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Why Was the White House Trying to Hide a Secret Gay Pow-Wow?


Is Monday’s pow-wow at the White House a chance for President Obama to smooth things over with the gay community? Or a “long planned” celebration of the 40th anniversary of Stonewall?

The meeting was at first super-secret; the White House didn’t announce it, and invited GLBT organizations didn’t publicize it. Then word leaked, gay orgs acknowledged they were going, and now the White House confirms things, and says Obama is expected to speak at the event. White House spokesman Shin Inouye says “invited guests include families, volunteers and activists, and community leaders” and the “event was long planned as a way to applaud these individuals during Pride month.”

Of course, when the White House applauds Americans, it usually at least issues a press release about it. Which means Obama’s camp either 1) is embarrassed about honoring GLBT Americans (this we doubt, as the one thing Obama gives us are photo ops); or 2) really, really wanted to keep this meeting — to grease the hands of Gay Inc. — on the D/L.

Neither scenario makes us comfortable.