for the same type and amount of work. They fought to be able to drink from the same water fountains and use the same public restrooms as whites. And yes, they even fought for the right to vote. Blacks were denied these rights not through any choice of their own, but merely because of the color of their skin. None of these rights, to my knowledge, are being denied to any person today because of their sexual preference or orientation.”

    I agree with the posters here who chastise the gay community for outing people who are not ready to disclose their personal life. It makes you appear to be bullies and that you will stop at nothing to force people to accept your choices. I was born black and will die black. I didn’t have a choice. And no I am not homophobic. That would imply that I have a phobia or “intense, irrational, fear of something or someone.” I don’t fear you. I fear FOR you.

  • Melanie Nathan

    @Patricia: Wow Patricia you really have not had the gay or lesbian experience and worse yet is that you have not factual information other than your own world view on the subject. So allow me to set the record straight if you will. 1. Being gay or lesbian is NOT a choice – I was born a lesbian and would never have chosen such – therefor it is equated to the color of skin – a non choice…. now people may not see my sexual orientation like they can see skin color and so the back of the bus may not be a problem for me. That said, :CIVIL RIGHTS are not confined to the specifics you mention relating to the struggle of the African American people – and yes those may well be different; Civil Rights pertain to any form of equality/ discrimination. Imagine paying taxes like all other Americans do but not being allowed to marry under the law that confers 1,138 civil laws that I cannot avail myself of. You can sponsor your spouse for a green card; but if i fall in love with a foreigner and want to be with them I have to leave my country. I sat in the Senate Judiciary Committee on June 03, 2009 behind Julian BOND of the NAACP when he testified and said Gay rights are Civil Rights. You cannot clai ownership to the term Civil Rights simply because you deem your struggle worse than mine. There are Americans who are forced to live exiled in other countries or separate from their beloved just because of their sexual orientation – is their pain less than that of the person who could not vote. When Mathew Sheppard was tied to a fence and beaten to death for being Gay was his pain any less than someone who suffered a beating for being black? When the 80 year old man in Sonoma was taken from his love of 60 years and could not be at his death bed – did he suffer any different pain than the humiliation of the person who could not sit i the front of the bus., Please have more understanding and respect for those who are suffering greatly as we speak because gays lesbians (LGBT) are discriminated against under the laws of this Country – we are denied our civil rights. If you are so desperate to hold claim to the symantics- please find another word for me to use to describe my rights to equality and I would gladly accept any damn phrase – just give me my equality NOW!!!

  • Jeffree

    Patricia conveniently forgets about laws against inter-racial marriage. She also left out employment discrimination. Regulations on military service and adoption also didn’t get her attention.

    A “concern troll” is still a troll. And it’s often introducing itself by the lame-o “I stumbled upon this site while looking for a baked-cod recipe” gambit.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Jeffree: What you and Melanie both say is true, but people like this bitch who calls herself Patricia are not interested in having constructive dialogue. They come here with an axe to grind, tell you their prejudicial beliefs with some sort of silly, half-assed disclaimer about not being homophobic, and then leave. They’re not even worth the energy it takes to respond.

  • Jeffree

    @TheRealAdam: [#75] Agreed. Addressing her was pointless, but I wanted to use my “baked cod” line anyway. Also I wanted to deal with the all-too-common argument about gays not facing discrimination. I’m pretty sure it was a drive-by troll.

  • GeriHew

    @George412: What you say could all be true except the bit about her definitely being a lesbian. There are lots of bisexual women in same sex relationships you know – well no, I guess you don’t know.

  • justiceontherocks

    @Patricia: Every time a blog post starts out with the author describing themselves “as a black woman” or “as a dog lover” or “as a Bostonian” or “as a . . .” what you’re about to read is utter bullshit.

    Patricia, to your particular stupidity only one thing needs to be said: Corretta Scott King (have you heard of her?) Said the two struggles against discrimination are the same. And yes, I’ll take her word over yours any time.

  • Melanie Nathan

    @TheRealAdam: Agreed Patricia is the Troll of the Post – that said – the only reason I take the time to respond is because some genuine cod baking recipe seeker who truly stumbles here upon may benefit from a – so that the baked cod is cooked perfectly on both sides!!!!! Hahaha…. mel

  • Patricia

    Seems I struck a nerve. I’m out.

  • Jeffree

    @MelanieNathan: Good one! I’ve never actually baked a cod, but it’s a funny word. Put a bunch of comedians in a room and hear us argue about which words are funniest in any given category. Cuttlefish would get my vôte, but no one knows what they are.

    Off topic, sorry.

