Why West Virginia’s Decision Not To Fight Marriage Equality Should Tell The Right Wing To Pack It In

matching-wedding-ringsHow many more signs does the right wing need to realize that the battle to stop marriage equality is a lost cause. Here’s one more: West Virginia has decided not to fight a challenge to its marriage ban, paving the way for weddings to start in the state soon.

The reason for the decision is the Supreme Court’s refusal on Monday to consider any of the federal cases striking down marriage bans. Among those was Virginia’s. Since West Virginia is covered by the same federal circuit court as Virginia, the ruling extends to it as well. The West Virginia suit was filed a year ago. 

“While we disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision to allow the 4th Circuit’s opinion to stand and believe it improperly displaces state and local decision-making, we will respect it,” state Attorney General Patrick Morrisey said in a statement.

For political purposes, West Virginia is Alabama, but further north. After all, this is the state in the Democratic primary voters in 2008 expressed their doubts about Barack Obama solely because he’s black.

So if the antigay right can’t hold the line in West Virginia, where can they hold it? The answer is ultimately nowhere.

The only thing running in the right’s favor these days is Justice Anthony Kennedy’s poor typing skills. As it turns out, Kennedy never intended to issue a temporary stay for marriage equality in both Nevada and Idaho. Since Nevada isn’t contesting the challenge, Kennedy meant only to give Idaho a chance to respond before the inevitable occurs. Now he says that including Nevada was just a goof. Marriages can start soon in Nevada after all.

Let’s hope for better proofreading in his next ruling.

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