Why We Like Being Inside Amy Schumer


In case you missed it while packing for Provincetown last week, Amy Schumer just wrapped the first season of her stand-up/sketch/self-referential vagina-metaphorical Inside Amy Schumer on Comedy Central. Where did this chick come from, anyway?! We hadn’t even heard of her and then boom, she’s filling NPR’s Fresh Air with awkward silences about that gray area around rape, “grape,” and freaking out Terri Gross. And that’s hard to do.

Schumer’s got a brand where she’s that chick that talks about sex and other stuff nice girls don’t, like a Lisa Lampanelli, and that’s funny enough. But then she’ll double down and completely embrace an idea, like performing in 2 Girls, 1 Cup because she really needs the on-camera experience. Or ask the questions we all want to in her interview segment, “Amy Goes Deep,” like with a guy named Karim who’s got an enormous cock, sure, but what’s going on with his balls and is he excited when he learns a girl has an enormous vagina?

Amy will be asking and answering more questions soon enough because Comedy Central renewed her for a Season 2, yay! In the meantime, here are some things you need to know about this very smart, funny and sexy provocateur, inside and out. Be forewarned: All video clips are very NSFW!

She’s as deluded as you are about last night’s one night stand.


She has a very funny cameo in the dinner party scene in Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

She had the second highest-rated special on Comedy Central, where she killed it with an abortion riff. Yeah, she goes there.

She isn’t afraid to play the race card.

Her breakout performance on the Charlie Sheen roast got her a one-on-one with Joy Behar on The View. This is when she knew she’d made it, right?

Comedy Central invited her back for Roseanne’s roast, where she advised Jane Lynch she could use some dick, and she feared for her pussy. 

She’s no overnight success. Schumer was on Last Comic Standing way back in 2007, when Ellen thought she was one to watch.

She knows how to handle a heckler.



She’s got a behind-the-scenes Tumblr for her show.


And she started work on Season 2 today. Can’t wait!


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  • rextrek

    Found her by accident – Funny! def. a different kind of comedy!

  • Jackhoffsky

    This woman is SERIOUSLY F’d up… and I LOVE everything about her. I especially love the way she approaches jokes, because it’s not always from the normal direction… meaning you don’t know where it’s going… and it’s very rare when a stand-up comic can be THAT unpredictable.

  • balehead

    Funny…but if a guy said this he be fired…

  • alterego1980

    @balehead: Maybe and maybe not. Jokes are 99 percent about the delivery. and her delivery is amazing. I love her. If you haven;t seen the show, seriously, watch it! I like the show in part because it’s different in that it includes a mix of stand-up, interviews and sketches relevant to both. I urge you to look for her stand up. if she is in your area, GO SEE HER LIVE.

  • boring

    @balehead: Not familiar with Anthony Jeselnik, huh?

  • Nick

    I think she’s absolutely hilarious, loved “Mostly Sex Stuff”… but why is the same video clip posted three times?

  • JDJase

    Her Comedy Central special “Mostly Sex Stuff” is drop dead hilarious, my throat and chest are sore when its over from laughing so much.

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