    @GeriHew: Yes, RR may be bi. I’ve lost some respect for her, but I do think she’s a talented interviewer, all the same.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Jeffree: I’d have to say “kumquat” would be mine.

    @justiceontherocks: Good call, on both parts of your post.

    @Melanie Nathan: Point taken.

    @Patricia: …of your mind, yes.

    Let me guess, this time you googled “stupid bitch” and “Patricia” together, and it brought you back to this page?

  • TheRealAdam

    @Jeffree: I’d have to say kumquat would be mine.

    @justiceontherocks: Good call, on both parts of your post.

    @Melanie Nathan: Point taken.

    @Patricia: of your mind, yes.

    Let me guess, this time you googled “stupid bitch” and “Patricia” together, and it brought you back to this page?

  • Shannon1981

    Patricia I am black and I most certainly take offense to your post as well. How is being discriminated against for skin color any different from sexual orientation? The only reason they don’t have gay and straight fountains is because they can’t look at someone and tell they’re gay. JFC, troll much? I don’t understand people who aren’t gay and aren’t allies coming onto a site like this. I assure you, anything you say will be either a)attacked or b) fall on deaf ears.

  • A.D. Jefferson

    Robin Roberts has every right to bring her voice and experiences to a platform that goes beyond her alleged sexual proclivity. Suzy Welch and Jack Welch were NOT married when they began to see each other, therefore that point is moot. I take offense when writer’s write half truths and all out lies. So, the next time you write anything, first, learn about you subject, not what someone else written about them and claimed as a fact.

  • justiceontherocks

    @A.D. Jefferson: “Sexual proclivity??” Get your head out of your ass. BTW The article doesn’t say that Jack was married to Susy when they began to see each other, which even a moron like you will understand is not the way it works, unless they lived in a nation where parents arrange marriages of complete strangers.

  • craig

    @A.D. Jefferson: Robin would have every right to bring her voice and experience to a leader conference the KKK was putting on, a platform that would go beyond her alleged racial classification. She has the right in either case, but she should expect judgements to be made and disapproval and betrayal to be voiced in both.

  • AskTheOz

    NOT everything at Chick Fil – A is garbage! Their chicken is grilled and their sandwiches are of a high quality. I’m not a big Fast Food consumer… but Chick Fil – A is NOT Wendy’s, McDonalds, or Burger King. However, I have other issues with Robin Roberts. I.e., condoning the behavior of that IGNORANT ghetto thug Chris Brown.

  • Father's Day

    My wife keeps asking: Where is Robin? I haven’t seen her this week. I keep thinking: The teenagers who love Chris Brown have twittered her into hiding. These teenagers are not going to give Ms. Robert’s a break. To them, she asked one personal question too many, and now her personal life is being questioned more and more. I think i saw the realization of what could be coming flash across her face, after the Chris Brown interview, and after she revealed that she had just signed up for twitter. In any case, when fighting for civil rights each member of an oppressed group owes some sort of allegiance to the collective struggle. Ignorance and complacency cannot be used as excuses for indifference. I’m glad I found this article today. Now, I really know why Chik-Fil-A closes on Sunday. I have enjoyed their food before but will not again. Up until last week, I had never spent a dime in a Targets, but rest assured they got their first and last $50 from me. If people know better, they should do better.

    “Power to all the people, all the time.”

  • Kourt

    I am a Christian and I support heterosexual marriage like CFA. I don’t judge RR gay or otherwise, it’s a leadership conference and I bet she would have had some good things to say about leadership. It’s too bad that she won’t be here, I’m writing this from the conference. While I don’t agree w living a homosexual lifestyle b/c it is a sin, I don’t discount someone who lives this way, they are still very worthwhile people…just like I believe that overeating and speeding and anger and lust is also a sin, I don’t discount the persons who fall to these behaviors, if I did I would be tossing my own life and the life of all humanity into the abyss because our human condition causes us to live imperfect lives. I don’t think that the homosexual lifestyle is a perfect union. If I’ve offended you I am sorry, if we meet on the street you would know I love you. We are not in the is world to judge, not our job.

  • helen glover

    i have a question if she is not gay why is she supporting a gay community and are yall talking about boycotting gma thats crazy but i guess we will do anything to get the truth and dit they reallly put that she is gay on her contract someone please ansswer all my questions

    p.s. thank you

  • Terrence Price

    What’s so special about telling the world you are gay? We all have a mother and father. We are all the product of man and woman. I don’t boast against oxegen. It is by it I enjoy breathing. Why is denying the male and female union so tasteful? Furthermore where is the tolerance you so proudly proclaim? Does Robin not have the “RIGHT” to keep her sexuality private? I am sure I don’t get it.

