Why Was Barney Frank Wearing A Belt Around His Neck At The Charlotte Marriott?

We hate traveling for work: It’s all the hassle of packing, catching a plane, and getting somewhere without the vacation payoff. And sometimes we stumble to the hotel with mismatched socks or newsprint on our nose. But we’re a little baffled as to why Barney Frank was photographed wearing a man’s belt around his neck when he was checking himself and husband Jim Ready into the Charlotte Marriott for this week’s Democratic National Convention.

Of course the photo (above) first appeared on right-wing blogs and was eventually posted by the Grand Poobah of propriety, Rush Limbaugh, so there’s every chance its been altered or misrepresented in some way. But if it’s real, eesh!

Barney, we’ve teased you about your sartorial choices in the past, but this is not a good look!