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  • Desdemona

    you’re totally right about Derek! Him being a bitch is one thing- I can deal with that. But he cares more about a mans bank account than his personality or heart! That is so sickening and ridiculous. Good luck in finding true love when that’s what you care about!

    cast from most likeable to least…


  • JNes

    I like some of the things you have to say about some of the cast, but I don’t think you realize that the whole point of the show is that they are A LISTERS!!! They are most likely to be intolerable and be bitchy queens. This isn’t the real life of an average gay man and his wonderful life, it is the A List.

  • McMike

    This is probably the saddest commentary on the LGBT community when we highlight these guys as “A Listers” when they couldn’t be farther from that list. If your whole gist of how you’re on some A-List by who you know then you obviously don’t know what makes you “A List” is by who knows you.

  • divkid

    love love love this man and his other half, and his family. watching them at home with their kids i saw more love in a few minutes than i ever saw in my whole childhood.

    yeah gay comes in many flavours yada yada yada… but there is not nearly enough in this guys flavour. i can even overlook his trash tv addiction and see it as an adorable quirk.

    id love to have what these guys have got; yet know i never will. ’nuff said back to the shallow….

  • Cam

    These guys aren’t “A List” perhaps the Photographer, but the others absolutly are not.

    If there is an “A List” it isn’t somebody like Derek who needs to find a rich man. A true A lister would have thier own money. Additionally, an actual A lister would most likely never do that show.

  • ousslander

    Agreed, Cam.

    And yes they will not be elected role models of the year but there are gay men like this. For some to say that only proper gays in a ltr and perfect manners should be on tv is ridiculous.

  • Kregg

    Watching the “a” List as a gay man would be like forcing an African American to watch old Amos and Andy shows. Nothing but bad sterotypes all around – no redeeming qualities…

  • John

    i cant believe how full of shit everyone on here is?

    does anyone who watches THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF WHATEVER ever complain on how bad it makes Housewives/Homemakers look?

    what about THE REAL WORLD which makes everyone under the age of 30 look like fools who only care about partying, drinking, fucking, and arguing?

    THE A-LIST shows a bunch of rich men who only because the show is called THE A-LIST refer to themselves as “A-LIST”

    never once is it at all mentioned after the pilot.

    after that, its just a bunch of gay guys who live lavish lifestyles in NYC be frenemies to each other.

    at no point are they trying or attempting to be role models or representations of the LGBT community.

    its not like any of these guys are trying to be friends with Dan Savage.

    this is what i hate about the so called LGBT community. nothing gay is ever good enough.

    BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN wasn’t gay enough. MILK wasn’t gay enough.
    NOAH’S ARC only had gay queeny black guys. QUEER AS FOLK only
    had white/skinny gay men. RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE makes everyone
    think gay men all cross dress.

    it just never ends.

    also, if QUEERTY does not like this show, why the fuck does it keep talking about it weekly?

    there has been at least one post per week since the shows PREVIEW was launched and the show has already ended and it is still being talked about.

  • gayfamilyvalues

    John are you Derek??? Just kidding unless you are Derek :O)

    “does anyone who watches THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF WHATEVER ever complain on how bad it makes Housewives/Homemakers look?”

    There is a major difference between 99% of all straight TV and the few gay choices that we have…Logo is the only gay channel and they put nothing but garbage like the A list on TV. If we had a 100 shows about gay life with a variety of people I wouldn’t care less about the A List…We don’t have those images in American media…the last time I checked the Housewives and Homemakers weren’t fighting for equal rights.

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