  • Amy Keith

    I love you Robin Roberts yes___________________________________________and my son love you to.

  • Amy Keith

    I love you Robin Roberts yes————————————Baby and my son do to.

  • Amy Keith

    I love Robin Roberts and i want the world to that.

  • Michele E.

    If she has not said she is gay, I am not going to believe it because your website says it. I have always thought she was but I thought it was a person’s right and prerogative to come out or not. Maybe she wants to keep her personal life personal. I know that she is from the south. I do not imagine her family (mainly older members) would be too pleased if she were so open. Maybe she’s waiting for someone to die before she outs herself. Either way, it is her business.

    Celebrate those who come out and support those who are afraid because they will not always be. It should be her choice. I cannot imagine how traumatized I would have been if I had been forced out before I felt strong and secure enough to speak for myself. And I grew up in a hateful place in the south. I still hear those homophobic voices in my head and try to forget them. Stop being hypocritical! And how many of your readers eat at Chick-fil-A?

  • Michele E.

    Let me understand this…you said, “During the Civil Rights Movement, Blacks were fighting to obtain the same rights which their white counterparts already enjoyed.” I am a black woman too, and guess what? Black people could always get married. Funny, that. Gay people haven’t been forced to the back of buses or had to use separate water-fountains…we just suffer discrimination and get our asses kicked, and in many cases killed because some people, backed up by their bibles, think that we are evil or dirty. And another thing, we are still going through this today. I believe equal rights apply to all races (on the surface) but nobody’s civil rights are denied across the board so much as gays. What are you doing on this site anyway?

  • Michele E.

    Sorry. That comment is for Patricia.

  • Michele E.

    @Tony, good luck finding one piece of food or product that is not supported by someone anti-gay. Even if I stop shopping at Target, are the board of directors and shareholders of KMart full of gay lovers? How about if I never eat another McDonalds hamburger (which I wouldn’t anyway) do I then go to Subway where they are nuts about gays? It is all about money, gay or straight.

  • jaxsunpaul

    @Alex: Robin, say it ain’t so. Tell em the hint of fish on your breath came from a fabulous meal at seafood restaurant.

  • Reese

    WoW!!Who say’s she’s gay,did she say she was gay.I never heard her say that she was gay.People you need to get a life.

  • Ken

    She is a great person from a great family!

  • chattycathy

    people need to take care of their own house leave good people alone,we are all equal.

  • sroberts

    Whether she is gay or not who cares. She is doing a great job, she is intelligent , she speaks well, she is beautiful, athletic a cancer survivor. She is everything I would strive to be and is making her money the American way. LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mitchell Easter

    I find Robin Roberts adorable and she is a fledgling aviator. I wish her good fortune with her career and her flying. She makes the world a better place in which to live.

  • jason

    You can’t trust a woman because woman are fakers at heart. Look at their tendency to wear make up to disguise their age, stilettoes to disguise their height, and, most egregiously, their tendency to fake their sexuality to appeal to sleazy straight guys. Women are well known fakers.

  • Sarina

    youre one one who is disgusting..2 men are not to be married and neither should two women and Robin maybe a lesbian, even she knows that.

  • MikeE

    @Sarina: hey Moron, where’d you read that?

    you realize that bearing false witness is a sin?

    now THAT is in your Bible.

    there’s NOTHING about two men or two women being in love anywhere in your Bible.

    fricken’ hypocrite.

  • Bernadette O'Keefe

    Robin Roberts, to me, is how one should conduct themselves, whether gay or heterosexual. It’s no ones business and she doesn’t flaunt her choice or makes an issue of it. God Bless her.

  • Tessa

    you’re the appalling one. Why do you need Robin Roberts help to make you feel being gay is okay. If your really thought it was okay. you could stand alone on the issue and never mind what anyone said, thought or what organization they supported. your not comfy being gay so you want to punish Robin Roberts. Maybe she is trying to fight this sin like you should be.

  • Samiam

    Chick-fill-a doesn’t have to toady to anyone else’s agenda. As for Robin, there’s other reasons to hate her, mostly her Cromagnon jaw-face. She acts the shit-for-brain with Matt and the others. I don’t care, or I actually hope God fucks her and a lot of other poseurs. I really don’t think have the right to not be hated if you seem lame or queer or fagotty to someone else, even if that someone else is God.

  • jdofcommerce

    If she is in the closet, what’s the big deal? Your unatural gay train is running full speed so stop being so gay. Is a homophobe afraid of homosexuals by definition? Just because a person don’t agree with that abominable lifestyle does that mean you’re a bigot?

