Why There Will Be 2 Pride Parades In Austin This Year

No, it’s not because Austin is super prideful or because Texan gay blood runs rainbow. It’s because one group of gays doesn’t like the idea of a businessman profiting off of the city’s official pride parade, which he’s been placed in charge of facilitating.

For last year’s pride, the Austin Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce took over production of the festivities and formed the Austin Gay and Les­bian Pride Foundation, which put on what many are referring to as a “successful” event; it even made a $10,000 profit. But that didn’t keep AGLPF from ousting president Jimmy Flannigan (who knows why?) after 2009’s pride weekend and replacing him with a one Chad Peevy. Now Peevy is the chairman of AGLPF and happens to run Peevy Media, which is being paid to promote Austin’s pride festival. ZOMG!

Enter QueerBomb, the “flash Force assembly of LGBTQIA individuals,” which is planning its own alternative pride that will go up against the Chamber of Commerce’s “non-inclusive, capitalist, heteronormative, safe and unchallenging.” Okay!

The Austin Chronicle has more details on the stupid back-and-forth drama between the two groups (Austin’s official pride canceled local singer Nakia because he agreed to perform at what turned out to be a QueerBomb-affiliated event).

Which means this weekend Texas’ gays will have to choose between the official pride and the alternative pride. Where is Constance McMillen when you need that sort of advice?

[Austin Chronicle; photo via]