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Why The Hell Won’t Maryland House Del. Sam Arora Back Marriage – When He Campaigned On It? (Updated)

Guess who’s on everyone’s schmuck list in Maryland? That would be State House Del. Sam Arora, who told The Gays when he was campaigning for his seat that, Yeah, like, totally, he was gonna support their same-sex marriage efforts. That’s why you all gave him so much money to help get him elected, and why Equality Maryland totally signed its name to an endorsement. But with the state’s same-sex marriage bill hanging by a thread, and with each lawmaker’s vote a crucial one, who won’t commit to backing the bill? Oh right: Arora. He’s only on the record saying he’ll move the bill through the House Judiciary Committee, but hasn’t stated his intent once the bill hits the full House floor. Writes one reader: “I went to law school with him, and we’re all in shock. He’s not responding to ANYONE’s texts/e-mails/voice mails.” So this can play out two ways: Arora votes against the same-sex marriage bill (or abstains from voting), and claims there is some random clause in there (maybe something about religion) that just doesn’t sit well with him. Or Arora reads all the criticism of him, realizes the gays are going to drop him like it’s hot, that his Democratic allies are all “WTF” when they see him in the chamber, and he decides to vote for the bill — and afterward is all, “What? I did what I said I was going to do.” But maybe that’s unlikely: Arora is already deleting his tweets in support of your kind. (NB: And then there’s Del. Tiffany Alston, who’s changing her support of marriage to just civil unions.) UPDATE: Arora tells constituents he will vote for the marriage bill: “While I personally believe that Maryland should extend civil rights to same-sex couples through civil unions, I have come to the conclusion that this issue has such impact on the people of Maryland that they should have a direct say. I will vote to send the bill to the floor because it deserves an up-or-down vote. On the floor, I will vote to send the bill to the governor so that Marylanders can ultimately decide this issue at the polls. I think that is appropriate.” Which means, um, you didn’t think it was appropriate before? When you agreed to vote this way?