  • Terry

    If we boycotted every show or restaurant that has gay people, we wouldn’t have anything to watch. Come on people, really!

  • Steve

    I’ve met other gay men that are so annoying I can totally understand why people are homophobic. After skimming through a FEW if these pathetic gripes it’s even easier to understand. Man “you people” are some of the most hate filled, bitter, desperate people/commenters I think ever known. Just as a news flash, until the republicans sell us out, we’re currently a free country and you are not required to eat at Chik-Fil- a NOR watch GMA. Seems thus far they are doing pretty good with you watching/ whining, I have a feeling they’ll be able to struggle through and survive without you.

  • Geri

    @Steve: Seems to me that quite a few of the hateful comments on this thread came from people who are not gay or bisexual.

    Anyway, sexuality has nothing to do with whether or not someone is a nice or nasty person.

  • Michele

    Well said, Geri!

  • hellifiknow

    Wow. @Patricia…I completely agree with you. I think the point she was trying to make is that Robin Roberts, the subject of this post is black and we can ALL agree on that. Whether she’s gay or not, we don’t know. That’s the difference between the civil rights and the gay rights struggle. No one is saying you “chose” to be gay, that’s of course ridiculous. But whether or not you can hide it when necessary is the question…and some of you absolutely can.
    I have to say, I know have worked with and even have family who are gay and lesbian and I’ve never seen a bunch of angrier, nastier folks than on this site. Wow.
    Also, Robin Roberts as host of “GMA” does not choose her interviewees – a talent booker does that. She has very little control over that so her “support” of Chris Brown is actually “GMA” support of Chris Brown quite certainly for ratings. So boycott them. I’ll be enjoying my Chick-Fil-A and heading to Starbucks and Target when I’m done.

    Don’t waste your time with the venomous replies…I won’t be back here….

  • cate

    @hellifiknow: There is a huge difference between what you are calling “gay rights” and the civil rights movement. Choice verses no choice. I can’t see that you’re gay, but you can tell that I’m black when I walk into a room. This is the important factor. What you can tell by looking at a person. Notice how not everyone here knew that Robin was gay, but you could tell she was black. That’s the difference..

  • cate

    PS: I love Chick-fil-A!

  • Kay Smith

    Don’t think either Robin or Sam have tried hiding their sexuality. That’s their life style and it’s really nobody’s business except the people in their lives. And after all, who care what Chick-Fil-A thinks; after all, they are in the food business and that’s it! their beliefs should not be pushed on others

  • Kay

    Why is any of this your business?

  • [email protected]

    Robin needs our prayers she’s a child of God just like each and every one of us just think about it. Robin you have my prayers God will make you better than before.

  • David

    Boy what a crock, first of all she can do whatever she wants to.

    Next and if you really don’t know the answer to this, the owner of Chick-Fil-A got his orders from GOD.

    The man stated his beliefs and you’re gonna beat him dowm for it, yeah right, why don’t don’t you go after the real source GOD.

    Go ahead cut your nose off to spite your face fool.

  • Deborah

    Hey everybody… So what if she is or not…she is still a great news anchor and very knowledgeable in her sports arena topics, enjoys the public as is evident when we see her on the street and really she is a genuine person. When she feels it is the right time for her to come out, she will. And who says because she hasn’t told the whole country, that her followers and friends in New York don’t know. I’m sure she goes out to dinner and casual events with friends, and not alone. So let her heal and see what comes

  • tracy

    when are you going to realize its not a choice.Black gay people have it even worse from their own people.

  • tracy

    Martin Luther King stated “When there is injustice for one,there is unjustice for all”.Remember that?

  • Kermit Kermit

    Wow, how does one find so much time to debate such a meaningless topic? I don’t care about what Robin Roberts is or what she does or who she does or doesn’t endorse. It doesn’t mean anything. She’ a television personality, which automatically means that whatever her personal beliefs, choices and / or orientations might be that is just watered down pablum. Anyone as high profile as a GMA host is not allowed to have an individual voice. She is essentially a robot, a two dimensional cardboard cutout. Her voice is her sponsor’s voice. She doesn’t get to have a say. In the future GMA hosts will probably be computer generated graphics. So, enjoy the fact that she also least semi-human. Who cares who she sleeps with…. Geese y’all need to start a book club or do something better with your time. And Chik-fil-a makes good sandwich’s, why should I stop eating there because the owner is a bigot? Most people are bigoted. Get real. Gay people can be just as bigoted as evangelicals, or Greatful Dead fans.

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