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Why Were All These Straight Dudes Making Out At Sydney Mardis Gras?

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These straight boys (and straight girls) were locking lips — “pashing,” as Aussies call it — over the weekend at Sydney’s Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras weren’t just experimenting with their sexuality. They were responding to Sydney Christian Democrats candidate Peter Madden, who released the YouTube videos below where he railed against the disgusting sex-obsessed, drug-fueled behavior he claims to have personally witnessed at Mardi Gras, where the “immoral” gays are recruiting kids. Were it not for Madden, says the Pash Protest organizer (and TV presenter by trade) Danny Clayton, he never would’ve had the chance to show off heteros popping their same-sex kiss cherry.


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  • Bubba

    Wow, not only was that for a good cause, but that was pretty hot to watch. That one dude needed to go beyond a cheek kiss though. I could help him with that.

  • TheRealAdam

    Stupid, juvenile, and moronic.

  • Paul in Canada

    THEREALADAM: Yes, you are.

  • TheRealAdam

    @Paul in Canada: Hush, dear. I know you’re upset about our separation, but our divorce hasn’t been finalized yet, even if you’ve fled across the border.

  • gregger

    @TheRealAdam: you really need to stop being so hard on yourself.

  • alan brickman

    straight guys do this all the time…relax….

  • Jackson

    not sure what this achieved- BUT australia needs all the same sex media-attention they can get

  • hephaestion

    Wow, that Peter Madden is a blithering idiot.

  • mikey


    what a great straight guy.

  • Josh


    Actually Bubba, that guy WAS gay. he’s an openly gay radio presenter here down under. So yeah…

  • Shannon

    This guys are NOT….NOT straight…calm down desperate gay men! I know you all are about to fly over there hoping to get a “straight” man! THIS is why so many gay men get beat up…STOP this “straight men” BS….PLEASE

  • Jeffree

    I would totally make out with a straight woman or a lesbian in public, for a good cause, for a public demonstration of some kind That doesn ‘t make me straight or even bi. A kiss is just a kiss…

    Question is: which one of us has to buy the other brunch afterward?

  • Jeffree

    Why, of course we should be alarmed when str8 guys try to be allies. “What will the public think?” scream the mo’phobes among us.

    Once again, as kiss for a good cause, is a good kiss.

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