Does Not Compute

Why Was Miss California Partying With Amanda Lepore?


Miss California Carrie Prejean is the new postergirl for conservative zealots! She’s also the new postergirl for … transexual nightlife staples?

Taking a break from her media tour — which itself is just the preface to a lengthy speaking tour, which is where the real money comes in — Prejean found herself partying with Amanda Lepore, the big-bosomed transexual doyenne of NYC nightlife.

Too bad Lepore has no recollection of the introduction: “I don’t remember even meeting her,” Lepore tells Us Weekly. And if she had? Maybe a drink could’ve been thrown. But Lepore is, uh, too classy for that. “It’s really bad for a Miss USA contestant not to believe in gay marriage. As Miss USA, you have to get your hair and makeup done by gay people … it’s bad karma! … It’s stupid for her to be running for Miss USA to say that. It’s a dumbbell remark. If you’re Miss USA, you are supposed to be smart and that’s not a smart idea.”

Maybe this is just the beginning of Prejean trying to have it both ways: Sending the public image that she loves queers, but using just as much of her breath to keep them as second-class citizens. After all, her own Rock Church equates homos with pedophiles; what do they equate transexuals like Lepore with?